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  • StevenUniverse451


    March 21, 2017 by StevenUniverse451

    Some times I feel alone in the world because im difrrent  not much space for a person like me but ill finde a way to survive if im going to be alone then I work alone if some one wants to help ill tacke it but you have to be a friend or a helper ill love to help people I wnat to help even if its fighting nobody herts my friends if im not there ill finde them but I will protect my friend till the end that what friends do but i dont have any but one day I will.Stand up for your self and dont be afriad thats how I got this far dont feel bad for me but when i was little i coudint talk i would scream if i wanted some thing and i had ADHD autisom  now i can talk after my mom took me to a docter did some thing rong but my mom didint care as long …

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  • MR.Flix

    Mr.Flix Art Requests

    March 21, 2017 by MR.Flix

    Hello, Mr.Flix here. None of you know me because I lurk in the shadows. I have decided to emerge, behold my magnificence! 

    Just for the fun of it, I'm going to start taking art requests. You may request an OC or Canon character, your choice ;). Leave your request in the comments :) Depending on how much feedback I get, I may not be able to fulfill everyone's requests. First come, first serve! 

    Edit: Please provided a DETAILED description of your character so that I have something to work off of. For OCs, I will also need the gem type for reference (unless you request a human character). 

    Here is some of my sample artwork...

    all images will be in PNG file format and transparent 

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  • Monkey7777777

    You know rose quartz might be still out there

    What if rose quartz comes back in lion 4: alternate ending

    She might not but rose quartz might be still out there

    In bismuth episode steven tells bismuth: She kinda turned into me

    What does that mean?

    Do you think Rose quartz is still there?

    Type in the comments! :) 

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  • TheSunkenGems

    I am Now taking requests!

    I Can take 

    • Gemstone requests
    • Gems
    • Regenerations
    • Edits 

    (I Cannot make any pictures transparent, so if you want a transparent picture you have to do it yourself)


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  • Pskaena

    Unresolved Plot Points

    March 18, 2017 by Pskaena

    Please add any unresolved plot points you can think of. Use links to blogposts for possible explanations or ideas (other ideas are welcome!)

    Unresolved Plot Points (so far):

    1. Character Issues
      1. Steven
        1. What's the deal with Steven's dream powers? Why would those be a thing?
        2. Can Steven die from old age? If not, what implications does that have for his relationships with conventionally mortal humans?
        3. Did Rose have some ulterior motive in giving birth to Steven, as suggested in Storm In The Room? Is he supposed to be some sort of chosen one? It was heavily implied in season 1, not so much any more.
        4. Are Steven and Connie finally going to kiss at some point or what?
      2. Rose
        1. What's in roses chest
        2. Why does Rose Quartz have a giant penny in her armory? Is it just …
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  • BloodyJasper

    I have a FNAF Fangame im working on with another account, called Five Nights at the Pink Diamond Zoo. If anybody wants to pitch in with some models, apply here with a comment:

    Thank you!

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  • MrHacks

    Last week, most of us, including myself, almost missed "Room For Ruby" because Cartoon Network's TV schedule listed it as an episode of Teen Titans Go-Away-Please.  Which if you are like me and work for a living (yeah, kids, adults do watch this show), you set your DVR the cable company provides you to record your favorite series until you can buy the season on Amazon Prime, which for some reason they can never release the episodes in the order they are supposed to appear in.

    This is a constant problem. Whether it is the folks at Turner or the guy at the cable company, bad schedule data throws everything out of balance, and upsets the fan base which is used to predictable schedules that they can set their recorders to.

    This also isn't the fir…

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  • Indominus Rex 2016

    So you see, i get borred easily, and plus SU will be in haitus for a while so i made a list on anime i should watch on my spare time, or in this case, after the main Neptunia games, so yeah, you guys can vote and suggest other anime i could watch as well! As long it isn't Tokyo Ghoul or Attack on Titan...

    I'm going to leave this for the rest of the day, and come back tomorrow to see the votes and the suggestions, so see you guys tomorrow!

    Update: I'm going to watch the most voted anime after Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon

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  • Verite et EGO

    Sup, it's me, Evtini, VeM, EGO, Steal Yo Girl, Turbo, blah blah blah. Once again I can't get into my account, doesn't matter though. If you know me on Discord or Skype then y'know a bunch of crap is happening and I probably wont be on this fine hell hole that's raised me for the past 3 years. Add me on Skype or Discord if ya want, it's evtini200 for both.

    It's been fun, and I'm grateful for most of you. Cya nerds

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  • Ronaldo Smith

    My wife still claims to not be interested in Steven Universe.

    She does however ask me at least twice a week when the next episode is, and has recently begun buying S.U. merchandise on line. She claims that it is for me. I always say I am not interested in such merchandise. She always replies "But I want to buy it, ummm, for you!" So I say OK. I sit here wearing a red sweat shirt with a yellow star on it, and have a complete set of Pop! figures watching me from a shelf in this room. I also have about ten S.U. T-shirts in my drawers that I doubt I will ever wear.

    Just sayin.

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