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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the instrumental song.

Do you wish to engage in combat?

—"Steven the Sword Fighter"
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Holo-Pearl is a tangible holographic representation of Pearl that first appeared as an antagonist in "Steven the Sword Fighter". It is able to perform a wide variety of tasks, such as basic to advanced training for agility, evasion, and general combat. It appears to be translucent, blue-tinted versions of Pearl with flat, hollow, mechanical voices.

As of "Steven vs. Amethyst", Holo-Pearl's programming is version 2.000001, which utilizes less lethal training methods.


"Steven the Sword Fighter"

Holo-Pearl being summoned

Holo-Pearl being summoned.

Holo-Pearl is summoned by Pearl in order to teach Steven how to sword fight. However, because Steven was distracting the real Pearl, Holo-Pearl found an opening in Pearl's defense and managed to impale her, forcing her to retreat to her gemstone to regenerate.

In the two weeks before Pearl finished regenerating, Steven attempted to teach Holo-Pearl how to act like the real Pearl, but this failed. Because all Holo-Pearl is programmed to do is duel, it constantly challenged Steven and anyone nearby to "engage in combat" with it. Steven became increasingly uneasy around Holo-Pearl and this culminated in Steven finally lashing out at Holo-Pearl and accidentally accepting its challenge by saying that "You're nothing like Pearl... All you want to do is fight me!" Upon Hearing "fight me," Holo-Pearl initiated training mode which Steven passed by throwing his toys at it. This caused Holo-Pearl to initiate advanced mode and attack Steven again.

Steven eventually managed to defeat Holo-Pearl, by throwing a mop at it when its sword was raised, which struck it through the middle, 'defeating' it, and making it passive again. Although it did request another duel, Steven got rid of it by dispersing its essence with the mop. Shortly thereafter, Pearl completed her regeneration.

"Sworn to the Sword"

This episode is the debut of the new Holo-Pearl, wearing Pearl's new outfit and replacing the diamond with a star. It is now able to generate a rapier from the palm of its hand and is equipped with a beginner's training mode level zero (where it holds a sword fighting stance but does not attack), in addition to normal and advanced. Pearl summons Holo-Pearl to train Connie in sword fighting. During the song "Do It For Her", Connie is seen practicing with Holo-Pearl in training modes zero, normal, and advanced.

Later in the episode, Pearl summons multiple Holo-Pearls to fight Connie all at once. One of them identifies Steven as an "unregistered combatant" and begins to attack him before being impaled by Connie, shattering it. More Holo-Pearls attack Connie and Steven, but they are also defeated: one is slashed in half by Connie, another is shattered after its attack is blocked by Steven's shield, and the remaining four are blocked by Steven's shield and forced off by his bubble.

"Steven vs. Amethyst"

Holo-Pearl reappears to act as a helper for training Steven and Amethyst. Pearl makes note of having redesigned them specifically to be less lethal than before.

"Mindful Education"

Two Holo-Pearls fuse into one larger Holo-Pearl to help Stevonnie with their fusion training. Stevonnie is later seen fighting three Holo-Pearls simultaneously.


  • Weapon Proficiency: Holo-Pearl is programmed to skillfully wield a variety of weapons such as swords, spears, and axes. After the events of "Steven the Sword Fighter", Holo-Pearl is unable to deal lethal blows to its targets unless Pearl specifically allows it.
    • Energy Projection: Holo-Pearl can blast plasma out of its spear.
  • Weapon Summoning: In addition to wielding material weapons, Holo-Pearl can create tangible holographic versions of Pearl's weapons.
  • Fusion: Despite being holograms, Holo-Pearls are able to fuse with each other to form a larger Holo-Pearl.
  • Anatomy Manipulation: Much like Sardonyx and Alexandrite, Holo-Pearls have "doll joints". This is shown in "Steven the Sword Fighter" when Holo-Pearl rotates its head 360 degrees to follow Steven's thrown boomerang.


Holo-Pearl Fusion Dance
  • In "Mindful Education", it is revealed that two Holo-Pearls can fuse together to form a larger Holo-Pearl. The fused Holo-Pearl may be a holographic representation of how a fusion between two Pearls may appear.
  • Holo-Pearl appears as one of Pearl's attacks in the Mobile RPG "Attack the Light".
    • The attack disables the opponent for 1-3 turns (depending on what you get).
  • Holo-Pearl is ambidextrous. In "Steven the Sword Fighter", Holo-Pearl fights Pearl wielding its sword with its left hand, and attacks Steven using its right hand.
  • Holo-Pearl has three visual differences with Pearl, they are as follows:
    • Holo-Pearl's eyes do not have an iris.
    • Its color scheme is converted to almost all blues like all of Pearl's holograms.
    • In its debut, instead of a star, there is a diamond on its shirt (similar to Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, and Jasper).
      • However, in "Sworn to the Sword", the Holo-Pearls all had stars on their shirts. It is unknown why this change took place, though it is likely because of Pearl's regeneration.


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