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Members of the Crystal Gems can summon special "weapons" from the gems on their body. Each Crystal Gem has their own method for retrieving their weapons, which they each try to teach to Steven in the first episode. Although he is unable to call his weapon at will, it was revealed as a shield. All the weapons have glowing parts that seem to be made of the wielder's stone. When "pulling" a weapon the user puts their hand to their gem and literally pulls it from the gem. When "summoning" a weapon the weapon forms in or around the users gem. Garnet and Steven cannot pull their weapons. Pearl and Amethyst been seen summoning their weapons multiple times. Pearl, Steven and Garnet's weapons are summoned around their gems, Amethyst's weapon is summoned in her hands.

Garnet's Gauntlets

Garnets weapons

Garnet is the only member of the team to regularly dual her weapon, since she has two gems (one on either palm). She summons them by mentally connecting with the energy of the universe and channeling it through her gems, the gauntlets then materialize from her gems. Both gauntlets have knuckles made of garnets, and can break through stone. Garnet's weapons are the only weapons seen to support the star motif that indicates membership of the Crystal Gems. She can also use them as rocket fists (Tekken Reference: Alisa) as seen in "Watermelon Steven".

Pearl's Spear

Pearls cyan spear

Pearl wields a spear that consists of a glowing pearlescent blade with similarly colored pommel and a white grip. To summon it, Pearl trusts in her years of precise training, puts her hands near her forehead, and pulls her weapon from the gem. The blade is wrapped around the grip, only opening when she grabs it. In "Together Breakfast," her weapon was destroyed by the Evil Spirit, but in the next battle, she was able to summon another. Pearl is seen dualing her weapon in "Ocean Gem". Her weapon seems to have three forms; one, a wand form but later transforming into the spear form, and Opal's bow and arrows when fused with Amethyst's whip. In the episode "Watermelon Steven" her spear is revealed to have a range attack in where her spear, in its wand form, shoots an energy blast.

Amethyst's Whip

Amethysts whip

Amethyst bears a glowing violet whip. The ends have amethyst gems embedded in them. The end of the handle seems to be made of amethyst. Amethyst summons her weapon with confident nonchalange by putting her hand close to her chest and simply pulling it from the gem. The leash has small sharp pieces of amethyst in it, so it causes more damage and makes it harder to break free from a bind. Like Garnet, she can wield two weapons as seen in "Together Breakfast." It's also known it can cut through metal and other materials. In "Ocean Gem" and "Coach Steven", it was shown that the whip can stretch long distances and is durable enough to lift boulders and support Sugilite's Flail, as seen below.

Steven's Shield

Stevens shield

Steven wields the only defensive weapon, a spiraling pink shield. His shield also shoots off the beam attaching it to the gem and sends the disc flying. It's shown that the spiral has thorns on it, and the center of the spiral itself is shaped like a rose. It appears to generate a sound wave that interferes with magic when struck, as shown when it disrupted Lapis Lazuli's control over her water constructs in "Ocean Gem."

In "Bubble Buddies," he accidentally activates his gem and creates an indestructible bubble shield. Not much is known of the abilities of this weapon or the way of summoning it. The bubble shield also seems to be rather heavy despite its size and thickness, given that when Steven and Connie fell into the ocean they sank very fast. However, in "Lion 2: The Movie", Steven's bubble shield was destroyed for the first time by a fireball shot from a robot.

It is also possible that the desire to protect what he loves summons his weapon or gem. For example, when Steven ate his Cookie Cat and wanted to preserve them, his gem glowed, or when he saved Connie, Steven's supposed love interest.

On Matt Burnett's tumblr, it was confirmed Steven wields his mother's shield. Whether the surprise of the Gems first seeing the weapon was due to Rose never summoning her weapon or due to something else is unknown.

Rose's Sword

Roses sword

Rose's weapon is a long sword that can be used to deflect objects, and also sword fight with an enemy. Lion is currently the one in possession of the weapon, but it still belongs to Rose. This is hinting that Lion has some type of connection to Rose and Steven in some way. 

Opal's Bow and Arrows

Opal's bow 2

Opal's weapon is a opalescent long bow that fires arrows made of energy, and the bow is roughly as tall as Opal herself. Due to Opal being a fusion of both Amethyst and Pearl, she can summon either Amethyst's whip or Pearl's spear, with the latter's weapon being the body of the bow while the former's weapon becoming the string. She crosses and fuses both weapons together to form her bow. Opal's arrows seem to be made of energy, and are summoned when the bow is drawn back, these arrows cause a large explosion and give off a large amount of light on impact. The arrows are also capable of exploding/splitting into multiple smaller arrows to attack multiple targets at once. Targets can also have their remaining gems bubbled after being pierced by these arrows.

Sugilite's Flail

Sugilite's weapon is a giant flail. When Garnet and Amethyst fuse into Sugilite, they can also fuse their
Sugilite's flail
weapons (a pair of gauntlets and a whip) into a giant, dark purple flail. A longer version of Amethyst's whip acts as the supporting strand for the flail and a giant, fused version of Garnet's gauntlets acts as the bludgeon. The bludgeon (the fused gauntlets) is adorned with a silver-colored ring, shaped like a star, that connects the bludgeon to the whip-like part of the flail. Sugilite's flail can be swung around to cause mass destruction, crushing all opposition with the massive bludgeon. When used properly, the flail can smash hundreds of pillars into rubble in minutes. When using her weapon she throws it (with her two left hands as appose to spinning it first) and uses it's momentum to destroy large objects or utilize its surface area to knock off the balance of her opponents.


  • Crystal Gem weapons are summoned via the magical link each warrior has with their gem. While the items can be broken or lost in combat, a Gem can resummon a weapon later when they have the energy. Pearl's spear was the first one destroyed, being snapped in half in "Together Breakfast" and being eaten in "Giant Woman". Steven's bubble shield was the second weapon destroyed in "Lion 2: The Movie" by the robot guardian.
  • In addition to their signature weapons, a Gem may possess a collection of various other weapons they've collected over time. Pearl has a battle-axe, which was mentioned in "Onion Trade," and a wide range of presumably human-crafted swords. Rose Quartz's collection consisted of varying weapons and suits of armor.
  • It was at one time mentioned by a crew member on a social networking site that the Gems can summon more than one of their signature weapon at a time and shown in the episode "Together Breakfast" when Amethyst was using two of her signature weapons. Pearl is also shown to have this abilty, summoning another spear to fight the two clones of herself in "Ocean Gem".
  • Much like on the Gem's outfits, some of the Gem's signature weapons also have stars on them. For example: Garnet's gauntlets have large stars on the back of the hand and also have star designs at the hole of the gauntlets near the wrists, Amethyst's Whip has a cross guard shaped like a star, Opal's bow has two cross guards shaped like stars, and the bludgeon  on Sugilite's flail is adorned with a silver ring shaped like a star.
  • Of all the Crystal Gems' weapons introduced to the series so far, Sugilite's flail is by far the largest. Height wise, the gauntlet-like bludgeon part of the flail is about as tall as the fusion gem Opal.
  • All the Crystal Gems weapons match the color of their respective gem.
  • Lapis Lazuli and Alexandrite have not yet been shown summoning a weapon.

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