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Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat
Type Food
First Appearance "Gem Glow"

"Cookie Cat" is an ice cream food product that made its first appearance in "Gem Glow". The product was also discontinued in "Gem Glow", which made Steven upset.


The wrapper is pale pink and white with an image of the mascot, Cookie Cat. The cookie part of the treat is chocolate and shaped like a cat's face. The Cookie Cats look similar to an ordinary ice cream sandwich. One half of the ice cream is vanilla, while the other half of ice cream is strawberry.


They are Steven's favorite ice cream sandwich, but Lion Lickers, a similar ice cream product, drove them off the shelves at the Big Donut. When the other Crystal Gems discovered it, they went to multiple stores and "stole a bunch" according to Amethyst, but Pearl returned and paid for them, and then they stashed them in their freezer for Steven, until they were incinerated by the Mother Centipeetle's acid later on.

The Cookie Cat has a theme song for their commercials. Steven sang and hummed it several times in "Gem Glow". Steven originally thought that they made his gem glow, but it simply was a coincidence.


  • It is unlikely that we will see Cookie Cat in another episode because the product was discontinued, and Steven ate the last Cookie Cat in "Gem Glow".
  • These ice cream treats are different than Lion Lickers.
  • In the episode "Space Race", you can hear the Cookie Cat theme being played on the TV after Steven asks Greg to help him build a space ship, this could lead to the company who prodiced Cookie Cats to come back into business.
  • When Steven ate the snack, his gemstone glowed for the first time in the series, making Steven think that food activated his powers.
  • Steven hadn't considered that Cookie Cat could have been evil until "Future Vision" during his paranoia.


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