We won't stand out if we play the roles we were made for.


"Gem Heist" is the 13th episode of the fourth season of Steven Universe and the 116th episode overall.


The Gems try to pull off a heist.[1]


The Crystal Gems approach Pink Diamond's Zoo in the Roaming Eye, a Red Eye watching from the distance as a sentry. Entering the Zoo, the Crystal Gems witness two Amethyst guards next to the entryway. After unfusing from Garnet, Sapphire comes up with a plan to infiltrate the facility. The Crystal Gems will assume the roles they were originally made for: Sapphire is an aristocrat on special assignment, accompanied by her Ruby guard and Pearl servant, with an Amethyst for additional muscle.

They approach the Amethyst guards who ask the Crystal Gems to state their purpose, Sapphire answering, "I'm here to make a delivery to the Human Zoo". The Amethysts inform the group that the Zoo has shut down and Steven has to be thrown into space, only to reveal it was a cruel joke. Holly Blue Agate enters and scolds the guards for not informing her a Sapphire is there and orders them to apologize to Sapphire for their incompetence.

Sapphire informs Holly Blue that she has a human to deliver. Holly Blue is pleased with acquiring two humans after nothing for millennia and says Blue Diamond will be most pleased. She orders the guards to take the human into the Zoo, but Sapphire requests a tour of the facility (enabling Steven to remain with them for the moment). Amethyst cannot join the group, for Holly Blue orders her to help the others guard the door.

Holly Blue describes the history and areas of the facility along with Blue Diamond's "merciful and giving nature" because of her "selfless" act of preserving the facility in Pink Diamond's memory. Sapphire asks Holly Blue how to enter the Zoo, to which she answers via the service door, a one-way access point that ensures no escape or compromise. Steven wants to come up with a distraction so they can enter the Zoo, and Ruby plans to do so.

She shouts "Explosion!" because she "left the gravity engine in the Roaming Eye idle". Sapphire clarifies by informing Holly Blue the engine will overheat and explode. Sapphire and Holly Blue approach the ship to avert the impending crisis. Ruby rants about Holly Blue's claims about Blue Diamond being merciful before being reminded by Steven the mission.

Ruby tells Pearl to open the door, but the panel displays a different interface than last time, making Pearl confused and unable to open the door. Steven and Ruby help out by bashing the door but stop when Sapphire is heard yelling to let the trio know she is returning. Holly Blue notices the marks on the door and asks if they saw the Amethyst who did it, which relieves the Crystal Gems.

Two Amethysts approach to inform Holly Blue of important news but are scolded from every action they do until they come out and say Blue Diamond is on her way back to the Zoo. Holly Blue prepares standard protocol with the Amethysts and tells Sapphire Blue Diamond will thank her personally for the delivery.

Holly Blue tells the Amethysts to take Steven to the assimilation bay. Steven goes through the assimilation process on a conveyor belt. He gets his face photographed for identity, has his body examined for things like temperature and photon sensitivity in the pupils, and is stripped into his underwear, soon being changed into an outfit paired with earrings and a loin-cloth. Afterward, he is taken up through a water-slide into the containment area of the Zoo, where he sees Greg being groomed by two humans.






Instrumental Songs

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  • This episode marks the first time other Amethysts are shown.

Cultural References

  • Holly Blue telling the Amethysts to have their "shoulders squared" is a common disciplinary critique among teachers and caretakers.
  • Steven calls himself "Esteban Universidad". Although the first name is accurately the Spanish version of "Steven", the last name is actually Spanish for "college" or "university". "Universe" would be "universo".


  • This episode continues from "Adventures in Light Distortion".
  • Holly Blue Agate's claims that Blue Diamond is merciful and selfless don't sit well with Sapphire or Ruby: Sapphire takes long pauses before agreeing and Ruby rants about how Blue Diamond is a merciless shatterer. As seen in "The Answer", Blue Diamond was angered with Sapphire for not foreseeing the Crystal Gems' escape and was furious with Ruby to the point where she immediately ordered her to be shattered.
  • "Proper" Amethysts have the same overall height and build as Jaspers, with hairstyles similar to those of Rose Quartz, confirming these are traits common to Quartzes in general. Amethyst's abnormal height and build for her gemstone have been mentioned several times by others, most commonly Peridot.
  • Amethyst meets other Amethysts for the first time.
  • This is the first time a Red Eye has appeared since Laser Light Cannon.


  • When Holly Blue Agate orders the two Amethysts to take Steven to the assimilation bay, the gem on the Amethyst with a chipped tooth changes from a square facet to a hexagonal facet.
  • When Ruby is telling Holly Blue Agate about the gravity engine, her gem is missing.


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