Did you really think I wasn't going to be able to track my own ship? The Sun Incinerator's specialized nova thrusters give off an energy signature I could recognize from the other side of the galaxy. Now surrender to me or be destroyed!

—"Lars of the Stars"
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Emerald is a Homeworld Gem who made her debut in "Lars of the Stars".


Emerald has only been seen on a screen that has a green tint, making her actual colors currently unknown. Through the screen, Emerald has a light-green complexion and has large, spiky dark-green hair. She has a yellow zigzag tiara-esque bar adorning her forehead that covers her hairline and brows, making it resemble a unibrow. She also has prominently pointy fangs.

She has large rectangular 'pads' on her shoulders, as well as a pale furry ruff at the base of her neck. Beneath the ruff is a Great Diamond Authority logo, but instead of the usual colour palette, the logo is comprised of two yellow diamonds and two blue diamonds, with the rest of her jumpsuit being dark green. She has dark green sleeves and light green, square-shaped cuffs as well. She also wears leg 'armor' the same color as her pads and cuffs. Her green rectangular faceted gemstone is where her right eye would be.


Emerald is shown to become very agitated when the Off Colors had crashed her personal ship, impersonated imperial officers, and stole her prized ship, the Sun Incinerator. Her agitation turned into sheer anger when the Off Colors made fun of her, prompting her to openly yell at them through the Sun Incinerator's communicator. She valued her Sun Incinerator too highly to destroy it even when doing so would have dealt with the Off Colors in a single stroke.


"Lars of the Stars"

Lars of the Stars145

Emerald threatening the Off Colors through the Sun Incinerator's communicator.

Emerald's fastest ship, the Sun Incinerator, is stolen by Lars and the Off Colors while it was being heavily guarded at the docking bay of Klavius 7.

After the Off Colors stole her personal shuttle (crashing it on Upsilon 9), impersonating imperial officers during a cosmic jubilee, and stealing the Sun Incinerator, Emerald communicates with and angrily threatens the Off Colors (who have boarded the Incinerator and who soon take off at hyperspeed).

Emerald quickly catches up to the Sun Incinerator on her warship, the Destiny Destroyer. Lars rejects Emerald's demand to surrender before lowering the shields on the Sun Incinerator. Not wanting to destroy her own ship, Emerald avoids firing on the Sun Incinerator directly. Realizing Lars knows she will not destroy her prized ship, Emerald decides to prevent his escape by disabling the Sun Incinerator's nova thrusters. In response, Lars deploys Stevonnie in his Star Skipper to take out the Destiny Destroyer's main guns, ultimately forcing Emerald to retreat.

"Jungle Moon"

Emerald is briefly mentioned by Lars. Following the space battle against Emerald, Stevonnie crash lands on the nearby jungle world.

"Your Mother and Mine"

In the episode, Steven emerges from Lars' hair with a sandwich for the Off Colors for beating Emerald and rescuing him and Connie from the Jungle Moon.

Episode Appearances


  • Emerald is the first non-hybrid Gem to not be voiced by a woman.
    • She is voiced by Jerick Hoffer (better known by their drag persona Jinkx Monsoon), a non-binary drag performer.[1][2]
  • According to Rebecca Sugar, Emerald is special because of her status on Homeworld as she is a fancy and very high class Gem, which, aside from the Diamonds, is a rarely seen type of foe for the Crystal Gems.[3]
    • She is stated to be a major antagonist in the season and according to Rebecca Sugar, she will return.[4]
  • Emerald's gemstone resembles an emerald cut, a type of step cut with truncated corners. Appropriately, they are commonly associated with emerald gemstones.
  • The choice of the gemstone "Emerald" may be a reference to Queen Emeraldas, a character from the universe of Space Pirate Captain Harlock, the series that heavily inspired her debut episode "Lars of the Stars".
  • Along with Lapis Lazuli, Bismuth, Carnelian, Holly Blue Agate, and Watermelon Tourmaline, she is the sole individual of her Gem type seen (although a Gem resembling Lapis is seen in "The Answer", and a Gem resembling Bismuth is seen poofing Lapis in a flashback in "Same Old World").
  • Unlike other Homeworld Gems seen in the series, her design indicates that she may belong to more than one Diamond.


Image Description
Emerald's gemstone is located where her right eye would otherwise be. It is dark-green, rectangular, and has facets around the edge.


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