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Speaker Dialogue
[Open on Steven's Room]
Steven *brings an empty box to his room* *speaking to his toys* Okay, everyone. I think we all know what's going on here. I'm sure you knew this day was coming sooner or later. I understand your concern, but that language was inappropriate. I'm a Crystal Gem. I'm a big boy now. And I got to stop saying stuff like, *poses* "I'm a big boy now". *picks up and talks to an action figure* Look, I'm sure this is tough, but let's all be positive about this. Man, I guess I can't be in the Ninja Squad anymore. *takes down his Ninja Squad Poster on his wall* Get out of my life, Ninja Squad! *puts up a New Ninja Squad Poster* Yeah! New Ninja Squad! *picks up a box with all his old toys and looks around his bedroom* Mm. That's everything for now. (He walks and picks a teddy bear from the floor.) Hmm? Oh. Master of Ceremonies Bear Bear. *puts on a sad face while talking to the bear* I guess I should get rid of you, too? *suddenly smiles* Nah. You never know when I'll need a cool DJ for a fun party, right? *trips on a baseball while going down the stairs* Whoooah! *crashes onto Garnet as he falls down* Uh... Garnet!
Garnet Good morning to you, Steven. *smiles as she puts Steven down*
Steven Boy, I sure am lucky you showed up when you did.
Garnet *shifts shades* Luck's got nothing to do with it.
Steven Wait. What do you mean by that? *sits down and picks up all the toys that spilled out the box*
Garnet *kneels in front of him* Don't worry about it.
Steven No, seriously. How do you always know where to be?
Garnet Mmm. *picks up the MC Bear Bear while smiling* I don't think you can handle that information.
Steven Are you gonna tell me something cool about yourself? *smiles excitedly*
Garnet Nope.
Steven Aw, come on. *frowns* I'm a b... large man now. *smirks*
Garnet Well I guess you could say that I have a sort of future vision. (Her visor reflects light.) I'm able to see possible outcomes to most situations, [Camera switches to Steven, whose eyes have stars and his tongue is out while smiling] which comes in handy since you seem to attract a lot of danger.
Steven *smirks while talking* Well, danger is my middle name.
Garnet That's a lie. *Steven pauses for a bit* Your middle name, is cutie pie. *taps Steven's nose*
Steven *giggles* Haaa!
[Time skip—camera focuses on the beach]
[Mid-tempo music plays]
(Garnet and Steven work out on the beach while marching on the same place.)
(A stereo plays a track of a man making rhythmic noises as Garnet and Steven do different exercise positions according to the noises the man makes.)
(Garnet summons her gauntlets as Steven picks up a pair of dumbbell weights and they continue exercising.)
(Garnet eventually raises her arm and smashes the stereo while exercising with her gauntlet.)
Garnet Okay, we're done. *dismisses gauntlets*
Steven *puts down the weights and looks sad* But the day still has so much potential! *stands up and smiles* Garnet, what are my breakfast possibilities?
Garnet Well, you're already outside, so you'll probably go to the Big Donut.
Steven *looks amazed* Wow. That's amazing. *scratches his head* Um, do you see any possible futures where you, *Garnet unsummons her gauntlets* um, come with me and have a great time?
Garnet Hmm.
[Musical whirring] (Steven smiles while his eyes have stars and wiggles his eyebrows.) [Musical whirring stops and camera focus on Garnet] [Whirring resumes] (Steven still wiggles his eyebrows.) [Musical whirring stops and camera focus on Garnet] [Whirring resumes] (Steven still wiggles his eyebrows.) [Musical whirring stops and camera focus on Garnet]
Garnet *adjusts her glasses* Yes.
Steven *gasps* Really?! Then let's go! *grabs Garnet by the hand* So, can Pearl and Amethyst see the future, too?
Garnet No one can see the future. [Camera focuses on her glasses, two dots, resembling her eyes, appear and then close while a third dot above, resembling her third eye, appears and then all changes to a path] I can see options and trajectories. [The path now is seen from above, moving like a river] Time is like a river that splits into creeks or pools into lakes or careens down waterfalls [The river splits into different rivers, then into lake, a pool and a waterfall]. (Garnet adjusts her glasses while the imagery disappears.) I have the map, and I steer the ship.
Steven *not understanding anything* I see.
[Trans. the Big Donut]
[Door chime jingles]
Steven So, what would happen if I said "hi" to Sadie?
Garnet The most probable outcome is that Sadie will say "hi" back.
Steven *pensive face* Hmm. Hi, Sadie!
Sadie Oh, hi, Steven.
Steven *laughs and talks to Garnet* Oh, that was an easy one. What would happen if... *points to Lars* I said "hi" to my BFF, Lars? Our friendship is deep, but complicated. So the outcome of this experiment is waaaay unpredictable!
Garnet I see a single potential future where Lars gives you a high five.
(Steven is so surprised by this that his eyes fill with hope and ignores the rest of what Garnet says.)
Garnet And two more potential futures where you suffer third-degree burns all over your body.
Steven *ignoring the last part* A high five... from Lars! Hi, Lars! (Lars gets startled and drops over the pitcher full of hot coffee towards Steven.) - Ughh! (Garnet protects Steven from the hot coffee by blocking it with her body.) Ohh!
Sadie *looks surprised as she covers her mouth with both hands*
Lars Criminy! Are you okay?! That coffee was really hot!
Garnet *while dripping hot coffee* I drink coffee for breakfast. *shrugs off coffee*
Steven *nervous chuckling* Funny.
[Trans. Ext. BC Fries]
Steven *talking to Peedee* You know exactly what I want. *turns around and talks to Garnet* Any possible futures here where I'm hurt by this?
Garnet *pensive face* Hmm. Mm. Tons.
Steven Uh, like what?
Garnet Well, for starters [Scene changes to a cartoon version of Steven] you could just be going on about your business, eating your fry bits [The animated Steven eats the fry bits], and then suddenly you choke to death! [Plink!] [Steven dies from choking and appears as a skeleton] [Whistle!] [Scene changes, still cartoonish] Or you get so distracted that you fall down a manhole! [Cartoon Steven falls down a manhole] [Splash!] [His cartoon skull appears] [Plink] [Scene changes again, he's on the bed and dies] You could get food poisoning, or be bullied by wasps. [Wasps attack Steven while laughing. Later, Cartoon Steven puffs up like a balloon and pops, leaving behind his skeleton] And that's just a few instances off the top of my head.
Steven *looking scared, taking the fried bits* W-What if I stand perfectly still?
Garnet You'll probably get a really bad sunburn. Yeah.
Steven Uh, Garnet, wait up! *breathing heavily*
(Steven begins to think of various ways he could be fatally injured on his walk back to the Beach House.)
[Cartoon Steven appears again walking on the beach, a shark appears and eats Steven] [Water gurgling] [The shark spits out Steven's skull]
[Scene changes to Real Steven, who looks sweaty and worried]
[Cartoon Steven appears again, looking at the Big Donut's donut sign, and it falls on Steven and a skeleton appears in his place]
[Camera changes to Steven who now looks really worried]
[Cartoon Steven now appears again. He looks at the sky and a flying saucer whirring appears with an alien cat.]
Cartoon Steven Cookie Cat! You're real?! (Cookie Cat zaps Cartoon Steven.) Ah, no! I never considered that you would be evil!
(Cookie Cat kills Cartoon Steven and the camera switches towards the real Steven, now looking absolutely terrified.)
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Steven is now standing in front of ingredients for a sandwich in the kitchen while wearing a biking helmet.)
Steven *panting*
Garnet Steven.
Steven Aah!
Garnet Nice helmet.
Steven *scoffs* *chuckling* Yeah. *haltingly* You never know when you're gonna ride a bike.
Garnet And you're making a sandwich.
Steven Yeah. Just got to pick up the knife and s-spread the mayonnaise. *clears throat* Pick up the *whimpers* the knife! *whimpering* Pick up *heart beating* kni-i-fe! Aah! *panting*
Garnet Steven.
Steven Wait! Wait! I've got it. *drops the entire jar of mayonnaise onto the sandwich* [Plop!]
Garnet *smirking* That will kill you faster.
Steven Not funny!
Garnet Oh.
Amethyst Nice noggin, Steven. *laughs and steps over the Warp Pad*
Pearl We're ready, Garnet.
Steven Wait. You're going on a mission? *takes Garnet's Arm* Hold on! Don't leave me! *starts to cry* At least tell me what's gonna happen with my lunch! Do I choke on a pickle?
Garnet Mm, you don't choke on a pickle.
Steven *still crying* That means something else happens with the pickle!
Pearl Garnet! Shouldn't we be going?
Garnet *kneels down* Steven, I can't be with you all the time. Just trust me when I say that you are in control. *smiles and Steven smiles* Do not go on the roof! [Camera focuses on her now serious face] No matter what.
[Camera changes, outside the Crystal Temple]
[Camera changes again, now inside Steven's Room, Steven's sitting on his bed]
[Thunder crashing]
Steven *whimpers* What could possibly happen to me on the roof? [Thunder crashes] Aah! [The door opens, wind whistling] Ugh. *breathing heavily* Okay. Calm down. Maybe I should just get a snack. *Gasps* But what if [Cartoon Steven Appears, He tries to open the fridge door and it falls over him] Ooh! [Cartoon Steven Appears, and a chandelier falls over him, making him a skeleton]
[The wasps from earlier attack Steven again]
Cartoon Steven Ugh! How come you guys are back?!
Wasp 1 We're made of magic.
Wasp 2 Yeah! Magic! [Plink!] [Cartoon Steven dies and becomes a skeleton again while both wasps are laughing, camera switches back to the real Steven]
Steven Aaaah! [Thunder crashes] Aah! *trips over something while hiding down the table* Ugh! Master of Ceremonies Bear Bear. *picks the bear while crying*
[Camera cuts to the bear and Steven's voice can be heard saying what he said earlier]
Steven I'm a big boy now! [Camera zooms in on the bear] Big boy now! [Camera zooms in on the bear again] Boy now!
Steven What's happening to me? I'm supposed to be a Crystal Gem. I'm supposed to be a Crystal Gem! [Thunder crashes] Aaaaaah! *stands up and punches the table* Ugh!
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
[Thunder crashing]
Steven *breathing heavily, while climbing over the roof* Okay. I'm here. *standing on the roof* What are you gonna do to me, future?
[Scene changes, the warp pad light fills the house]
Garnet *racing outside* Steven! Get off the roof!
Steven No! If something is going to happen to me, *closes his eyes* just let it happen.
Garnet *worried* Steven! You don't understand.
Steven No, you don't understand. *grabs his head* Everything I do shoves me violently towards the end! The more I know, the more I know that I don't know! *kneels down with his hands up in the air* I can't live like this! Why did you tell me about future vision?! What's going to happen to me on the roof?!
[Camera changes to Garnet on the balcony]
Garnet This.
[Camera changes to Steven on the roof]
Steven W-What?
[Camera changes to Garnet]
Garnet I knew you might do this if I told you about my power. I saw this, and I told you anyway.
[Camera changes to Steven]
Steven But why?
[Camera changes to Garnet]
Garnet I took a risk at your expense. There was a chance you'd understand this, and we'd be closer. [Camera changes to Steven's face] Steven, [Camera changes to Garnet] (Garnet takes off her visor, revealing her third eye.) I see so many things that can hurt you. I should never have let one of them be me [Camera changes to Steven's face]. [Camera changes to Garnet on the floor] *puts her visor back on* There are millions of possibilities for the future, but it's up to you to choose which becomes reality. [Camera changes to Steven on the roof] Please understand. You choose your own future.
[Camera changes to Steven's face]
Steven I do understand. I... [Thunder crashes] What am I doing? I guess I can't really see a future for myself up here. *sighs, while climbing down the roof* Mm. *runs towards Garnet and hugs her while breathing heavily, eyes closed* I'll watch out for myself from now on.
(Garnet looks up, raises her arm just in time when a lightning is about to hit Steven, protecting him.)
[Thunder rumbling]
Steven What was that?
Garnet Oh, nothing important.
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