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This article is about the object. You may be looking for the song or the character.

"Cookie Cat" was an ice cream sandwich product that first appears in "Gem Glow". Following the beginning of the episode, it has been discontinued because of the success of its competitor, Lion Lickers, although it does make continuous appearances throughout the series.


The pink wrapper has an image of the head of the mascot, Cookie Cat. The cookie is a half-vanilla ice cream on the left, half-strawberry on the right. It is a flavored ice cream sandwich, and it is shaped in the image of a cat head.

Episode Appearances

"Gem Glow"

Cookie Cats are Steven's favorite ice cream sandwich, but Lion Lickers, a similar ice cream product, drove them off the shelves at the Big Donut. The Crystal Gems had visited multiple stores and "stole a bunch", according to Amethyst, but Pearl adds that she returned and paid for them all. Garnet claimed it was all her idea. They stashed many Cookie Cats in their freezer for Steven, but in order to save the Crystal Gems, Steven came to the conclusion that he could summon his shield if he ate them all.

The Cookie Cat company plays a theme song in their commercials that Steven sings and hums several times throughout the episode. Steven originally believed that the ice cream sandwiches activated his gem due to the fact that it began to glow and summon his shield when he ate one at the beginning of the episode, but this turns out to be a mere coincidence.

Cookie cat-0

"Steven and the Stevens"

After warping back home, Steven looks at his reddish-pink Cookie Cat shaped alarm clock after it alerts him that it is time for Beach-a-Palooza.

"Space Race"

A new Cookie Cat song can be heard in the soundtrack "After These Messages" when Greg and Steven talk.

"House Guest"

A black Cookie Cat alarm clock can be seen on Steven's nightstand.

"Future Vision"

In one of Steven's imaginary death scenes, he imagines the character Cookie Cat returning, now evil, in a spaceship and zapping him to death. Cookie Cats are seen on the background.

"Say Uncle"

The treat makes its appearance while Uncle Grandpa explains to Steven how he was there during "Gem Glow" when he attempted to sing the "Cookie Cat Jingle" to activate his Gem. He broke the fourth wall here, appearing on the small Cartoon Network banner below. Uncle Grandpa was not actually present in the episode.


  • Despite the product's discontinuation in "Gem Glow", Cookie Cat has been seen in multiple episodes since that episode.
    • In the episode "Space Race", the Cookie Cat theme plays on TV after Steven asks Greg to help him build a space ship.
      • This implies a spin-off or resurrection of the product, which would explain the continued appearances.
  • In the Cookie Cat song, Steven states that Cookie Cat is a "refugee from an interstellar war", while Garnet, Pearl, and Rose Quartz are also refugees from an interstellar war (The Rebellion).
  • While Steven ate the snack in "Gem Glow", his gemstone glowed for the first time in the series, resulting in Steven's belief that ice cream triggered the activation of his powers.
    • Although this later turned out to be false, Pearl believed this at the time, since she questioned the ingredients of Cookie Cat after Steven made the claim.
  • There is Cookie Cat merchandise and memorabilia seeing as Steven has a Cookie Cat alarm clock. It is unknown if they are still produced after the snack got discontinued.
  • During Steven's episode of paranoia in "Future Vision", he imagines being visited by Cookie Cat piloting a UFO. In one of his imagined "visions", Cookie Cat turns out to be evil and kills him with a laser beam.
  • Given its appearance, it most likely has a similar flavor to Neapolitan ice cream.
  • In the episode "Gem Glow", when Steven sings the "Cookie Cat" rap, a cookie cat is shown behind him with a more pale looking cookie casing.
    • It's reasonable to assume the cookie part of the cookie cat is vanilla flavored.
  • The Cookie Cat story closely resembles the story of Bee and PuppyCat, another project created by the character designer, Natasha Allegri. 
  • Several types of Cookie Cats appear in the game Attack the Light. All types recover harmony for a single Gem in varying amounts.
    • The original restores 10 harmony, the mint flavor restores 50 harmony, and the 'Cookie Cat Bites' restores harmony over a few turns.
      • Mint Cookie Cats and Cookie Cat Bites have yet to appear in the show.
  • The 5th Comic of the Steven Universe Comic series by Boom Studios, features a cereal-brand known as "Cookie Kittens" on its cover.
  • Cookie Cats were available at the "Fantasy Food Truck" at 2015's New York Comic Con.
  • In "Steven's Birthday", Steven's birthday cake is a cookie cake shaped like a Cookie Cat.


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