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You know what an old friend of mine told me once? A little smile never hurt anybody.

—"Sadie's Song"
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Mr. Harold Smiley is a familiar Beach City resident who made his unofficial debut and cameo in the episode "Laser Light Cannon", and his official debut in the episode "Frybo". He works many jobs at Beach City Funland, manning the arcade, overseeing the amusement park, and occasionally serving as emcee of Beach City Underground Wrestling. In his youth, he was an actor and R&B singer and recorded the song "Do or Do Nut" for a Big Donut employee training video. For a time, he was also a comedian, working on stage with his partner Quentin Frowney.



Mr. Smiley is a tall bald man with a darker complexion and a mustache that frames his very large and bright smile. He usually wears a collared gray-blue shirt with a geometric print of periwinkle circles and sulfur yellow triangles tucked into black or olive green mid-thigh length shorts, light brown boots, and a fanny pack. On occasion, he wears a black and violet sports coat, blue gray shirt, dark gray shorts, a yellow tie, and light brown boots.


During his acting and R&B singing career, he has a flat-top afro and does not appear to have a mustache. While recording the "Do or Do Nut" video, he wears a Big Donut employee shirt and a pair of dark blue shorts with light brown boots.


Image Description Appearance(s)
He wears a formal black and violet coat with a yellow tie and blue gray shirt. He wears dark gray shorts and light brown boots.

"Tiger Millionaire"
"Sadie's Song"

"Tiger Philanthropist"


Mr. Smiley is a jovial and hardworking man who operates the many attractions at Funland and the Boardwalk. He is a fan of wrestling and emcees Beach City Underground Wrestling. He loves singing and dancing, and is never seen not smiling, but it is implied that under the cheerful façade he is overworked and constantly stressed.

He is occasionally irritated with Steven for his frequent, though unintended, destruction of the Beach City Funland amusements including the Tea Cups ride in "Serious Steven" (resulting in lifetime bans for Steven and the Gems) and several arcade games in "Arcade Mania". Mr. Smiley has shown a sympathetic side, being happy to accept a Watermelon Steven as a "bribe" from Steven in order to sell the rest outside of Funland in "Watermelon Steven", reneging on the lifetime bans as of "Too Short to Ride" and letting Steven make up the damage to his Zoltron machine without banning him in "Future Boy Zoltron". However, he is not above threatening the return of these bans if Steven and his friends do not abide by the rules.


"Laser Light Cannon"

Mr. Smiley appears and makes his debut cameo, when the song "Let Me Drive My Van into Your Heart" is playing. He watches in awe as the Red Eye approaches the Earth.


Mr. Smiley is at Beach Citywalk Fries when he is assaulted by the possessed Frybo costume and viciously force-fed fries.

"Bubble Buddies"

Mr. Smiley is at Funland operating one of the roller coasters. He is surprised when Steven and Connie suddenly roll onto the tracks in a bubble. The bubble slams into the front of the roller coaster and is pushed along the tracks. Mr. Smiley immediately stops the coaster, sending Steven and Connie flying into the ocean.

"Serious Steven"

Mr. Smiley is shown operating a spinning teacup ride before Steven jumps off of the ride and knocks him over. This causes the ride to break and prompts Mr. Smiley to ban Steven from Funland for life.

"Tiger Millionaire"

Mr. Smiley is the emceeing Beach City Underground Wrestling. He initially roots for all opponents of Purple Puma, but during the final match, he begins supporting Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire in their attempt to beat the Wrestling Haters and take the championship belt. His opinion on Tiger Millionaire changes during the episode, initially being somewhat apathetic towards him but becoming very upset with him when Tiger Millionaire yells at Lars.

"Arcade Mania"

Mr. Smiley becomes concerned with the sudden damage to the arcade machines within his facility. He spends the episode trying to find out who destroyed them, and when Steven breaks Meat Beat Mania in an attempt to stop Garnet from playing it, an infuriated Mr. Smiley forces Steven to help clean up the arcade, instead of letting him help fight the parasite drill creatures as Steven is responsible for the mess.

"Joking Victim"

Mr. Smiley appears on an instructional videotape for The Big Donut, in which he sings the song "Do or Do Nut". He later comes to the Big Donut to buy a donut, and Steven sings part of Do or Do Nut to him. This makes Mr. Smiley happy, but he becomes annoyed when Steven tells him that he didn't know that Mr. Smiley used to be an R&B singer/actor.

"Mirror Gem"

Mr. Smiley listens to Mayor Dewey's speech about the summer at the beach.

"Ocean Gem"

Mr. Smiley gathers at the beach with other Beach City residents where they are surprised by the missing ocean. Like Mayor Dewey, Mr. Fryman, and Kofi, Mr. Smiley is concerned that the ocean's disappearance will reduce summer business. At the end of the episode, he celebrates Steven's return with the ocean with the other residents.

"Watermelon Steven"

Mr. Smiley catches Steven selling Watermelon Stevens outside of the Funland entrance. He asks Steven if he has a permit to sell the watermelons, but Steven doesn't, instead offering Mr. Smiley a free watermelon. Mr. Smiley is slightly unsure but decides to take the bribe. Later in the episode, when the Watermelon Stevens begin coming to life, Steven returns to Mr. Smiley, explaining what is going on. Mr. Smiley understands and willingly gives back the Watermelon Steven.

"Political Power"

Mr. Smiley is seen among the crowd of Beach City residents talking about the recent power outage. Mayor Dewey arrives and reassures them that the power will be back up by sundown. After sundown, however, the continued power outage angers the residents. Mr. Smiley is seen among the raging mob, and helps tip over Mayor Dewey's truck in protest. Steven arrives and is able to quickly alleviate the situation and calm the crowd.

"The Return"

Mr. Smiley evacuates Beach City with the other residents.

"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

Mr. Smiley is seen in Ronaldo's documentary purchasing donuts at the Big Donut.

"Historical Friction"

Mr. Smiley attends the Beach City or Bust play. He joins the audience in applauding and cheering for Mayor Dewey at the end of the play.

"Sadie's Song"

Mr. Smiley is hosting Beach-a-Palooza. He acknowledges Sadie's stage fright just prior to the special guest performance but does a poor job comforting her. He is barely phased when Steven comes out on stage instead of Sadie and continues the performance.

"Too Short to Ride"

Mr. Smiley stops Steven, Peridot, and Amethyst and informs them that Funland has some new height restrictions on the rides, in order to make them safer. He then measures Steven and Amethyst, determining that they are too short to ride the coaster. When he measures Peridot, he hesitates, but then pushes down her hair, irritating her. He then tells them that they are all too short, which causes Peridot to begin yelling at him. He threatens Steven and the gang with another lifetime ban, prompting Steven to take Amethyst and Peridot away. Mr. Smiley is later seen manning the ring toss. He jokes to Steven about Funland being "funderstaffed", and tells Steven that he hasn't seen a bed in 6 days. He watches as the three try to get even a single ring on the ring toss. Amethyst then realizes that she could easily shapeshift to win if Mr. Smiley wasn't watching. She attempts to distract him by telling him that Onion is burning down the roller coaster, but he refuses to fall for the trick. He then realizes that Onion actually is trying to burn down the roller coaster and runs off to stop him. He returns and is surprised that Peridot got a ring, saying that he thought that the game was rigged. He then gives Peridot a finger alien toy and tells her that the big alien plush requires a score of 10. At the end of the episode, he wakes up from a nap on the chair in the ring toss, notices that Peridot has gotten 10 rings, and gives her the plush.

"Future Boy Zoltron"

Mr. Smiley plugs in a new machine outside the entrance to Funland Arcade. Steven is confused by what it is, so Mr. Smiley tells him to try it out. The machine glitches, and Mr. Smiley jokes about how many quarters he'd have if he had a quarter for every time someone asked for a quarter back. He then explains to an unamused Steven that he used to be a comedian. When Steven accidentally breaks the machine by patting it on the back, Mr. Smiley becomes furious, but lets Steven make up the cost of the machine at his insistence by pretending to be Zoltron and tell the future until he can get enough money to repair the machine after Steven begs Mr. Smiley to not ban him from his amusement park. Mr. Smiley returns later to check on Steven, who assures him that everything is going well. The next time he checks in, Steven informs him that Mr. Frowney, his old partner, is looking for him. Mr. Smiley rushes to meet Mr. Frowney and ends up meeting him at the bus stop. They reenact one of their old skits, which makes Mr. Frowney smile and laugh, fixing their relationship. Mr. Smiley then tells Steven that the machine costs a lot of money and Steven says that he has leg cramps in his future.

"The New Crystal Gems"

Mr. Smiley is seen waving at people as they walk by Funland.

Episode Appearances



  • In "Future Boy Zoltron", it's revealed that Mr. Smiley was a comedian in a comedy routine with his friend and former partner Quentin Frowney.
  • Mr. Smiley was an actor/R&B singer when he was younger, as revealed in "Joking Victim".
    • In the same episode, it is revealed that Mr. Smiley's first name is Harold.
  • It is possible that Mr. Smiley owns Beach City Funland, as he is shown to have the authority to ban anyone for life from it.
    • He is also the only person ever shown actually working there. This is further insinuated in the episode "Too Short to Ride", in which Mr. Smiley races around the amusement park frantically to cater to guests, and remarks to Steven that he hasn't "seen a bed in six days."
    • This is confirmed in "Future Boy Zoltron" when Steven pleads with Mr. Smiley, asking him not to ban him from another one of his businesses.
  • Colton Dunn provided Mr. Smiley's voice in "Sadie's Song", making him the first recurring character to have more than one voice actor.
  • Both of Mr. Smiley's voice actors are comedians.
  • Storyboard artist Raven Molisee confirmed that Mr. Smiley is gay, making him the first human character to be confirmed as such.[1]


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