• Peridot09

    Hello! Make and post your own gem! I love all fanart of gems! Make any type you want! It's doesn't have to be perfect (trust me I'm nothing like Gemcrust) 

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  • Lime Tourmaline

    >Begin log: As you might know, new users have to wait FOUR DAYS until they can upload pictures to the wiki... I think it's a little excessive, but it's not like I can do anything about it. Besides, I'm sure there's a REALLY good reason for that rule.

    Lime Tormaline, log date 20 5 18

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  • CommanderOz

    I may be asking something that's already asked before or may not even be possible, but is it possible for a fusion like the title describes?

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  • OpalGalaxy


    May 12, 2018 by OpalGalaxy

    Two ?? years ago I joined the wiki and I desperately wanted to be like everyone else. Typical, right? Like a lot of people did, I joined underage. An ignorant child. This doesn't stop my atrocities.

    I joined the chat for the first time learning about what sock accounts were and what the Becky meme was. Interested as the idiot I was, I created a sock account. While it didn't cause very much trouble, I was banned along with it. For all the right reasons. I begged the admins to unblock me, saying it was my brother. As you know now, the sock account wasn't a brother at all. It was me, a child masking an older face to seem cooler. I feel terrible now for lying, and I am very sorry for all those involved. 

    I look back now seeing the horrible thing…

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  • ImpalerWrG

    Now that we know Pink diamond was mascarading in the persona of Rose the whole time we need to re-examine the human zoo.  In the past it has been described as a kind of 'trophy room' by Garnet, given that nearly everything Garnet thought she knew about Pink Diamond was a lie, and the conditions in the zoo were benign we can dismiss this as any part of the reason for the zoo.

    The most popular theory after the zoo's reveal was that is was a kind of nature preserve/captive breeding program much like what might be done today to protect an endangered species.  This provided the first evidence of either some attempt by Pink to accomadate the demands of the 'rebels' or to perhapse share some of thouse belifs and this shed a sympathetic light on h…

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  • Ranger-X

    I am anticipating either a second diamond war on Earth or the Homeworld Gems abandoning Earth after hearing the truth about Pink Diamond. I have had to rethink everything I knew about Steven Universe after seeing the truth about Rose Quartz being a disguised Pink Diamond. Steven is the new Pink Diamond and legally he owns the Earth colony since he inherited it. I believe this will lead to another gem war with a new team of Crystal Gems fighting against Homeworld and Steven will probably be their leader. I do hope that Lapis Lazuli will join him after she comes back to reunite with Peridot. I am betting that Jasper will have a change of heart after hearing the truth. She will be reluctant to join the Crystal Gems but I believe it will event…

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  • FurryLord

    As of the episode ‘A Single Pale Rose’, it has been proven that Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond, whatever you want to call her, has the ability to rotate her gem. I have lately seen the question “why does Stevens gem look like a Rose Quartz, then? Well, I think I have the answer- that is the position it was in during Rose’s pregnancy. Think about it- it would be stuck like that, because of the position! It may be possible that Steven can also rotate the gem, but it’s too early to tell.

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  • ImpalerWrG

    Now that we know Rose was actually Pink Diamond the gradually declining 'goodness' of Rose has gone into a full nose-dive as we realize she lied to everyone to manipulate them.  A great many new crimes are now on her hands, and past actions that looked to be possibly justified now look heinous.

    But I am going to point out another crime that no one has considered yet, one of the most traumatic events in the life of any gem, the imprisonment of Lapis in the Mirror.  I am confident this was done with full knowlege by Pink Diamond to further he rebelion aims.

    • First I should reiterate the theory laid out in my very first blog, that Lapis story makes no sense.  The ones who imprisoned her must have known what kind of gem she was to use such a devi…
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  • Alexandrite-is-greater-than-Malachite

    So, is everyone still reeling from that reveal?

    I Know I am!

    This is my second post in a series of questions that these new episodes posed.

    Today's Question:

    How is it that there are more Rose Quartzes if our Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond?

    This came to me today. If there are multiple Rose Quartzes, but Pink Diamond can turn into Rose Quartz, does that mean Rose Quartzes can turn into Pink Diamond?

    We will have to wait for the summer for more answers. look out for another question tomorrow!

    And remember, after Monday, we can take anything Rebecca decides to throw at us!

    Peace out, my peeps!

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  • Ronaldo Smith

    I've now seen several videos on You Tube that take the attitude that PD/Rose is basically the worst villain ever because of her selfish actions that caused suffering for everybody.

    Honestly I think a lot of the motivation for these videos is that the narrator(s) are angry that they were wrong about there being no way Rose was PD, and are taking their anger out on the character. They may not even realize that is the real reason for their anger.

    My main point in this blog is that Pink Diamonds actions were not in any way selfish. Foolish maybe, but not selfish.

    As shown in "Jungle Moon", she desired her own colony, so she could have all the same powers as Yellow Diamond. Once she got that she realized that the mere existance of the colony would…

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