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The Breaking Point was a weapon created by Bismuth to give the Crystal Gems an advantage against the Homeworld Army. It was thrown into lava (and presumably destroyed) after Steven defeated Bismuth at the Forge.


The Breaking Point is a weapon very similar to a pile bunker. It has a maroon colored base, an amaranth colored Bismuth emblem, two little black straps underneath for the arm, a silver cylinder on one end, and a large metal spike on the other.


It functions by drawing back the knob on one end and then when fired, the spike on the other end darts out and smashes anything directly in front of it, including gemstones. Bismuth claims that it can shatter any Gem, even a Diamond.



Some time during the Rebellion, Bismuth desired to make a more powerful and revolutionary weapon to combat their disadvantage against Homeworld. Upon completion, she eventually asked Rose for her opinion on it, to which she turned down, claiming that it was not right to completely shatter a Gem, as it is something that nobody deserves. As a result of this, Rose poofed and bubbled Bismuth, presumably to make sure she would not attempt to shatter any Homeworld Gems anyway.

Once introduced to Steven, Bismuth presents the weapon to him as well, but he also rejects it in the same manner as his mother. This infuriates Bismuth, who attempts to shatter Steven with the weapon. However, Steven defends himself by turning Rose's Sword on her, stabbing her through the midriff and thus poofing her. After this, Steven throws the Breaking point into the lava in the Forge.

"The Trial"

After learning that his mother had shattered Pink Diamond, Steven had assumed she had used the Breaking Point to do it. When on trial on Homeworld and pressed by Blue Diamond for explanation on how the shattering had happened, Steven gives a fictitious account of the final confrontation between Rose and Pink Diamond, ending with the assumption that the former used the Breaking Point much to Blue's rage as she knew this was a lie due to eyewitness accounts saying Pink Diamond had been shattered with Rose's sword.

"Made of Honor"

In preparation for Ruby and Sapphire's wedding, Steven unbubbled Bismuth and revealed to her the recent discovery that Rose Quartz had secretly been Pink Diamond the entire time, secretly leading the Rebellion against her fellow Diamonds. Bismuth was blown away by not only the revelation itself but the entirely new light it cast on their disagreement, as she'd unwittingly shown Rose a weapon intended to use on her alter ego. Bismuth also lamented that in the end, Rose did "take [her] advice" in a sense, in that she "shattered Pink Diamond"--i.e. faked her own shattering.


  • As a result of Steven's mentioning it in "The Trial", the Great Diamond Authority are now aware of the Breaking Point's existence and that the Crystal Gems have access to such a weapon (as its destruction was not mentioned), though they may have discounted it as a fabrication made up by Steven.
  • The Shattering Robonoids of Gem Homeworld are also capable of shattering gems, though they use beams of energy while the Breaking Point uses pure physical force. However, this is likely designed to show how more advanced Gem technology has become as Bismuth created the Breaking Point during the Rebellion.
  • The existence of the Shattering Robonoids shows that Bismuth's plan to use the Breaking Point to defeat the Diamonds after she was freed by Steven was reckless or naïve at best as the Diamonds have currently have access to technology that can shatter gems from a distance while the Breaking Point is a close range weapon. However, this is due to the fact that Bismuth is unaware of how advanced the technology Homeworld has become due to being bubbled for a long period of time and having never confronted Homeworld Gems wielding current technology. Thus by poofing Bismuth, Steven may have inadvertently saved her from enacting her old plan which likely did not take into account how advanced Homeworld had become and could have easily lead to Bismuth's destruction.

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