The Gem Symbols usually appear throughout the series.


Updated Crystal Gems (and Greg) 2

The Crystal Gems

  • Many Crystal Gem outfits and weapons have five-pointed stars.
    • Rose Quartz's dress has a star-shaped cutout over her gem.
    • Garnet's debut and season 2 outfits have star designs on the chest, and Garnet's gauntlets have yellow stars over the knuckles.
      • However, Ruby and Sapphire do not have stars on their outfits.
    • Pearl's debut and post-regeneration outfits both have a yellow star symbol on the chest and her spear has a star shape at the end of the shaft.
    • Amethyst's pre-regeneration outfit has star-shaped cutouts over her knees. Her post-regeneration outfit has black star patches over the knees, along with her whip handle having a star shape at the top.
    • Steven's T-shirts have yellow star symbols on the chest.
    • Bismuth's arms have tattoos of black stars with a small triangle underneath, while having a huge star on her apron that goes around her waist.
    • Alexandrite's outfit has a star-shaped collar, not to mention the shape of her hairstyle. Her outfit also has four pointed star cutouts over the knees.
    • Sugilite's outfit has ripped knees like Amethyst. The rip over her right knee looks like a broken/slashed-through star. The nail polish on Sugilite's index fingers also has a star-shaped pattern. Her flail has a silver star-shaped ring connecting Amethyst's whip and Garnet's gauntlets.
      • Her second appearance, shown in "Cry for Help", has whole stars on her knees.
    • Opal's outfit has a star on the bottom of her drape, and stars at each end of her bow's handle.
    • Stevonnie's T-shirt (like Steven's) has a yellow star symbol on the chest under Connie's dress.
    • Sardonyx has a black star on her shirt, underneath her bowtie, and a yellow star protruding from the top of her war hammer.
    • Holo-Pearl's current design features a five-pointed star in the same location as Pearl's outfit.
    • Smoky Quartz's shirt has a yellow star similar to Steven's and black leggings with dark mauve stars on them.
  • A five pointed star also appears on the Temple Gate.
  • The Mirror in "Mirror Gem" has an eight-pointed star on the face. As Steven pulls out Lapis Lazuli's gemstone, the surrounding water takes on a similar but more elaborate pattern.
  • In "Joy Ride", the crash site of Peridot's escape pod was surrounded by a crop circle pattern with a four-pointed star at the center.
  • Lion's mane greatly resembles a four-pointed star, similar to the shape of Alexandrite's hair.


  • On the floors of the Pyramid Temple and the Gem Warship, there is a symbol with three interlocking triangles, surrounded by a larger triangle and a circle. The version on the Gem Warship is colored, and the inner triangles are white, blue and yellow.
    • Where the 3 main triangles meet, there is a single, smaller triangle.
  • Rose's symbol has a triangle in the middle.
  • Lapis Lazuli's outfit has two dark blue triangles, one pointing upward on her top and another pointing downward on her skirt.
  • The buttons on Doc's suspender straps are two yellow triangles, resembling a diamond cut in half.

Lozenge / Rhombus / 4-pointed Diamond Symbols

  • On Holo-Pearl's former outfit in "Steven the Sword Fighter" is a small diamond, replacing Pearl's five-pointed star.
  • There is a pink diamond on Pearl's flight suit in "Space Race", in place of her five-pointed star.
  • The pattern of Sapphire's dress in "The Answer" includes a blue diamond shape on the chest.
  • The two dark blue triangles on Lapis Lazuli's dress form a lozenge shape split in half across the middle.
  • Both Peridot and Jasper have yellow diamonds on their outfits. Peridot has a yellow diamond on her chest and two on her knees. Jasper has a yellow diamond on her chest.
  • Sardonyx's shoes have pink diamonds on them.
  • In the Ancient Sky Arena in "Sworn to the Sword", a series of four lozenge symbols can be seen. Clockwise from the top, they are colored white, blue, pink, and yellow.
  • On Blue Diamond's Pearl, the diamond symbol is a cutout on the chest (Similar to how Amethyst had star-shaped cutouts on her legs when she debuted).
  • During "The Answer", Sapphire had a blue diamond on the upper part of her outfit.
  • The crystal Peridot takes from the Moon Base in "It Could've Been Great" is shaped like two pyramids connected at the bases, with yellow, white, pink and blue facets. It turns out to be a direct line to The Great Diamond Authority in "Message Received", implying that the symbol is the former emblem of the Authority.

Triangle and Lozenge Patterns

These are symbols seen as some sort of Homeworld-designed symbol, much more complicated than the lozenges. They have lozenge-like diagonal patterns. They are seen:

  • On the Pyramid Temple walls.
  • The flares of Peridot's escape pod in "Joy Ride", which helped the Crystal Gems find it.
    • A similar one appears marked in the grass of the field, but with a less complicated design.
  • On the Communication Hub's pillars.
  • On Lapis Lazuli's mirror and on the water when she was released.

Rose's Symbol

Rose symbol SMALL
Rose flag

A symbol resembling a stylized rose. Versions of the symbol appear in various locations:

Crop Circle Symbols

Symbols resembling crop circle designs can be seen on various Gem constructs.

  • The Galaxy Warp.
  • Outside the Ancient Sky Arena, carved on the outer wall next to the four lozenge symbols.