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This article is about the Corrupted Gem. You may be looking for the instrumental song.

The Heaven Beetle is a Corrupted Gem that makes her debut in the episode "Giant Woman". Steven Jr. finds her inside the Big Bird.


The Heaven Beetle resembles a Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle. The Heaven Beetle's femurs are light-green, and the lower half of her legs are pine-green. Her body is mostly yellow but is topped with a turquoise-colored gemstone surrounded by a white clover-shaped marking. She has a white horn, white antlers, and light green eyes.


Garnet sends Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven to collect the beetle from her tiny house at the top of the Sky Spire. The beetle is swallowed by Big Bird, and Steven and Steven Jr. are swallowed shortly afterwards. Steven manages to find the beetle in Steven Jr.'s mouth while trapped in Big Bird's stomach. She is brought to Beach City and currently lives in a bubbled terrarium with the Earth Beetle.

Episode Appearances


  • The Heaven Beetle and Earth Beetle are collectively known as "The Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth".
  • The Heaven Beetle appears in the game "Goat Guardian".
  • It is confirmed that the Heaven Beetle and Earth Beetle are Corrupted Gems.[1]
  • The Earth Beetle appears to have a gemstone identical to the Heaven Beetle's. This could mean they are the same Gem type.
  • The design of the Heaven and Earth Beetles resemble the real life practice of live insect jewelry.
  • The Heaven and Earth Beetles are the only known examples of Corrupted Gems able to live comfortable, non-destructive lives.
  • The Heaven Beetle owns a castle-like house with books, glasses, bongos, a TV, a bed, and a game console, which is ironic since neither Gems or Corrupted Gems need these items to survive, and the Heaven Beetle can't use most of these items.
  • She and the Earth Beetle are the second and third Corrupted Gems that are shown bubbled without being poofed first. The Desert Glass is the first.


Image Description
The Heaven Beetle's gemstone is located on her back. It has the same appearance as the Earth Beetle's.



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