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Greg Universe is a human male, the romantic partner of Rose Quartz, and the father of their child, Steven.

Greg was once a traveling musician who dropped out of college and left his family to become a one-man band known as "Mr. Universe," accompanied by his manager, Marty. When he played a concert in Beach City at the age of 22, the only person who came was Rose Quartz. Taking an interest in Rose, he soon met the Crystal Gems, before heading out on the road again. However, Greg could not forget Rose and as such chose to stay with her in Beach City to start a relationship with her. However, after a few months together, Pearl, who was jealous of their relationship, told Greg how he was "just a phase" to Rose, due to the differences between their species. After Greg attempted (in vain) to get closer to Rose by fusing with her, the romantic couple instead talked with each other about their feelings and grew closer than ever. After a day of babysitting Vidalia's infant son Sour Cream, he realized he needed to grow up, and took a job at "Its a Wash" where he would eventually become the owner through as of yet unknown means.

Rose eventually gave up her physical form to give birth to Steven. In Steven's younger years, Greg took care of raising Steven until he could move in with the Crystal Gems and learn to use his powers. Greg has since settled down in Beach City, where he lives in his van and owns a local car wash,[1] supporting Steven with his income.[2]

Season 1

Laser Light Cannon 128

In "Laser Light Cannon", Steven searches for Greg and jumps on his van, parked in front of his car wash, to wake him up. He comes out with a waffle iron, but Steven assures him that he is not a thief. Steven tells Greg that he needs Rose's light cannon to blow up the Red Eye. They start looking for Rose's laser light cannon in Greg's storage shed. While Steven is searching inside the shed, he finds a box of Greg's old CD's. Greg subsequently begins to tell Steven the story of how he had met his mother. As Steven continues to search, he accidentally breaks the frame of a picture of his parents. When Greg reassures him and says, "If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs", a dim light appears from the back of Greg's rummage. Steven realizes the light is emanating from the cannon. They place the cannon on a wagon tied to the van before driving down to the beach while listening to one of Greg's songs. They arrive where the Crystal Gems were waiting. At the end of the episode, after the Red Eye is defeated, the waves take Greg's van, and he runs after it.

SU - Frybo-Catfingers.00 20 17 05.Still020

In "Cat Fingers", Greg and Steven are spraying each other with water hoses while washing Mayor Dewey's van. Greg tells the mayor that the wash is free after Steven sprays him with the hose. Suddenly, a purple cat sprays Greg with a hose. The cat then shapeshifts back into Amethyst, and takes Steven back to the temple to learn how to shapeshift. Later in the episode, Steven returns to show Greg that he had shapeshifted his finger into a cat. Greg, in surprise, drops his water bottle and spills water on the cat, causing it to flinch. Steven then leaves to show Lars and Sadie. Later in the episode, Steven returns to the car wash in seek of help. Greg sprays Steven with a hose, scaring the cats and causing Steven to jump to the top of the car wash. Steven expresses sorrow at the fact that he will never be able to have a water fight with his father again since the cats hate water. Steven then asks Greg to spray him more to get rid of the cats. Greg does so, but it is not enough water to stop the cats, so Steven asks him to turn on the car wash. Greg refuses, saying that it is too dangerous to let Steven go through the car wash. Steven insists, and Greg eventually turns on the wash, which removes all of the cats, except for one on his finger. Greg quickly sprays the last cat, curing Steven.

Onion Trade 044

In "Onion Trade", Steven approaches Greg, who sprays Steven with a hose. Steven then tells Greg that he lost something important: his Ranger Guy action figure that Greg got for him on a day they spent together the year prior. Greg does not remember the doll itself but does remember spending time with Steven. He gives Steven a bag of quarters to get a new Ranger Guy. Later on, while Greg is walking around Beach City to get some ice cream, he gets buried under the massive pile of G.U.Y.S. Onion created with Pearl's replicator. At the end of the episode, Greg approaches Steven, asking why he would go through so much trouble for a toy. Steven tells Greg that he only wanted the toy for the memories he had associated with it.

Epic pose

In "Coach Steven", Greg builds a gym for Steven, Lars, Sadie, and himself to work out in. He says that he's been slacking a bit on his workout routine, and as such needs to work out. Greg then asks Pearl if she wants to see some buff studs, causing her to become annoyed and leave for the Beach House. After Strong in the Real Way, Greg defends Steven's singing, saying that he did an excellent job at pumping them up. When Sugilite attacks the beach, Greg became anxious about Steven, who is thrown by Pearl and knocked back by some of Sugilite's attacks.

Steven and the Stevens 083

In "Steven and the Stevens", Steven goes to It's a Wash to meet his Greg for their rehearsal for Beach-a-Palooza, but cannot rehearse with him, as Yellowtail's boat is stuck in the car wash. Steven leaves, disappointed, saying that he wishes that the boat was not stuck there in the first place. He suddenly gets teleported back in time, confused at first but soon glad to realize that he can prevent the boat from getting stuck. He runs to his father, calling, "It's fat! It's fat!" Greg stops Yellowtail from reversing it into the car wash. Steven realizes The Hourglass took him back in time with joy. However, while Greg tries to explain to Yellowtail that the boat is "fat", the truck pulling the boat moves backward and hits a pole, which breaks and crashes into the truck, setting it on fire. The fire quickly spreads to the telephone wire and sets the car wash ablaze.

Ocean Gem 031

In "Ocean Gem", Greg shows up and tells them to come outside where the Gems see that the ocean is missing. Steven, while inside the Beach House, prepares to find Lapis, as he acknowledges that the whole situation was his fault. Not wanting him to be alone, Connie, Greg, and Lion all want to join him on his quest, with the Gems adding in that they obviously have to go.

Ocean Gem 129

While driving, Greg plays some music that Rose liked, and Garnet, greatly disliking it, jumps out of the van. When they arrive, they see a large tower of water that leads into the sky. Lapis, sensing them, yells that they should not be there and should leave her alone, and Steven responds that they are not leaving unless they get the ocean back. Lapis then makes water clones of the Crystal Gems, and the Gems fight them. During the battle, Greg gets his leg broken by the water clone of Steven when it makes the van drop facedown from a height. Steven, telling Lapis that he does not want to fight anymore, activates his shield due to his anger towards Lapis for attacking Greg and Connie, and his fierce feeling of love to protect them. The resulting vibration from the assault deflecting off of Steven's shield force the water clones to dissipate. As the Gems, Steven, Connie, and Greg return, the residents of Beach City congratulate him as their hero when the ocean returns.

House Guest 062

In "House Guest", while Pearl fixes Greg's van, Greg tells her good old duct tape can fix it. He then offers a hand and struggles to get up, but fails. Steven tells him to take it easy. So Steven suggests that he stay with them until he gets better, an idea that Pearl strongly dislikes. Steven tries to heal Greg's broken leg after Amethyst reminds him of his healing powers. Greg still struggles to stand up, and he reassures Steven that he merely needs more practice and to cheer up. The Gems allow Greg to stay with them, resulting in Steven and Greg spending more time together. Garnet tells the Gems that the Geode is cracked and that they must leave immediately, including Steven. Suddenly, Greg feels lonely, and Pearl gives him the Warp Whistle, which alerts the Gems when if they are needed back at the temple. Steven rushes to his father, after the Warp Whistle is heard, and Greg says he was just making sure it worked. After two more times, Steven returns and Garnet then tells him that they need his healing powers to fix the crack. It does not work, and Steven doubts himself, when his father uses the whistle, wanting to show Steven a commercial, then asking Steven to get him some doughnuts from the Big Donut.

House Guest 252

When Steven turns back to ask what kind of donuts he wants, he sees him standing and dancing in the kitchen. Greg admits that Steven's healing spit healed his leg at It's A Wash and that he maintained the façade that it was broken as he "just wanted to live with [his] son again". Steven claims that Greg is the reason his healing powers are not working. Greg tries to take responsibility for the problem, stating that it is all his fault. Steven agrees that it is all Greg's fault and walks away angrily. He returns to apologize and sees that his father is using the Warp Whistle to warp to the Geode and jumps into the beam with Greg. The crack in the Geode is now widening even further. Steven licks both his hands and tries to fix the crack, once again failing to do so. Greg tells him not to worry and that he has another idea, pulling out his duct tape to tape over the crack. Now fully sealed with duct tape, the storm stops, and the sky clears. Later that day, Greg is amazed to see his van completely repaired by Pearl. To show his gratitude, he gives Pearl a big hug much to her horror. Before he leaves, he hands Steven the roll of duct tape "just in case" he ever needs its help again. That night, as Steven lays in his bed, he shouts goodnight to his father, who happens to have parked the van on the beach right outside.

In "Space Race", Steven convinces his dad to help him build a spaceship for Pearl. To help him out, Greg shows Steven his aunt and uncle's barn, as the couple was fairly invested in flight and the fact that they kept every single one of their belongings in the shed. Using the things in the shed, Greg and Steven build a small, measly, car-looking "space ship". They bring Pearl to the barn to show her their spaceship. Before testing it out, Greg tells Steven that he can always bail and that there's no shame in doing so. The ship breaks apart during the launch. Pearl suggests their calculations may have been off, to which Greg replies that they cannot be off since they did not do any.

Space Race 113

Through several montages, the trio uses leftover parts from the shed to build a prototype out of an upgraded engine and a hang-glider. Once Steven tests it out and lands it, Greg discovers that Pearl is serious about taking Steven up into space. Refusing to let him go, Greg claims that he is "grounding" Steven, "grounding" as in he is not able to leave Earth. Pearl constructs the spaceship on her own and, during the night, takes off with Steven. Greg awakes due to the sound and rumble of the starting engine. As he steps out of his van, he is knocked back by the blast of the spaceship as it takes off. He contacts Pearl through his walkie-talkie and asks her where she's going. Pearl tells Greg not to worry, as she is only going to take Steven to the nearest star system and will return him in 50 years, surprising both Greg and Steven. Greg demands Steven be brought down immediately but is cut off as Pearl ends the transmission. Steven tries to convince Pearl to abandon the ship, but Pearl, excited at the prospect of being back in space, does not listen. The ship begins to fall apart as it ascends higher into the air. With the destruction of the ship imminent, Steven urgently tries to convince Pearl; he grabs her head, and says, "Sometimes, you just gotta know when to bail". Finally listening, Pearl ejects them out of the ship just before it explodes. Greg is shocked to see the ship explode, thinking that they died in the explosion. He scans the sky with his binoculars and is relieved when he spots them. He lays down and curls up into a fetal position.

Fusion Cuisine 093

In "Fusion Cuisine", to impress Connie's parents, Steven convinces the Gems to fuse into Alexandrite to pretend to be his mother. Steven shows up 20 minutes late with Greg and Alexandrite, a huge six armed fusion of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Greg introduces himself and then Alexandrite as his wife. Steven comes up with lies about how they met and what they do, much to the disapproval of Connie. After Alexandrite's much less than impeccable behavior at dinner. Alexandrite begins to destabilize over eating shrimp after a little while longer. The discord causes her to split back into Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Garnet, upset at Amethyst and Pearl for putting their needs before Steven's, chides them and smacks them on the head. Connie and Steven decide to run away so they can be friends without having to worry about Connie's parents' disapproval. The Gems angrily chastise Steven in front of the Maheswarans. Garnet harshly punishes Steven with no dinner for 1,000 years, but Pearl insists that they would never starve him, and instead takes away his TV privileges for 1,000 years. Greg then says they did it because they love him.


In "Watermelon Steven", Greg and Steven are eating watermelons near the car wash in the afternoon. They then have a competition to see who spits out the seeds in the 'coolest' manner, ending in Steven winning with his "Hurricane Spin Spit." This ultimate move results in Steven being awarded the crown becoming "Watermelogisty". When Steven wakes up the next day, still outside the car wash, he sees that he is surrounded by watermelons. Shocked to see the watermelons are shaped like him, he immediately calls the Crystal Gems, to which Pearl explains that Steven's mother had the ability to grow sentient plant life that protected her and that he may have inherited this. Greg then asks what to do with the watermelons after stepping on one. This gives Steven the idea of starting a business off of them.

Winter Forecast 131

In "Winter Forecast", Steven and Connie are playing in the snow by "It's a Wash" when Greg comes to say they need to go and take Connie home due to the impending snowstorm. Steven does not want to and, in an effort to stall, informs Greg that his shirt does not make him look like a responsible parent. Wanting to maintain his image as a responsible parent to the Maheswarans, Greg tries on another, but Steven says that that one does not look good either. As Steven is stalling for time so he and Connie can play more, Greg tries on more outfits and eventually decides on a white and blue striped shirt with high flats and star rings on the back. They start driving but spin out of control on the ice. They decide to walk from then on. When they get to the Maheswaran Residence, Connie's parents are outraged about how late it is and are even more enraged when Connie sneezes. Greg then mentions that they crashed the van, angering Connie's father as he goes to set up the pullout couch so that they can stay for the night. Steven lies on the couch distressed when the star pattern on Greg's shirt starts glowing and changing colors.

Winter Forecast 174

Steven wakes to find out that they just crashed the van, and is confused why he is here, at this time. Greg then suggests that they walk to Connie's house to get her home, but Steven suggests that they just stay in the van for the night, trying to avoid the incident that had happened previously. They agree and start to eat some waffle-egg sandwiches when Mr. Maheswaran calls to tell them that he is coming for Connie and to stay where they are. Steven then sees headlights and watches as Mr. Maheswaran swirls out of control on the snow and then accidentally rams his car into the van.

Winter Forecast 254

Steven then appears back to when Garnet kissed him and asked what happened. Garnet said that she had passed her future vision on to Steven for just a moment, letting him see what would happen if they did not leave this instant. Steven then makes the "right choice" and they head for Connie's house immediately, and make it there safely and on time. Connie's parents are happy she is home and suggest that Steven and Greg stay the night, instead of having to drive home in the bad weather.

Maximum Capacity (25)

In "Maximum Capacity", open up Greg's U-Stor, when stuff falls out. Greg is prompted to make a New Years resolution to organize the storage unit. Steven then brings Amethyst over to try and clean it up. She suggests that a system is made to separate the trash from the garbage, so Steven creates boxes for items to keep, sell, and burn. Greg notices that the border of a picture with him and Rose Quartz is cracked. Amethyst appears troubled and walks farther into the U-Stor, and happens upon finding Lil' Butler, a favorite old sitcom of theirs. Steven asks what it is, so Greg eagerly begins to set up the TV to show him. Amethyst insists on watching "just one, for old times sake". Greg agrees, puts in the tape, and the intro for Lil' Butler rolls. Steven wants to get back to cleaning, but Greg does not, and stays with Amethyst to keep watching.

The next day is New Years, and the Beach City residents are looking forward to the fireworks that are being hosted that night. Steven stops by Beach Citywalk Fries to get breakfast for him and his dad and tells PeeDee about "starting the New Year right" by cleaning out the U-Stor.At midnight, when the fireworks begin, Steven realizes Greg is missing the show and goes to find him in. There, he finds Amethyst and Greg, still watching Lil' Butler. Greg realizes he is missing the fireworks and tries to leave, but Amethyst shapeshifts into Steven as she tries to convince him to stay. Greg gets annoyed at her shapeshifting. Amethyst tries to cheer him up by shapeshifting into Greg. They begin to argue. Greg gets angry at her and yells at her, saying that he cannot stay and humor her and that he wants to see the fireworks with Steven. Amethyst becomes mad, changes back, and brings up how she had someone that used to be there for her until she started hanging out with Greg. Amethyst bets Greg that he would stay for her and shapeshifts into Rose, which makes him turn away in despair. Steven steps in, telling them to stop and let go of the past. Suddenly the TV screen becomes all static and Steven begins questioning Greg and Amethyst. Feeling guilty, Amethyst runs off.

The next day, Greg and Steven return to the storage unit, swearing to finish the job. To their surprise, they find the Gems, who have cleaned up the unit and boxed everything up. When asked, Garnet says it was Amethyst's idea to clean everything up, and then Amethyst hurriedly states that they can take everything to the temple and keep it in her room. She blushes and gives Greg a box that says "KEEP", which contains the photo of him and Rose. Greg thanks her, and the Gems return with the boxes to the temple, while he and Steven close the empty storage unit.

SC 2

In "Shirt Club", Steven draws flyers for Greg's guitar lessons. After selling shirts with Buck Dewey with the same design on it, Steven goes to see Greg and realizes that no one has actually sat down for a lesson with him yet. Angry, Steven returns to the abandoned warehouse to find Buck making more shirts, where he tells Steven that his design is actually terrible and that he finds how much he loves his dad to be "hilarious". They argue, with Buck mentioning how he will continue to make the shirts as long as the trend persists before leaving to join his father at a bench commemoration.

After interrupting the commemoration, Steven gives Greg the last Guitar Dad shirt saying its super limited edition. Buck shows up to apologize, and Steven accepts. Greg asks if Buck is going to take a picture, but Buck replies that he wants to take a lesson as he opens his jacket to show his Guitar Dad shirt.

Story For Steven 016

In "Story for Steven", Steven is hanging out with Greg in his van, playing music. Greg picks up a can of soda and drinks from it, as a picture is stuck to the bottom of the can. It then falls off, Steven catching it. The picture shows a picture of a younger Greg with his manager, Marty. Greg explains that Marty was his manager, then cheerfully states that Marty is dead to him. Steven then asks what the deal is. Greg explains that Marty was actually a part of how he got together with Rose, and Steven asks for the full story, and Greg complies with the story of how he met Rose "now including Marty". Greg starts to play a tune of a song he performed when he first met Rose.

Story For Steven 018

A flashback occurs where Greg is singing "Comet" at his concert. As Greg stops playing, he looks out into an empty audience – except for Rose. She claps and comes over to his table full of his albums, where he goes and offers her a free T-shirt along with an album. He opens the back doors of the van only to have Marty and Vidalia hop out. Marty forbids Greg from giving anything away, mentioning money and how he gets 75% of the profits, and how 75% of 0 is still 0. Greg then turns and sees that Rose has left. Later, searching for the "Strange Pink Lady", he walks away in a random direction and finds himself at the Crystal Temple's wire fence. He sees a purple owl perched on the fence and asks aloud if it knew about Rose. To his surprise, the owl replies that if she did tell him about her, she would have to kill him before flying back to the temple (At this time, the Beach House has not yet been built). Greg, eager to know more, climbs the wire fence and goes straight to the temple.

Story For Steven 136

At the temple's Warp Pad, Amethyst reports to Pearl about Greg, saying how a human just talked to her. Amethyst then spots him and points him out to Pearl. Pearl is unsure of what to do until Garnet warps in and threatens to throw Greg over the fence. However, Rose appears and tells Garnet to stop. Garnet, embarrassed, quickly drops him. Rose then asked if he was okay before Greg gives Rose the shirt. As Rose shows it to the Crystal Gems, Amethyst asks Greg to sing; Garnet summons a gauntlet threateningly as she warns him that his song had better be good. Greg then realizes that it's late and rushes back to his van.

Story For Steven 187

Later on, Greg is lying in the back of his van as Marty is driving him to Empire City for a big show to make lots of money. However, Greg cannot stop thinking about Rose. Standing up for himself, Greg throws Marty out of his van, leaving him on the side of the road. Greg goes back to Beach City and goes to the Temple. After arriving at the temple, he steps on the Warp Pad, singing his song for Rose. After the song, Rose appears from her room to tell Greg that even though she finds him "awfully cute", he should go away so he can pursue his dreams. However, Greg refuses and says that the only thing he wanted to pursue was Rose. Stunned, Rose becomes starry-eyed and begins to laugh, as a tear falls. As Greg ends the story Steven replies that Greg loved Rose, to which Greg begins to tickle and noogie Steven. Steven then comments on how mean Marty was and Greg agrees but admits that if it was not for Marty, he would not have been able to pursue Rose. The episode ends with Greg placing his picture with Marty next to his picture with Rose and a picture of Steven with cat fingers.

The Message 013

In "The Message", Steven listens to Greg's new song for his new album, "Water Witch", which is based on the ocean incident. In the song, Greg portrays Lapis Lazuli as a villain, and Steven corrects him, saying that Lapis just wanted to go home. They then hear the Wailing Stone. After several attempts to turn off the stone, and eventually muffling it, the Gems believe that someone is sending a message. With all of the other stones previously gathered, they conclude that another one of their own is sending a message to them from space. However, the audio is distorted, making the otherwise advanced message to be unclear. Hearing this, Steven tells them that his dad may be able to help with this.

Greg tries to receive the message with his audio equipment, but the technology is too advanced for the equipment and overloads the van. The Gems frustratingly decide to return to the house. This leaves Greg in distraught as he just wants the Gems to have some faith in him, so he sings a song about his feelings. He and Steven then theorize that the message from the stone is not audio, but video, and convince the Gems to give Greg another chance.

The Message 133

With the help of the Gems, who restart the van, Steven connects the wailing stone to a TV. The message is finally clear, with the sender revealed to be none other than Lapis. Amethyst and Pearl panic, believing Peridot is going to attack Earth, but Garnet remains seemingly calm, only stating that they accomplished in receiving the message. Garnet shakes Greg's hand and, much to his delight, thanks him for his help in decoding the message.

Political Power 152

In "Political Power", Greg is within the crowd of Beach City residents that go and ask if the power would be back on soon and is unaware of Steven helping Mayor Dewey out.

In "The Return", Steven talks to Greg about the Crystal Gems countering against Peridot's robonoids. Suddenly, they, as well as the rest of Beach City, see a strange object in the sky: a giant, green hand pointing directly at them.The Crystal Gems believe that Peridot has finally arrived and, with Steven, use the Quartizine Trio along with another light cannon forming the Quartizine Quartet against the ship but it has no effect on it. Anticipating an all-out battle, Steven calls Bill Dewey to help evacuate the town. To his surprise, he is told by the Gems to join his dad and the rest of the people, being the voice for them and protect them, just as his mother did.

The Return 121

Leaving the town, Steven hopes that Peridot will leave them alone once she sees what the Earthlings are like, but Greg has doubts. He then accidentally blurts out that he knew other Gems had invaded Earth before. Unable to hold in the truth any longer, he tells Steven that his mother, Rose Quartz, rebelled because of "something awful" her kind was doing to the planet. He goes on to say that many lives were lost in the battle, Gems and people alike, and, because of her shield, she was only able to save a handful of her closest friends and drive the rest of the invaders from Earth. Steven begs his dad to turn around so he can help the others and accidentally triggers the air bag system in the van, launching himself out with his bubble shield. He then asks Greg to keep the evacuees safe while he finds a way back to Beach City and he does so.

Season 2

Full Disclosure 015

In "Full Disclosure", Greg drives over to the wreckage and hugs Steven in relief that he's okay. Steven tells Greg everything, also including the fact that Jasper thought Steven was his own mother, Rose Quartz. Greg begins to panic rushing back to his van, he tries to find some music to calm his nerves, but while trying to find his calming music CD accidentally ends up playing heavy metal music and panicking further. At the end of the episode, Greg, calmed down, arrives as Connie tells Steven that she still wants to be with him (being a part of his "universe"). They drive through Beach City, where the people are coming back, before taking Connie home.

Reformed 013

In "Reformed", Steven takes a "Crying Breakfast Friends!" personality quiz and looks for Pearl and Greg, who are working on Greg's Van, so he can ask them to take the quiz too. Steven tries to convince them by describing the quiz, and giving examples; which just so happen to match up with Greg and Pearl's personalities. However, they both decline and continue working on the van.

We need to talk Greg Stops music

In "We Need to Talk", Steven and Connie had been helping Greg organize his old albums in the back of his van. Glad at the chance to play some music, Greg puts Nietzche's Breakdown on. While listening to the song, Steven and Connie start dancing, resulting in them fusing into Stevonnie. Greg is surprised to learn they can fuse, so Steven and Connie become suspicious. Greg then launches into a story about his experience with fusion.

WeNeedToTalk RainbowQuartz
After the two sit down in the van, he puts in an old VCR which shows him singing a duet with Rose Quartz. Greg and Rose continue singing until Pearl suddenly walks up and whispers something in Rose's ear. They start dancing and Pearl fuses with Rose, in an effort to one-up Greg, into Rainbow Quartz who dances for the remainder of the song and unfuses. Rose tells an amazed Greg that Pearl told her to fuse so his video featured "a little something extra".After Rose warps off, Pearl spitefully tells Greg that he is just a phase and that Rose only likes him for his novelty as a human being. When Greg objects to this, she explains the concept of fusion; because he is not a Gem, he is not able to fuse. Pearl boasts that fusion is the ultimate connection between Gems, and emphasizes that Greg is nothing but a human. Greg asks how she knows humans cannot fuse, and when she cannot reply, he vows to fuse with Rose.
WeNeedToTalk Greg&Rose

Greg practices dancing like Pearl did, using the video he took, but Garnet and Amethyst interrupt. He asks them for help. Garnet explains to him that in order to really fuse, he would have to have a gem at the center of his being, a body made of light, and a partner he's willing to trust with that light. Garnet tells him that she thinks he can do it, but he has to dance his way, not like Pearl.Greg waits for Rose by his van,nervous. When she arrives, they start dancing. They continue dancing until Greg steps up to her height using various boxes and kisses her. He then exclaims dejectedly that they did not fuse and Rose starts laughing, telling him that he cannot fuse because he is human. He replies that that is the problem, and he has enjoyed the past few months, but he is worried about the future. He then asks if she respects him, which she laughs off. Greg gets angry and asks her to talk to him like a real person. Rose is at a loss for words, and explains how she is not a real person, thinking that he already understood that. Greg realizes that Rose is an alien, proceeding to laugh and cry.


Rose then asks why he is laughing, and then why he is crying. Greg replies that he has concerns about how their relationship will work due to their vast number of differences. Rose asks what they should do, and Greg says he just wants to talk; they begin a conversation about humans and their feelings. Greg asks Rose if she's ever loved other humans, which she confirms. He then asks if she has ever been in love, and she asks Greg how she would know. He tells her that love feels like torture. Rose asks if their relationship is torture to him. He tells her that it is, and she apologizes. Greg says she should not apologize, which confuses Rose. She laughs and says that at least they have one thing in common: they're both confused. They continue dancing.

Back in the van, Connie asks Greg if they were ever able to fuse, and he says no, but that it was more important that they talk to each other. He then says interaction between humans and Gems is still new, and that Steven and Connie will have to work with it. He also tells Connie that if she needs another human to talk to, he's there.

Keystone Motel 256

In "Keystone Motel", Greg asks the Crystal Gems if they want to go on a road trip. He informs them he had met a guy on the internet who's selling cheap car wash brushes and that he needs to travel to the Keystone state to pick them up. Steven gets excited at the prospect of staying in a hotel and getting room service. Greg corrects him, stating that the motel they're going to will instead have free ice, a pool, and be right next to the best diner in the world. Garnet decides to come along.

After a few hours of driving, they reach the Keystone Motel. They check into their room before Greg leaves to pick up the car wash brushes. He asks if Garnet could hold down the fort and to call the police if he's not back in an hour. Later, Greg returns to the motel with his brushes and pizza. He discovers that Garnet has unfused. As Greg and Steven prepare to eat dinner, Steven asks why Ruby and Sapphire cannot make up. Greg reassures Steven that everything will be better in the morning when they go to the best diner in the world.

Keystone Motel 282

The next morning, Greg, Steven, Ruby, and Sapphire are sitting inside The Best Diner in the World. A waitress brings them their breakfast. While Greg and Steven are eating, Ruby and Sapphire begin to argue. Eventually Ruby flips over the table ruining their breakfast. Greg starts to reassure Steven who then angrily walks out the diner. Ruby and Sapphire quickly follow him. As they reconcile outside, Greg pays for breakfast and the damage to the booth. They head back to the Beach House after picking up some free ice. Once home, Steven asks if they could go back. Greg replies that they might one day, but not to the same diner.

Greg is mentioned in "When It Rains" when Steven tries to explain to Peridot that he learned about thunder and the clouds from Greg, and how he's half human.

Steven's Birthday 022
Steven's Birthday 190

In "Steven's Birthday", Greg and the Crystal Gems are holding a birthday party for Steven. Greg shows Steven and Connie an album of photos taken on Steven's previous birthdays. He notes that Steven has not physically changed since his eighth birthday. Connie becomes concerned with this and asks Greg to let her show him how to use a defibrillator as an excuse to talk to him in private. Greg tells Connie that he and the Gems really are not sure about whether or not Steven will age normally, as there has never been anything like Steven, and that they'll have to wait and see. Later in the episode, Greg gives Steven his birthday suit and closes Steven in the barn to prepare a surprise for him. Later still, Greg witnesses Steven unshifting from his older form and becomes concerned with what Steven is doing. Steven rebuts Greg and Amethyst's concern over the amount of time Steven has spent shapeshifted by saying that they do not know for sure because he is half human, revealing to Greg that he overheard the conversation with Connie earlier. This upsets Greg, as he did not mean to hurt Steven. After Steven turns into an infant due to the strain on his body, Greg takes Steven from the Gems, stating that this is his job as a father. He then takes Steven on a ride in his van with Connie in order to help Steven calm down. When Steven recovers, Greg is surprised to see that Steven has now grown a facial hair.

Log Date 7 15 2 056

In "Log Date 7 15 2", Greg briefly appears, working on repairing the barn after the events of "Message Received". Peridot pushes him off of the roof of the barn in order to see if all earth creatures are able to fly, and he is caught by Garnet. He forgives Peridot for pushing him off of the roof after Garnet tells him that Peridot is still learning about the earth and did not know any better.

Season 3

In "Same Old World", Greg helps pack up the van with various items for the Gems, before leaving with the Gems to return to Beach City.

Drop Beat Dad 150

In "Drop Beat Dad", Greg chats with Steven about business at the carwash being slow, despite offering free waxing. Steven assures him that business will pick up eventually, when a large bus drives up, driven by Marty. Marty tells Greg that the music business has been a lot nicer to him than it had been to Greg, noticing that Greg now works at a carwash. He takes out an envelope to give Greg, but is interrupted by Sour Cream. Later in the episode, after Marty has ruined Sour Cream's show with Guacola, Greg tells Yellowtail that he should stick around, as Sour Cream needs him. Marty then walks over to Greg and hands him the envelope, before leaving. Greg then tells Steven that Sour Cream does not need Marty in order to do well in the music business, and that the money is not what is important about music. He then opens the envelope, which contains a check for 10 million dollars.

Mr. Greg 280

In "Mr. Greg", Greg shows Steven and Pearl the Pepe's Burgers commercial in which Marty sings to the tune of "Comet". He explains that Marty had sold his song as a burger jingle and that he's now rich. Greg and Steven sing a song about what to do with the money. They begin to sing another song when Greg gets the idea to take a trip to Empire City. While they sing, they run into the Beach House to pack Steven's belongings for the trip. Steven ends the song by suggesting they bring Pearl too. Greg and Pearl express their concerns but Steven assures them that it'll be great. In Empire City, Greg, Steven, and Pearl enter a hotel called Le Hotel. With the employees of the hotel, they sing a song about Greg's wealth and the great time they're having. When Greg asks Pearl to dance with him, she abruptly pulls away, ending the song. Later on, Greg and Steven are sleeping in their hotel room. Pearl enters their room and begins to sing a song in which she expresses her struggle over the absence of Rose and the fact that Greg had been chosen over her. During the song Greg and Steven wake up, which Pearl discovers as she finishes. Greg dejectedly leaves the room, believing that nothing will improve his relationship with Pearl. Steven brings Pearl and Greg together and through a song, gets them to talk about their feelings, Rose, and to eventually reconcile. They dance together as Steven continues singing. When they finish, a hotel employee gives Greg the bill. Pearl, Greg, and Steven sing a reprise of the first song, as they leave the hotel and Empire City.

Beach City Drift 054

In "Beach City Drift", Steven pretends to start a car at It's a Wash, pretending to drive it when Connie knocks on the car window to get his attention. Steven rolls down the window, and greets Connie, and thanks his dad for letting him practice his driving in the car, but thinks that it might be too small to live in. Greg says that the idea of the car was not to live in, but get a new car now that he is rich. Greg tells the kids details about the old car before, and before they were born. The kids then pick up sponges and help Greg clean his car. Suddenly, a large, yellow car races toward It’s A Wash, and brakes near them. The driver rolls down the window, revealing himself to be Kevin, who tells Greg to “give him a wash” before calling him an old man. Greg, however, listens to his disrespectfulness, running over to his tires and rubbing them. Kevin, who is on the phone, telling someone that he wants his socks pressed, tells Greg to go easy on the tires because his car has to look as beautiful as him, at the time, calling him a grandpa. Steven runs over and tells Kevin to back off, defending his dad from the name “grandpa.” Kevin eventually drives off, and Greg notices that he has “forgotten” to pay, but excuses this, considering that he is rich. Steven says that he hates Kevin, and Greg tells him to watch the word “hate,” it being a strong word. Steven says that it is a strong feeling too, Greg asks if the two know Kevin, and Connie explains the events of what happened when they formed Stevonnie the first time, and how he tried to get them to dance, and Steven calls him a creep. Greg gets mad at the word, but Steven points out that it has five letter, instead of four like the word “hate”. Greg says that if he is causing this much trouble, then there’s no point to even think about him.

Alone at Sea 013

In "Alone at Sea", Steven takes Lapis, who is trying to cover her eyes with her water wings so she cannot see, to a boat as a surprise. Lapis is unsure of what she sees at first. Steven exclaims that they have a boat, but Greg corrects him by saying they rented a boat, so as to not go "overboard". Lapis asks who Greg is, and Greg introduces himself, though awkwardly mentioning that he is the guy whose leg she broke when trying to go back to Homeworld by using the Earth's oceans. Since Lapis is not familiar with handshaking, Greg just goes on to start the boat. Steven asks her what she thinks, but she does not know what to say. Steven persists with her coming on the boat with him. Lapis does not think she deserves it, to which Steven points out the small banner taped to the boat which reads "Lil' Lappy". The banner peels off to reveal the name "SS Misery". Lapis laughs and says she'll give it a try, just this once. Greg asks if everybody is ready and takes off, but rips off a piece of the dock as it is still tied to the boat. Greg says he's starting to think twice about sailing and offers for Lapis to take over. Lapis does not want to despite Steven's encouragement. Greg asks if she still wants to wear the hat but Lapis rejects again.

Alone at Sea 204

Steven, Greg, and Lapis do different activities, such as drinking orange juice and sunbathing on the deck, and they later see Greg fishing. Lapis offers to help and uses her powers to make a big water bubble filled with fish and Greg's rod still sticking in it. Steven says she is "super strong!" but Greg looks a little nervous and asks if they could just do it the old fashion way. Lapis gets a little embarrassed and drops the bubble, causing a strong wave that rocks the boat. Lapis asks how to do it the old fashioned way, and Greg explains it to her. Lapis asks why a fish would want to be on a hook and Greg explains that you have to bait it with something. Greg demonstrates how to fish, however, a lot of time seems to pass as Lapis and Steven start to get visibly bored. Lapis asks when the fish part happens, and Greg just tells her that sometimes it is not just about the fish but the company you keep, to which his lure starts reeling. Greg gives Lapis the rod so she can try to reel it in.As she is reeling the fish in, it starts to pull her towards the edge, so Steven grabs her while Greg grabs Steven. Lapis goes to the edge and tries to see what got away while Greg mentions the rod will have to be paid for now. Greg compliments her on trying to get the "beast" and Steven reassures her about the lost fish. Greg calls Steven back up to port and asks if he hears something. Greg states that something is throwing off the rutter and that the manual is not helping, to which Greg makes a pun about 'water crackers'. They hear something again along with the oncoming storm, and the engine explodes within the boat keeping the boat stranded. After Jasper is chased away, Steven is happy that she did it, but Greg comes out on the deck and is horrified to see the damage to the boat. Lapis carries him off of the boat, with Steven on her back. Greg says that it turned out that he "would be buying a boat after all".

In "Greg the Babysitter", Steven and Greg are working at the car wash and he is surprised they already had two customers at that day and says that it has not done that great since 15 years ago, when a 'mud-nado' struck. Steven is surprised that Greg had this job longer than he has been alive, and asks how Greg got the job in the first place. Greg starts to tell him but Steven interrupts him, gets the ukulele and tells Greg to sing him the story. Greg makes a remark about how all his flashbacks have always begun with a song, but begins to sing anyway.

Greg The Babysitter 020
Greg The Babysitter 055

A flashback compilation of Greg and Rose having fun is seen, until Greg realizes that he needs money. The song ends with him sitting on a road, singing for money. Seeing that he did not get much money, he goes to Vidalia's house. She lets him in and we see her trying to feed her baby, Sour Cream, with mushed-up carrots. Greg comes in and eats cereal. After some small talk with Vidalia, he goes into the living room and starts watching T.V. He watches a commercial for Li'l Butler on TV which makes him laugh so hard that he spills all the milk on his clothes and Vidalia's couch. The scene cuts to Vidalia and Greg in the washing room and Vidalia offering Greg to wash his shirt. Greg notices the shirt she is wearing, to which Vidalia responds that it is her uniform for her new job at the T-Shirt shop, which starts today. Shortly after that, the telephone rings and Vidalia answers it. After the phone call is over she tells Greg that the babysitter who is supposed to look after Sour Cream canceled and asks him if he could do it to which he agrees. Later, Vidalia goes to work and tells Greg that she will destroy him if something happens to Sour Cream.

Greg The Babysitter 133

Greg takes baby Sour Cream to the beach and puts sunscreen and sunglasses on him. Suddenly, Rose comes floating by and is pleasantly surprised by the baby. She asks where the "mini-human" came from and if Greg made it. Greg introduces Sour Cream to Rose and the two show him how to have fun at the beach. The three lie at the beach and Rose tells Greg that she admires humans for the ability to grow up and inventing their own personality while Gems stay the way they are forever, having a reason to exist and knowing who they are going to be. Greg, inspired by her words, wants to write them down for a new song and asks Rose if she could watch over Sour Cream for a while.

Greg the Babysitter 169
Greg the Babysitter 209
When he comes back, he notices that they were both gone and begins to panic. Eventually, he runs into Beach City Funland and finds Rose. He then notices that Sour Cream is not there and says to Rose that he thought she was going to watch him. She then replies to him that she watched Sour Cream climb to the top of a Ferris Wheel. Greg panics and hurries himself to climb the wheel as fast as he can. He then notices how high he is, starts getting dizzy, and asks Rose if she could set the wheel in motion in-order for the two to get down. She pulls a lever which sets the wheel in motion but Greg says it's too fast for him. Rose tries slowing it down the Ferris wheel but breaks the lever which makes the wheel spin even faster. She then angrily smashes the control booth which makes the wheel spin incredibly fast. Rose then tries to hold on the wheel manually, thereby sending Greg and Sour Cream flying into the air. Rose rips off one of the gondolas, jumps into the sky, and catches them. Rose makes sure Greg is alright just to relieve him about Sour Cream's safety. Greg tells Rose that she should not let Sour Cream do anything he wants. Rose then asks why it is okay for Greg to do everything he wants and he's fine, Greg replies that he is not a baby and does not need someone to help him. He then notices that he does need someone to help him and states that he is a "baby".
Greg the Babysitter 224
Greg the Babysitter 243

In the evening, Greg returns Sour Cream to Vidalia and thanks her for her support. He then strolls through Beach City, humming the melody of Let Me Drive My Van (into Your Heart). He eventually notices that It's a Wash is searching for new employees. The next day, Greg is seen at his first day of his job, singing a slightly modified version of Let Me Drive My Van (into Your Heart). The flashback ends and Gregs tells Steven that growing up is something important and something you have to decide to do.

Season 4

Last One Out of Beach City 031

In "Last One Out of Beach City", Greg invites Amethyst to a rock concert to her excitement. Later, he arrives, and tells Amethyst that he will not be able to go with her due to a previous request from Barb to play cards with her and Vidalia. Barb threatened to hold his mail if he did not, and according to him, she is not a "woman of empty threats". After Pearl offers to go with her and Steven, Greg offers them to use his Dondai Supremo, and Pearl thanks him.

Gem Harvest 084

In "Gem Harvest", Greg arrives at the barn with the Gems, after Steven calls them over to deal with a a stranger at the Barn, who claimed that Peridot and Lapis hijacked their barn. Greg recognizes the man, and explains that he let them into the barn which outrages the man further. Steven asks who the man is, and Greg tells the group that he is his cousin, Andy. Andy, shocked to hear Steven is Greg's son, is baffled by these changes and gives Steven a big hug. He also asks Greg how he was never told about this, which Greg responds he could not because he has not seen Andy in years. Andy mentions that it was Greg's fault for that since two decades ago, the family drove off in their van with Greg. Andy tries to guess which one of the Gems were the wife, but Greg reveals that Rose is "no longer with us". Greg mentions how the Gems with him are like her family, which is what led to Greg offering the barn to them.

Andy argues that the barn is for the DeMayos instead, which led to Steven questioning what a "DeMayo" is. Greg reveals he and Steven are the "Universes" now, which infuriates Andy even more. Steven asks if Universe is not a real last name, but is told it is since Greg decided to have it changed. Steven mentions the longevity of their stay on the barn and how much it means to them as they spend time together here. Andy argues that his family did the same as well via tradition for many years. Steven proposes a traditional meal to eat together and have a good time so Andy will have to admit to the family. Steven hopes the proposal will go well, but Greg lets Steven know how Andy tends to be consistent with his traditions and does not change his mind often.

Gem Harvest 272

After the Gems harvest the crops and head to the store, Andy, Greg, Steven, and Amethyst are left to keep each other company as they work on the food for the feast. Greg asks how aunt Deb has been, which sparks annoyance in Andy since he cannot compress 20 years into one sentence. After the Gems return with their "gifts", Andy becomes so conscious of the situation, he gives up being angry and decides to sit down and eat. The feast begins, and since all tradition Andy is familiar with is thrown out the window, he decides to eat dessert before dinner by taking a slice of the wedding cake. He shows some manners, however, and passes it to Peridot, which causes the rest of the group to mimic Andy until it is handed back to him. Andy asks if they do not like cake, which Steven replies they do not need to eat, but notes Amethyst loves to. As their conversation goes on, Andy grows uncomfortable and leaves abruptly, renouncing his ownership of the barn, and Steven gives chase. Greg and Andy resolve themselves, glad to be back together again, after Steven manages to catch up with him and talk it out.

In "Three Gems and a Baby", in the middle of a snowstorm, Steven tells his dad that he is glad that he is staying with them. Greg agrees, commenting that it is too cold to stay in his van during this blizzard. Steven says that he's never seen snow like this, and Garnet says that's not entirely true. When Steven asks what she's talking about, Pearl laughs about it, and says that it was fourteen years ago. Steven says that he's fourteen years, and Greg mentions that when it was snowing, Vidalia had gone out of town and let the two crash at her place.

Three Gems and a Baby 074

As he is about to tell the story, Greg says that he already has a song for this one and begins to sing "I Could Never Be (Ready)" as a flashback montage of Greg with Steven plays. While settling down, he sees a photo of young Sour Cream, Vidalia, and Yellowtail and looks on sadly, noticeably missing Rose. The Gems knock on Vidalia's door, and Greg finds out they brought presents. When Greg says that it was nice for them to stop by, Pearl says that they're only stopping by to drop off the presents. Garnet hands her gift to Steven and When it's opened, there's a razor inside. Greg snatches it quickly, saying that he does not think he'll need it yet. Garnet replies that he will need it in the future. Amethyst hands her box to Steven, and when it is opened, there is a box of adult diapers. She says that he can just grow to fit them. She says that Steven can grow, but Greg does not think he can. Pearl says that maybe Steven can learn some things using her gift and hands Greg the gift, which is a dictionary. Greg mentions that maybe they could use it to look up the definition of a baby and that Steven cannot use any of this stuff.

Three Gems and a Baby 129

Greg then pulls out his keys to the van, letting the Gems know that the only thing Baby Steven is interested in is jangling keys. Once the Gems realize that, Amethyst playfully shakes the keys above Steven's head, Pearl notes how captivated he is by them, and Garnet says that next time, they should give him a big box of keys to play with, and everyone laughs in agreement. As they laugh, Steven's gem starts to glow, surprising both Greg and the Gems. Amethyst believes that Rose is trying to shapeshift back into her old self, Pearl tries to communicate with Rose through her gem, and Garnet believes that Rose is trapped in a fusion and is trying to unfuse. With no idea what to do, Greg heads into Vidalia's kitchen and grabs a parenting book to help them figure something out. When he returns to the living room, Greg notices that the Gems have taken off with Baby Steven. The Gems start up the van and drive off, with Greg chasing after them on foot. Greg, not far behind the Gems in the freezing cold, continues to follow the trail of tire tracks the van left in the snow, where he realizes that he'll never catch up with them on foot. He then notices two kids playing and sledding in the snow with a dog sitting next to them. Greg tries to put two and two together and believes he can ride through the snow on their sled pulled by the dog.

Three Gems and a Baby 236

Later, Greg, being chased by the dog he tied to the sled, finally catches up with the Gems. Garnet lets him in the van, and Greg thanks them, but then remembers that the Gems took off in his van and stole Steven, and questions why. Garnet apologizes to him and tells him that they only did it because they thought they knew what Steven was, but they did not. Greg forgives them and tells them that he does not know what Steven is either, and he never glowed when he was a kid, to which Pearl informs that they never were kids. Steven starts to giggle again and Greg tells the Gems that he is not sure how they are going to figure it out, but they have a better chance if they do it together. Back in the present, Steven claims that they were wrong about everything. Pearl reminds him that it was a really long time ago, Amethyst asks him to cut them some slack, Garnet informs him that they could not have known what to do, even her, and Greg tells him that he especially did not know. Steven informs them that they were wrong about growing and changing and that it does not come naturally to them, and to look where they are now. Steven knows that they will never stop missing Rose but believes she would have loved how they all turned out because he does, to which they all agree. Pearl then remembers the time a teenage girl tried to kidnap Steven, and Greg informs her that it was Steven's babysitter and that she was taking him to the park, and lets them know they really scared her when they threw a jungle gym at her, at which they all laugh.

Steven's Dream 005

In "Steven's Dream", Greg and Steven are in the van, watching a movie. Greg wakes up Steven from a brief dream, in which he remarks he was gonna let him sleep, until Steven started crying, which was "less cute." Steven mentions he did not know why he was crying, because his dream was not sad and Greg decides to take him home. Greg summarizes the movie's ending to Steven as they walk up the steps, and before he leaves, Steven asks Greg if Rose had ever talked to him about Pink Diamond. Greg mentions that there were some things that Rose did not like talking about, and he never pressed her about details. Steven asks why, and Greg tells him that they talked about a lot of important stuff, such as feelings. He says they both made a bunch of mistakes when they were young, and she felt that she could have told him everything, but he told her the past was the past. Greg also told her who she was in the past did not matter, but what mattered was who she was in the present: an incredible, loving, being. Steven feels better and tells him goodnight.

Steven's Dream 168

After Steven's argument with Garnet and the Gems, he wakes Greg up from the van and tells him about the palanquin in his dream and book. Greg takes the book, and says he knows someone who could take them to where he wanted. Later, they ride in Andy's plane, who they thank for taking them to Korea, where the palanquin was. Steven mentions that this was a serious mission and there was no time for fun, but Greg asks if there was a little time for fun, which Steven considers. In Korea, the two explore the surroundings of the city, eating some cuisine, and shopping for a bit around the country. Eventually, they get on a bus that takes them to the Korean Peninsula, and Greg mentions its beauty. Steven insists they continue going and they appear in front of a fenced area. Steven convinces Greg to help him jump over, despite his protests, and they head over to a field. They come across a blue palanquin, but Steven mentions the one he saw was pink and broken down. Suddenly, behind some bushes they can hear a voice express her sorrow and apologize to Pink Diamond, kneeling by her former palanquin with her Pearl. She wonders what she would think now, as this was "her planet."

Steven's Dream 207

Steven realizes it is Blue Diamond, and they duck when Blue Pearl heads over, thinking she heard someone. Greg assures he can handle this, and makes himself known to Blue Pearl, and introduces himself to Blue Diamond, calling her "Your Highness." Blue Diamond tells him to come over, who says that Earth is a strange planet, as she assumes Greg and all other humans live in the wild. She also mentions that the location they are at is where Pink Diamond was broken. Greg asks if they were close, and sympathizes, apologizing. He says he knows how hard it is to move on when you lose someone to her surprise. He says he lost someone important to him too; he misses her and thinks about her every day, but she is never coming back, and that feeling was so hard to be okay with. Blue Diamond is surprised a human being is capable of understanding how she feels, and it is a shame because there is a geo-weapon ready to emerge soon and destroy the Earth, but she realizes Greg does not deserve it. She says she is not supposed to be here, but she is glad she is one last time because she can save one last piece of her legacy. She grabs Greg and summons her ship. Steven watches in shock as Greg struggles in her grip and pleads to let him go. Blue Diamond goes into her palanquin and it floats up, entering the palm of her ship. The ship blasts off, leaving Steven behind as it heads into space.

In "Gem Heist", the Crystal Gems continue their rescue mission to Pink Diamond's Zoo where they believe Greg is being held captive. Inside the facility, Steven eventually reaches the containment area and finds Greg among its inhabitants.

The Zoo 031

In "The Zoo", Steven is reunited with his dad inside Pink Diamond's Zoo. He informs Greg of the Crystal Gems' mission to rescue him and expresses concern over his dad's well-being since his abduction by Blue Diamond. Greg reassures his son, stating that the human inhabitants of the zoo have treated him well since his arrival. They are promptly joined by said people, whom Greg explains are the descendants of humans brought to the zoo by Gems thousands of years ago. After being introduced to the Zoomans, Steven suggests to Greg they locate the containment area's entrance door and escape. Greg agrees, but advises they do so after the Zoomans' routine, a daily schedule directed by a voice emitted from the earrings worn by all Zoomans. Steven reluctantly joins Greg and the Zoomans in their activities such as eating, playing around, and bathing. Over the course of the routine, Steven grows perturbed by the Zoomans' happiness despite being held captive by Gems. He expresses this to Greg, who reasons that the Zoomans are not aware of their captivity, their utopian society keeping them in a constant state of ignorance and bliss.

The Zoo 124

During the designated sleeping period, Steven and Greg begin searching for the exit. They eventually find the door, and Steven attempts to break it down. The noise draws the attention of two Zoomans, Wy-Six and Jay-Ten. Steven explains to them their intentions, prompting Jay-Ten to reveal that a Gem once came into the zoo to help someone who was hurt. Steven determines someone needs to get hurt for the door to open; he tells Greg to punch him. Not wanting to hurt his son, Greg suggests Steven strike him instead. Steven punches Greg, but the door does not open. Before they can try something else, the voice announces the commencement of the "choosening". Wy-Six and Jay-Ten lead Greg and Steven to a clearing where a group of Zoomans are standing in a circle. Steven is asked to wait aside while Greg is brought into the circle alongside Wy-Six and Jay-Ten.

The Zoo 182

As the voice selects two of the Zoomans to step into the center of the circle, Greg realizes with a start that the choosening is a matchmaking ritual and begins to panic. Against Steven's reassurance that he probably will not be "choosened", Greg is selected to step into the center with Jay-Ten. Greg refuses and explains to the confused Zoomans that people make their own decisions about their relationships back on Earth. This prompts all the Zoomans to choose Greg as their romantic partner. Greg politely declines them, causing all the Zoomans to begin crying. Unfamiliar with the feeling of sorrow, the Zoomans begin chasing Greg and Steven, asking for their pain to be taken away. The two manage to hide in a bush when the entrance door opens and amethyst guards enter. As the guards attempt to calm down the Zoomans, Greg and Steven run for the door but are caught by a guard.

That Will Be All 173

In "That Will Be All", an amethyst guard brings Steven and Greg into the guards' quarters where they are alarmed to discover that Amethyst has also been captured. Their apprehension turns to surprise as an amused Amethyst reveals that it was a prank, explaining to them that the quartz guards are all from Earth. Holly Blue Agate suddenly enters the quarters, informing the guards that Blue Diamond has returned and ordering them to their stations. As the guards file out, Greg and Steven slip out with them. They flee the area and find themselves in a massive room filled with bubbled gemstones. The two quickly hide as they are joined by Blue and Yellow Diamond and their pearls. As the Homeworld Gems converse, Steven and Greg sneak around the room, making their way to the exit. Just before they reach the door, Holly Blue, Sapphire, and Ruby enter. After a conversation with the Diamonds, the group leaves and Steven and Greg follow them. Outside in the hallway, Steven, Greg, and the Crystal Gems are reunited. They proceed to follow Holly Blue to the hangar while ensuring the quartz Gem does not see Steven and Greg. As they begin boarding their Roaming Eye however, Holly Blue spots the two humans. She attempts to capture them but is quickly defeated by the Crystal Gems. With everyone safely aboard the Roaming Eye, the Crystal Gems fly out of the zoo and begin their journey home.

In "The New Crystal Gems", Greg and the Crystal Gems arrive back on Earth where they are greeted by Connie. She explains to them that during her supervision of Beach City with Peridot and Lapis, there were some mishaps at the car wash. The group heads over and finds the building in impeccable condition, save for the missing sign. They are then presented with a new sign by Peridot and Lapis, which Greg finds better than the previous one.

In "Storm in the Room", Greg and the Gems arrive at the Beach House with pizza for Steven.

In "Lion 4: Alternate Ending", Greg is playing music on a hill near Beach City when Steven finds him. After briefly explaining his new "jamming hill", he asks if Steven is okay, noticing that his son appears disappointed. To his surprise, Steven shows him a VHS tape he had put together with Rose. They watch the video on Greg's TV and Steven discovers that it is similar to the one he had found inside Lion, except Rose addresses someone named "Nora" instead of Steven. Steven eventually stops the video and asks his dad about "Nora", which Greg reveals as the name he and Rose had chosen if Steven had been a girl. This makes Steven upset, disappointed the video tape did not help him determine what Rose had wanted him to be in life. Greg comforts his son, explaining that Rose was excited about the many possibilities her child would explore in life, and thus had wanted Steven to be himself. After they finish watching the video, Steven embraces his dad, content that his parents had simply wanted him to be their child.

Season 5

In "Lars' Head", the Crystal Gems, Greg, and Connie warp into the Beach House and are surprised to find Steven returned from Homeworld. The group shares a joyful reunion.


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