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DelmarvaCon is an anime convention that takes place every summer in Charm City. It is mentioned on Ronaldo's blog, Keep Beach City Weird.[1][2]


Replica swords are sold at the convention, which Ronaldo (a frequent attender) has spent "a lot of money" on.


There is a "strict weapons policy". Ronaldo has had various props confiscated while attending.


It takes place in Charm City every summer.


Ronaldo has spent a lot of money on replica swords at the convention. He has had numerous props taken away due to their Weapons Policy: "I have had SEVERAL props confiscated over the years, including a didgeridoo I glued a bunch of sparklers to for a Koala Princess cosplay", he wrote on his blog.[3]


  • A replica sword from OAV Beautiful Satan Girlfriend[4] can be purchased here.
  • DelmarvaCon likely references the real-world Otakon, occurring in Baltimore, Maryland.
    • DelmarvaCon is also likely a reference to the real-world Baltimore Comic-Con as well as other "Comic-Con" events around the world.


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