Diamond Palanquins are one of the different transportation methods that the Diamonds use. Palanquins are used by the Diamonds and their Pearls to travel on land with speed and protection.

Blue Diamond's Palanquin


The palanquin as it appears in "Steven's Dream".

Off Colors 006

The palanquin's current appearance.

Blue Diamond's Palanquin was an enormous carriage where Blue Diamond sat, traveled, and heard counsel from other Gems.

The palanquin was a gazebo-like structure, with a decorated roof and translucent drapes. Blue Diamond was seated inside with decorative framing at her sides.

When danger approached, the framing encircles the entire vehicle and its base grew spider-like legs and runs off to protect Blue Diamond. When Blue Diamond activates her ship, the spider-like legs retreated inside of the structure and it levitated towards the ship. Blue Diamond can then enter the palanquin, where it would float up into the palm of her ship.

It made its debut in Garnet's flashback from "The Answer". In "Steven's Dream", Steven and Greg come across the palanquin while searching for Pink Diamond's palanquin. Steven tells Greg the one he saw in his dream was pink and broken down. Later in the episode, Blue Diamond goes into her palanquin with Blue Pearl, and it floats up, entering the palm of her ship. In "The Trial", the palanquin is used as evidence by the defending Zircon in the court case of Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond. The palanquin is used by Steven and Lars to escape the trial while the Diamonds are distracted. In "Off Colors", the episode begins after Steven and Lars had crashed the palanquin.

Pink Diamond's Palanquin

ASinglePaleRose (412)

The palanquin as it appears in Pearl's Dimension.

Steven's Dream 176

The palanquin's current appearance.

Pink Diamond's Palanquin is a palanquin that has become abandoned ever since Pink Diamond faked her shattering.

The structure is bright pink with four spider legs protruding from it, similar in proportions and shape to Blue Diamond's palanquin, but smaller in size. Each side has flower-like shaped holes and the front has a bigger flower design near the top. The top of the palanquin has a flower structure protruding out of it in the shape of Pink Diamond; a circle is drawn towards the bottom of the structure representing where Pink Diamond's gem location is. Over time, a bush has grown around it with pink and red flowers growing on it. In "A Single Pale Rose", in Pearl's Dimension, the structure is seen with pink transparent drapes, and is upright and not yet covered with vegetation. Her throne also has the original Great Diamond Authority insignia at the top.

In "Buddy's Book", it is revealed that Buddy Buddwick had came across it, and sketched it into his journal, labeling it as "The Palanquin". In "Steven's Dream", Steven and Greg discover that its location is in Korea. In "The Trial", the events surrounding Pink Diamond's palanquin were reconstructed by the defending Zircon, using Blue Diamond's as a stand-in, during the trial of "Rose Quartz". In "A Single Pale Rose", the palanquin is seen inside Pearl's Dimension where it reveals how Pearl (shapeshifted into "Rose Quartz") had "shattered" Pink Diamond.


  • The Diamonds' personal palanquins reflect Korea's historical past: people within the high-ranking social classes can only ride palanquins. During the Joseon Dynasty, palanquins (generically termed 가마 "gama" and consists of 6 types) were reserved mostly for females of the aristocracy/nobility, the kisaeng (기생), and the royal family.
    • Coincidentally, Pink Diamond faked her shattering in Korea.


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