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And so began a new chapter of my life — to explore the previously unexplored and to make my mark on the world!


Buddy Buddwick's Journal is a journal written by Buddy Buddwick over one hundred years ago, where he catalogs ancient Gem structures and locations with the hopes of making his mark on the world. The journal is later picked up by Steven and was checked out of the library by Connie.


Buddy's Journal is a brown hard cover book with beige pages on the inside. Sticking out of the top, there are two bookmarks, blue and red.

Visited Locations

  • Gem Battlefield - Buddy describes the Gem Battlefield as a "field of swords, intermingled with giant, sweet-smelling strawberries as big as one's head". Buddy ponders who could have wielded such massive weapons and what the battle was about. Garnet and Pearl then show up at the battlefield to prevent him from embarking on such a perilous journey by marking locations not to visit on Buddy's map.
    • Pyramid Temple - Buddy enters the Pyramid Temple, naming it 'The Great Inverted Pyramid' in his journal. He also draws the mural seen on the temple ceiling, documenting it as 'The Mystical Mural'.
  • Sky Spire - Buddy details how he climbed to the top of the spire and peered inside of the Heaven Beetle's little home.
  • Lunar Sea Spire - At this spire, Buddy examines the Crystal Shrimp (which he names 'Sparking Slugs') and some statues. Buddy also finds the Moon Goddess Statue and correctly names it in his journal.
  • Communication Hub - Buddy visits the Communication Hub and names it 'Steeple of Hubris'.
  • Pink Diamond's Palanquin - Buddy draws Pink Diamond's Palanquin, simply naming it as 'The Palanquin'.
  • Kindergarten - Buddy visits the Prime Kindergarten, appropriately naming it 'Many Hole'd Place'. Buddy describes it to be the most amazing location, and takes notes of the Injectors and their sharp drills. He soon comes across Amethyst, and explains his journey to her. Amethyst tells him that he is just walking in another person's footsteps since he isn't discovering anything new. She then redirects Buddy to a new area.
  • The Desert - Buddy wonders the desert for ten days looking for the Sand Castle that Amethyst described to him. Buddy believes he is going to die and that everyone will mock him for embarking on a silly journey. He then spots Rose Quartz (which he describes to be an angel at first) and her seven lions. Rose points out the Sand Castle to him, but he becomes depressed because she saw it first. Rose then inspires him to use his amazing writing skills to become an author.


  • Pink Diamond's Palanquin is shown for the first time in Buddy's Journal.
  • Buddy's Journal reveals that the Gem Battlefield and the Pyramid Temple are both located in the Scandinavian Peninsula.

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