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I hope this place has unlimited breadsticks.

—"Fusion Cuisine"

Doug Maheswaran is Connie Maheswaran's father. He is first mentioned by Connie in "Bubble Buddies" and made his debut, alongside his wife, in "Fusion Cuisine".


Mr. Maheswaran commonly wears a tan, button up shirt with a navy blue tie to go with it. He wears pale navy blue dress pants with black dress shoes. He also wears a pale brown jacket with fur inside and a patch on the left sleeve. He is also wearing glasses.


Mr. Maheswaran is a strict but loving parent. His restrictive nature verges on being overprotective and causes Connie to miss out on ordinary pleasures most kids her age enjoy. For example, Connie is forbidden from consuming food with high trans fat content; consequently she has never eaten a donut before "Crack the Whip".

Connie is concerned that her father and mother would find the Crystal Gems weird and forbid her from seeing Steven. This indicates that he is a conservative individual. Mr. Maheswaran is visibly uncomfortable during the strange circumstances of the dinner in "Fusion Cuisine", and he attempts to alleviate the awkward situation with a joke. Despite his uneasiness, he attempts to be cordial with Greg and Alexandrite, by asking what they do for a living. He finds common ground with Greg and the Crystal Gems when he observes the way they responsibly reprimand Steven for his actions and even admires Garnet's "sense of humor".


"Bubble Buddies"

Doug is mentioned by Connie, who tells Steven that he is a private security guard, and that he works for a bunch of different beaches which is why Connie's family moves around all of the time.

"Fusion Cuisine"

Doug appears with his family for dinner at the Crab Shack , where he meets Greg and Steven. He and his wife are surprised to meet Steven's "mom" and are shocked at her appearance. After Alexandrite defuses, Connie and Steven decide to run away so they can be friends without having to worry about his and his wife's disapproval. As they are leaving on a bus, the enraged Gems (fused back as Alexandrite) catch up to them and force them to return. The Gems angrily chastise Steven in front of the Maheswarans,and they are impressed with the Gems' parental abilities, and allow Connie to hang out with Steven. Steven, overjoyed, hugs Connie, and he promptly separates them.

"Winter Forecast"

Doug appears in three different timelines.

In the first one, Doug is angry at Greg for bringing Connie and Steven to his house, "blue" from the coldness. He rudely tells Greg "I think you know where the door is". After Greg announces that he crashed his van, Doug is annoyed and sets up the pullout couch.

In the second one, Doug calls Connie to tell her that he is going to pick her up before the snowstorm. He tells her to start putting her shoes on since he is almost at Beach City. In the snowy weather, however, his car begins to swerve and he crashes.

In the third/main timeline, Greg, Connie, and Steven successfully make it to the Maheswaran Residence to drop off Connie. Doug compliments Greg's sweatshirt and tells him and Steven that they shouldn't go back out due to the weather, so he invites them to stay for the night.

"Nightmare Hospital"

Dr. Maheswaran mentions Doug when stating that the two of them will calculate how grounded Connie is for having a sword in her possession.

"Gem Hunt"

Doug is indirectly mentioned when Steven tells Pearl that Connie's parents wanted him to take lots of pictures of her first mission. At the end of the episode, Connie tells Pearl that her parents see all of her pictures.


He is a private security guard, but Connie refers to him as a cop. Connie mentions that he has worked on other beaches in the past. Connie and her family have moved frequently throughout her life to accommodate her father's job, making it difficult for her to make friendships.



Mr. Maheswaran is very protective of his daughter, Connie, which is demonstrated when he abruptly separates Steven and Connie when he hugged her unexpectedly in "Fusion Cuisine".

Dr. Maheswaran

He is the husband of Dr. Priyanka Maheswaran. They share very similar personalities and perspectives.


Mr. Maheswaran seems to be on good terms with Greg and sees him as a responsible parent. He compliments his cherry sweater in "Winter Forecast". In the same episode, he happily invites Steven and Greg to stay overnight to avoid driving in the blizzard, showing that he cares about Greg's well-being.

Episode Appearances


  • He is less talkative than his wife.
  • He is very concerned with "Safety Precautions".
  • Ian Jones-Quartey revealed that his first name is "Doug".[1]
    • Douglas is a common name of Scottish origin meaning "Dark stream".
  • According to Ian Jones-Quartey, Mr. Maheswaran is of Indian-American descent.[2]
  • In "Winter Forecast", he is revealed to be very bad at driving in snowy weather, to the point of crashing into Greg's parked van while trying to locate Connie. Despite this, he will vehemently deny it if brought up, insisting on the opposite.


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