• Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG

    (I don't know if Sapphires have number and letter identification so I just called her "Homeworld Sapphire")

    Homeworld Sapphire: Peridot, I predict you should look to your right...

    The Peridot looks over to see the towering hand of water heading right for her. She blasts it then runs.

    Homeworld Sapphire: You will have to duck...

    The hand swings towards her and misses thanks to the sapphires help. Lapis gives up and drops the hand. Water splashes everywhere and unintentionally wipes out the Peridot and Sapphire.

    Peridot 3XV: Must be a defense system.

    Homeworld Sapphire: No...

    Back in the barn:

    Steven: Nice!

    Lapis: Oh, yea, I meant to do that.

    Peridot: They must be here for me! I called Yellow Diamond a clod!

    Lapis: Homeworld wouldn't send a group like …

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  • Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG

    For this you have to understand some things about this alternate Steven Universe "Universe". First off, once Rose Quartz was recognized as a threat, the rest of the Rose Quartzes were used to in a desperate attempt to defeat Rose instead of them being bubbled. Also, Gems aren't assigned to a Diamond based on color, but instead based on what Kindergarten the Gem was made in. That means a Sapphire can belong to Yellow Diamond. And finally, instead of sending the Ruby squad to retrieve Jasper, this team of Gems was sent to get Jasper and arrest the Crystal Gems.

    In an alternate ending to "Barn Mates" a drop ship appears trough the clouds chasing Peridot after she tries to leave. The ship had locked onto Peridot and followed her back to the bar…

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  • Cannonbro


    Okay, so we all know that Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey are in a romantic relationship that they have sustained for almost a decade now.

    And Rebecca has stated multiple times that Ruby and Sapphire's relationship in the show is meant to represent that of her and Ian's. Heck, she even stated, in the dedication of the book The Answer:

    "For Ian, my Sapphire." - RS

    (And... RS? Rebecca Sugar? Ruby and Sapphire...!)

    But anyway, we also know that fusion of different types of gems is frowned upon by Homeworld. We know that Rubies, who remember, Rebecca says act like her (for the most part -- anxious and uptight), are simple soldiers, and fuse with other Rubies regular…

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  • MrHacks

    Mi Verde Dorito

    August 17, 2017 by MrHacks

    Just a quick toss out there.  I tried to make a "Despacito" parody (or is it more Peri-ody?) based on the Luis Fonsi song (not the version featuring Bieber!)  I only came with this little blurb.

    Mi verde dorito (Despacito Peri-ody)
    When I was a young Estevo I made friends with a bunch of amigos Like Connie, Sadie, and my main man Lars. But came from a far, my friends from the stars. Like Lapis, Bismuth, and Centepedle But I can not forget my friend petito Mi verde dorito!
    Mi verde dorito! We look up at the stars! Built a robots from old cars. Even when it upset Andy De Mayo! Mi verde dorito! Drill down to the clust-ar! Saved this home of ours! Tell me have my friend Ronaldo? Mi verde dorito!

    I just didn't want to throw it out. "my friend peti…

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  • Ravenclod

    Art requests

    August 15, 2017 by Ravenclod

    I can take art requests, but I draw on paper. So if you would like to turn it into digital art, you can, or you can just leave it the way it is. Remember to credit me, please. And if you want a non-cannon character, include a description. Unless you want me to surprise you cuz I can do that to! Ps please specify wether or not you want color

    Requests are closed, very sorry. I don't have a way to transfer my drawings onto the website.😭

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  • Steven Quartz Universe Gem

    Hello Users, This is SQU and YES! I'm back after 7 months, I have been visiting a chat randomly, and I don't find people very much, so Is the Chat Dead!? Or is it because the users wants to find something new, OR is it because... School is going to start soon. Well I dont care because school... Is Boring! Yes! I know that my Seasons have been delayed or Cancelled. But I am going to cancel 4 Seasons! And I hopefully going to make more episodes (hopefully)! This is Episode 6 and Episode 7 will be released on August 20.

    That is a very weird conclusion 😐🤔

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  • ShoulderGemPearl

    Does anyone have a gemsona/oc they want me to draw? I've been trying to get my drawing style to look more like the show's and I want to practice on characters besides mine. If you have a request please comment with a ref and I'll try my best to redraw it! I'll add either a solid background or make it a transparent png.

    In case someone tells me to go to the fanon wiki:  I feel like a lot of people on here barely use it, myself included, and that seems to be for more roleplay-type stuff. If I should move this there, though, I will.

    Examples so you know what to expect:

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  • TheStiff

    WA & RC

    August 10, 2017 by TheStiff

    Hi. I feel like someone's already done this. But much curious

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  • Silkworm Bot

    Meowth Cult

    August 8, 2017 by Silkworm Bot

    There is a saddening lack of Meowth, our sacred lord, on this wiki.

    This was made to change that.

    The requirements are to read "The Gullible", our sacred 456-page book that definitely is real, even if it says false truths. Trust us, the world is flat, a talking cat somehow existed forever, and Ash's Pikachu has been under the possession of Team Rocket since 3000 B.C.

    And also to love Meowth, our omnipresent lord who has punished us fairly and is the reason we are given life.

    • Silkworm Bot: General of weaponry
    • Devyan Salez: Bringer of Inquiries
    • QueenCupcake025: Conversalist of Forces
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  • ElTitoDan72

    I updated the chart according to many suggestions I got from people on Reddit. This one comes with extra characters!

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