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This article is about the character. For the episode, see here.


Frybo Monster

Gem (shards)



  • White-Yellow
  • Red


Professional Status

Beach Citywalk Fries

Personal Status




Voice Actor

Dee Bradley Baker

Frybo made its debut and was the main antagonist of the similarly entitled episode, "Frybo". In "Rose's Room", Frybo appeared again as a cameo character.



Originally a mascot costume representing Beach Citywalk Fries, Steven placed a Crystal shard into it, and the crystal's horrid past turned it into a fast food monster seeking out people to make them eat fries as it was commanded to do by Peedee Fryman, even if it meant hurting people to do so. Frybo was finally defeated by a coalition of Steven's clothes, who were also brought to life by the other Crystal Shards. The Frybo suit was given a funeral at sea after being set on fire by Mr. Fryman.


  • Frybo's "blood" is ketchup (and possibly mustard), despite appearing to have bulging veins and arteries. This is revealed when Pearl disgustedly cries out about being covered in ketchup. As veins are blue in color, this gives the impression that Frybo has blood rather than ketchup and mustard, and may have possibly been alive.
  • He bears resemblance to Robbie the Rabbit from the Silent Hill franchise, more specifically, Silent Hill 3.


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