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Crystal Shrimp are creatures that infested the Lunar Sea Spire, and first appeared in "Cheeseburger Backpack".


The Crystal Shrimp are small, crustacean-like invertebrates comprised of four segments in a semi-oval shape. Each of the four segments is colored light blue and pink at the back with the first three segments tapering upwards, giving them a spiky appearance. The first segment contains a pink, pentagon-shaped mouth. Each of the segments also contain white crystal shards fashioned into spikes with the first segment containing only one and the rest containing two each, one shard on each side of the segments.


The shards of a Crystal Shrimp are deadly enough for Pearl to make a convoluted plan that avoids any type of physical contact with the creatures. The Crystal Shrimp are small, but appear in swarms. Although they do not possess eyes, they were able to sense the bagels that Steven threw and readily swarmed to the bagels so as to consume them voraciously, ignoring the Gems and Steven afterwards.


"Cheeseburger Backpack"

When Steven tries to squish one in the Lunar Sea Spire, Pearl warns him that their shards are deadly to the touch. To avoid them, Pearl thinks of an elaborate plan, using Amethyst and Garnet as distractions. While she is explaining her plan, Steven reaches in his backpack and pulls out some bagel sandwiches. He then throws them to opposite sides of the room, distracting the shrimp and clearing a path.

"Buddy's Book"

While traveling around the world, Buddy Buddwick ends up at the Lunar Sea Spire at some point, encountering the Crystal Shrimp, and naming them 'Sparkling Slugs' in his journal.


  • Though named a shrimp, it much more closely resembles a chiton.
  • It is unknown if the Crystal Shrimp are affiliated with any kind of gemstone.
  • They enjoy bagel sandwiches.
  • The Crystal Shrimp are most likely a natural species, as they don't seem to be associated with any sort of corrupted Gem.
  • They are featured as enemies that Steven must avoid in Gem Bound, alongside a purple variant.


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