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  • JellyPoo

    My Gemsonas/Gem OC's

    April 27, 2017 by JellyPoo

    Wanted to list my most recent gems! I won't be showing any of my older gemsonas/gem oc's because I'm too lazy and they're kinda outdated anyways lol.

    This will be updated most of the time if i ever make any new ones.
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  • Mike Miko

    This is crazy yet amazing!

    Who said it? Who said "Are you My Dad?"... I know that all of us have been trying to figure this out. I wonder if i can gather more infomation so i can help you guys figures this out.

    Theory incoming of Steven Universe Steven Bomb 6 "Are you My Dad?"

    (Help meh out!)

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  • Ruby Universe10000

    im back

    April 25, 2017 by Ruby Universe10000

    hey sorry i have been offline for awhile not blogging i had spring break and before anyone ask how my break was it was torrible but steven u is coming back who is read i know i am and does anybody have wattpad? if so follow me EmoFreak134 stories coming soon 

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  • Jet-Black91

    Do Gems Derezz?

    April 25, 2017 by Jet-Black91

    Thanks to Amethyst, we know that when a Gem has their stone crack they glitch and it's been shown that shattered Gems hae something of a partial concious. But my main question is that when a Gem is shattered and they're still in their physical form, do theyderezz?

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  • Janik98

    Hi, we have created the italian Steven Universe Wiki and I'd like to know if it could be possible to add it with the others non-english wiki. Sorry for my english and thank you for the help! Here's the link:

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  • SnowflakeGlaceonGirl

    Please ignore.


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  • Akrivus

    The Human Zoo's History

    April 23, 2017 by Akrivus

    The human zoo has been around for 5,750 years, assuming it was set up around the same time the Gems invaded. You'd think, with that amount of time, they'd lack the ability to speak English at all, would interbreed and form a singular appearance, and have a much larger population.

    In this blog, I'll be dividing all these in different sections so I can explain each thing more clearly.

    5,000 years ago, we all spoke dead languages, considering the different places each person came from I think we can assume they'd speak something totally different (they made something entire new! haha!) from what we speak, however, if the Gems spoke the same language, there is a chance they could have picked that up. There would be changes of course, but that exp…

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  • Indominus Rex 2016

    I feeled that i would have to to this some day, so here's my favorite villain list, once again, only of per franchise.

    Yeah, i like this character, not only she reminds me of Cynthia, but she is looks gorgeus! (weird?)

    Plus, she combines herself, with a UB, that's cool!

    Yup, a Three-Headed Space Dragon that shoots gravity beams, beacuse for me, it looks cool!

    Remember that i said that Terumi guy treats one of my favorites like thrash?

    Yeah that's her, she may be a psycho, but she looks fantastic!

    I'm sure you guys expected her to be in the list, i mean, is in my user name for Gamera's sake!

    Just beacuse his music is playing, didn't mean he wouldn't be on the list!

    Everyone who watched the Lion King  will know why, but for those who didn't (That sh…

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  • Indominus Rex 2016

    So, i was borred and i desided to make a Poke-Fusion (And my first tbh).

    It's a fusion of Latias and Lunala, so i need a name for it:

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  • Indominus Rex 2016


    April 19, 2017 by Indominus Rex 2016

    I know this is a bit random, but, i have a confesion to make......

    Do you remmember Teen Titans? the GOOD one? so in that show................................. Now this is awkward....

    So in that show, i had a waifu...... In fact, my first waifu! It was... Starfire.... And here's why:

    I loved her design, her personality and her powers! At first i thought it was Cynthia form Pokemon, but after digging deeper into my memories, i descovered that it was actually Starfire!

    Is it weird that i have i crush for a alien princess?

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