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Buddy Buddwick was a renowned author from the 19th century as well as Captain William Dewey's first mate. His works can be found in the Buddwick Public Library located in Beach City.


Buddy's appearance is only seen at the end of the episode "Buddy's Book", on a painting. He appears as a plump man with brown hair, thick eyebrows and mustache, and a large bald spot atop of his head. He wears a traditional blue-green military coat ornated with a white jabot, round glasses, and a small derby hat.


In Steven and Connie's imagination, his appearance is that of Jamie's. He wears a dark colored, golden-buttoned coat, with a dark blue colored shirt underneath. He also wears tan-colored tights, and dark brown boots, along with a matching black hat atop his head.



Buddy Buddwick was the first mate of William Dewey during his voyage to the new world. After helping found Beach City, he began to worry about whether or not he would be forgotten as time moved on.

He decided he had to make a name for himself and embarked on a global adventure to discover places no one else has seen. His first travel destination led him to the Gem Battlefield on the Scandinavian Peninsula. There, he once again met two of the Crystal Gems who saved his captain, crew, and himself from a monster: Garnet and Pearl. Pearl exclaimed that a site like this was a dangerous place for a human and proceeded to mark up all Gem locations that he should not visit on his map. This, of course, motivated him to do the opposite and visit the locations.

Buddy visited all of these places and recorded them thoroughly. Eventually, he met another Crystal Gem, Amethyst, while he was visiting the Kindergarten. After he had told her about his travels, he realized that he did not discover anything at all; he just followed someone else's footsteps. Not wanting him to give up all hope for himself, Amethyst told him to go to the desert and find the "sand castle" that never stays in the same place twice.

Buddy did as she suggested, but, to no avail, did not find what he was searching for. However, things turned around for him when he had a chance encounter with Rose Quartz, where she reviewed his log of events. She told him that, while he did not discover anything new, his intimate drawings and writings of the places he visited made them special all over again. From there, she asked him if he considered being an author.

After finally finding his calling, Buddy began to write many books, amassing a large library of his work.

"Historical Friction"

Buddy is first mentioned in this episode during a play about the founding of Beach City by William Dewey, where his role is assumed by Jamie. Only Buddy's role as William's first mate is highlighted here.

"Buddy's Book"

Steven and Connie visit the Buddwick Public Library together, in which Steven ends up finding the book where Buddy recorded the entirety of his travels with precision, ending up reading it together with Connie. They imagine Jamie as Buddy as they read about his adventures. When they finish, they realize that the library was named after him and that he ended up leaving a mark as he had wished. Steven points out a painting of him on the wall, but both he and Connie still prefer imagining him as Jamie.

Episode Appearances


  • When William Dewey thought Buddy died from the monster attack, he was going to name the town after him.
  • Buddy spelled his last name as "Budwick" in his journal, however, the library named after him spells it as "Buddwick".
    • Similarly, he spells William Dewey's last name as "Duey". Whether this was a typo or the original spelling is unknown.


"Buddy's Book"

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