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Frybo (character)
Frybo transparent
Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
Physical Information
Species Gem Shard (Drone)
Personal Information
Enemies Steven
Occupation Beach Citywalk Fries (Mascot)
Affiliation Beach Citywalk Fries
First Appearance "Frybo"

Frybo was a main antagonist in the episode  entitled to him,"Frybo".Originally a mascot costume representing the Beach Citywalk Fries, Steven placed a Crystal shard into it,and the crystal's horrid past turned it into a fast food monster,seeking out people to do just as it was commanded to do—make people eat fries.


Frybo's first and only appearance was in the episode of the same name,"Frybo".A mascot that represents Beach Citywalk Fries,it became a drone when Steven put a Gem Shard into the original fry costume worn by Peedee Fryman to fufil his wish:That it would be able to do it's job without Peedee in it.Its was then able to respond to commands like "Stop!" and was able to grow a pair of legs made out of fries to do a little dance.When walking,it leaves a trail of fries,and surprisingly,is unable to attract the seagulls' attention even though it was pecked at twice when worn by both Peedee and Steven.It does however,take things literally.One example is when Peedee wanted to "shake on it" as a form of respect to this new creature,he shook him completely when he was only supposed to shake its hand.It may have a sadistic sense of humour.It's main purpose was to replace Peedee at his job-being there to advertise the fast food restuarant,but Peedee changed it's job,asking it to "just go and make people eat fries".However,the Frybo costume then turns evil due to the Shard's magic and terrorizes Beach Citywalk Fries,taking what Peedee said literally,forcing people to eat fries no matter if they wanted it or not.When it turned evil,veins had spread across its face giving it a sinister appearance.Eventually,it disobeys Steven and continues to terrrorize the people,even to the point of forcing Fryman,Peedee's father into eating fries.Through Frybo,Fryman confessed that Peedee was as respected as an employee as any other,failing to realise that it was not even Peedee attacking him at all.It was injured when Pearl threw her spear at his eye,causing it's ketchup to spurt out and blind her. Weakened,it is defeated by Steven using other Gem Shards on his other clothing articles. After finally being brought down by Steven's underwear, the costume is burned and sent on a boat out to sea.Peedee asks if Fryman was going to make a replica of Frybo,but he declines,proudly announcing that he had "the fryman".


  • When Pearl threw her Gem Spear at Frybo's eye when he had came out of the restaurant, there was possible reference to Chucky, a possessed doll from the horror movie "Child's Play."
  • Frybo's blood is ketchup (and possibly mustard), despite appearing to have bulging veins and arteries. This is revealed when Pearl disgustedly cries out about being covered in ketchup. As veins are blue in color, this gives the impression that Frybo has blood rather than ketchup and mustard, and may have possibly been alive.
  • The Gem Shard that Steven put inside Frybo and being brought to life is a reference to Little Dude from Adventure Time when he possessed two characters to destroy the Candy Kingdom.
  • Frybo is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who also voices Cinnamon Bun in Adventure Time.
  • The fries that moved on his head seemed similar to the tentacles of Slender Man.


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