Rose's Secret Armory is a location that was first shown in the episode "Lion 2: The Movie". It was where Rose Quartz stored many of her weapons and equipment that were created by Bismuth. It can be accessed when Steven puts his hand on the armory's pedestal.


The Armory is located in a cave on top of a tall cliff a couple of miles from a Warp Pad. It has the floor covered in water that surrounds a raised circular platform. In the center of the platform lies a pedestal that Steven can activate with his hand. It should be noted that Steven had difficulty using the platform the first time he had access to it, as he and Connie made futile attempts to pry his hand off the pedestal in the episode "Lion 2: The Movie".

Rose's Pedestal stands as a central access point to the armory. When activated, the platform lights up, and the user can choose which weapons or equipment they want to appear. The selected items will then emerge from the floor. For example, when Steven and Connie discussed the possibility of "having to chop his hand off," the platform opens for the first time to reveal a set of swords. The Robot Shooty Thing was released upon hearing the words, "and I want to see lots of explosions." When Steven is poked on certain points of his body, a variety of objects appear.


"Lion 2: The Movie"

Lion brings Connie and Steven to the Armory through one of his portals. After looking through some of the equipment stored there, they accidentally unleash the Robot Shooty Thing and run away from the Armory through another portal.

"Rose's Scabbard"

Pearl, hoping to find Rose's Sword, climbs the cliff that leads up to the armory with Steven tied behind her back, only to discover that Steven had already been there and already knew where to find the Sword. As of then, only Steven, Lion, Connie, and Pearl knew of the Armory's existence. However, as of "The Return", since the Gems are seen using the "Quartizine Trio", it is possible that Pearl informed Garnet and Amethyst of its existence.

"Lion 4: Alternate Ending"

The armory was briefly seen as Steven was searching for something the pink key he got from Lion unlocks. Steven could not find anything in the armory that unlocks anything with the pink key.


The Armor of the Fallen

The Armor of the Fallen is a collection of various suits of armor. When appearing, Connie interjects, "Woah, look at all this armor!"

Curiously, Gems do not seem to wear any armor into battle, and many of the suits are from various eras of human history (such European knight armor and Japanese samurai armor).

In "The Return", Greg tells Steven that (during Rose Quartz's Rebellion against the Gem Homeworld) both Gems and humans died in the fighting. These suits of armor may have once belonged to humans that had fought alongside the Crystal Gems.

The Axes of Ages

Rose's Scabbard 082

The Axes of Ages is an array of various axes. Much like the Armor of the Fallen, the Axes appear to be from various eras of human history. What use Gems would have for such arms is unknown.

In "The Return", Greg tells Steven that (during Rose Quartz's Rebellion against the Gem Homeworld) both Gems and humans died in the fighting. These axes may have once belonged to humans that had fought alongside the Crystal Gems.

The Heretic's Anguish

Rose's Scabbard 085

The Heretic's Anguish is a large wooden statue of a woman with six sizable flails hanging from her arms with three on each arm. She has about twelve spikes on each ball with around sixteen chain links.

The woman appears to have short hair and a dress. Her posture is a T shape with the hands clenched into two fists. She wears a dress, which has different designs on it. She also appears to be wearing a headband. This statue may be depicting a Gem.

When it appears, Steven and Connie yell out "Spikey chain balls!" in reference to its weapons.

The Heretic's Anguish shares a medieval theme with many other ancient Gem artifacts. The archaic adjective "heretic" refers to a person of heresy.

The Quartizine Trio

Main article: Quartizine Trio
Light cannons 2

The Quartizine Trio appears to be three Laser Light Cannons conjoined together. Their history and connection with the original light cannon are unknown, although they are activated with the same phrase: "If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs."

Steven later finds the trio hidden underneath a tarp under the Beach House's porch in "Political Power". They are used in "The Return" together with the Laser Light Cannon in an unsuccessful attempt to shoot down the invading Homeworld Gems' Warship. They are activated with the same phrase as the original Laser Light Cannon right beside it, but the four beams had little effect.

Giant Penny

Giant penny

The Giant Penny is a massive penny. It is a giant bronze penny with a shield emblem. It has the words "United States of America" written on its border. Its reverse design matches the 2010 Union shield cent.

This massive penny is a reference to the Batcave from Batman, which famously has a giant penny on display.
Rose's Scabbard 090

Robot Shooty Thing

Main article: Robot Shooty Thing


  • The concept of the armory, being a cave filled with gadgets, armors, and artifacts, is very reminiscent of the Batman's Batcave; both have a large coin and suits/armor in glass cases.
  • The design of Rose Quartz's giant penny resembles the "union shield" penny design introduced in 2010.
  • The first time Steven and Connie went into Rose's Armory, the penny was shown. However, it did not appear when Pearl and Steven traveled there in "Rose's Scabbard".
  • The Quartizine Trio was used in "The Return" along the Laser Light Cannon to fire a shot on to the Gem Warship.
  • The Heretic's Anguish bears a slight resemblance to the (likely fictional) torture device Iron Maiden.
  • Rose's Gem-activated pedestal shown in the armory is similar to the pedestal in the Facet Five Prime Control Room, appearing in "Marble Madness", and subsequent episodes featuring the Prime Control Room.
  • According to Pearl, she believed that she was the only one that Rose trusted to know about it, although it is not explained how Lion knew about the place.
  • In Bismuth, Bismuth says that every material weapon created for the Crystal Gems were made by her, implying that the weapons in Rose's Secret Armory were all made by her.


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