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Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat
Type Food
First Appearance "Gem Glow"

"Cookie Cat" is an ice cream product that initially appears in "Gem Glow." The product is later discontinued in the same episode, which upsets Steven.


The wrapper of the ice cream sandwich is pale pink and white, and features an image of the product's mascot, Cookie Cat. Cookie Cats are different from ordinary ice cream sandwiches in that they are shaped like cat heads and feature at least two flavors of ice cream- one half of the ice cream is vanilla, while the other half is strawberry.

Episode Appearances

"Gem Glow"

Cookie Cats are Steven's favorite ice cream sandwich, but Lion Lickers, a similar ice cream product, drives them off the shelves at the Big Donut. The Crystal Gems visit multiple stores and "[steal] a bunch," according to Amethyst, but Pearl goes back and pays for them. They stash many Cookie Cats in their freezer for Steven, but the treats are later destroyed by the Mother Centipeetle's acid.

The Cookie Cat company plays a theme song in their commercials. Steven sings and hums the theme several times throughout the episode. Steven originally believes that the ice cream sandwiches make his gem glow, due to the fact that the gem begins to glow when he eats them, but this turns out to be a mere coincidence.

"Say Uncle"

The treat makes in a appearance while Uncle Grandpa explains to Steven how he was there during "Gem Glow" when he attempted to sing the Cookie Cat Jingle to activate his Gem. He breaks the fourth wall here appearing on the small Cartoon Network banner below. So he actually wasn't there.


  • Despite the product's discontinuation in "Gem Glow", Cookie Cat has been seen in multiple episodes since that episode.
  • In the episode "Space Race", the Cookie Cat theme plays on TV after Steven asks Greg to help him build a space ship. It is possible that the company which produced Cookie Cats plans to reinstate the product.
  • While Steven ate the snack in "Gem Glow," his gemstone glowed for the first time in the series resulting in Steven believing that the treat was the reason, his powers were activated.
    • Although this later turned out to be false, Pearl may have believed this at time since she questioned the ingredients of Cookie Cat after Steven made the claim.
  • During Steven's episode of paranoia in "Future Vision," he imagines being visited by Cookie Cat piloting a UFO. Cookie Cat turns out to be evil, and kills him with a laser blast.
  • Given its appearance, it is most likely similar to Neapolitan ice cream.


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