• RifleGirl298


    September 22, 2018 by RifleGirl298

    Recently I have been brainstorming and have come up with an OC! Her name is Blue Moonstone but she was nicknamed Moon. She originated from Earth and she was a Crystal Gem but was captured by Yellow Diamond's forces days after the Crystal Gems won the war and Pink Diamond had been shattered. Yellow and White had been argueing about Yellow giving Pink her own colony and a war breaking out because of it.

    Yellow had found herself at White's mercy and presented Blue Moonstone as a gift for White. White forgave Yellow as soon as she knew Moon was a Crystal Gem-she was already grieving Pink and was thrilled to have a Gem that had worked with the entity that had shattered her precious Pink!

    Moon was tortured for information and was nearly shattered …

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  • Blookie~Chan666

    Hi....My name is Blookie~Chan but me Blookie for short.. I´m loving the Steven Universe series thus far.....but wut I dont get is that Blue & Yellow Diamond referred White Diamond as ´her´....for ex..example Blue D. said ¨oh no, we cant let ´her´ see this...¨  w..wut got me asking this...Did White D. had something to do with corrupted...gems? Im kinda nervous that White D. HAD...something to deal with these corrupted gems....(ALSO chance If I mightve spoiled something to someone....IM DE...DEEPLY S..SORRY :´( )

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  • Blu Berry666

    I have a question.....Was Whiite P. with Pink Diamond? (Dont worry i have reasons) If u look at White Pearlś gem its in her naval (Ruby: Navy) and Pink Diamondś gem (or diamond) is also in her Im guessing ALOT people was thinking ´NO BLU! HER PEARL LIKE GEM IS HER EYE DUH' (XD IDK) NO Eyeball (ruby again...) HAS a gem in her eye not White Pearl....ALL im asking did Pink Diamond switched pearls with White Diamond....???

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  • Digicraftmon

    flip you twitter!

    September 16, 2018 by Digicraftmon

    I accidentally locked myself out of twitter because it does not believe I'm 14

    and I gave them a picture of my goddamn passport

    maybe the name was unacceptable: the name is "flip off twitter.jpg"

    so yeah like I said I'm gonna delete my twitter I'm sorry If I wasted everyone's time goddang it all!

    why can't it be like 4chan or even youtube where an email and (better encrypted) password would suffice?! 

    I should have just edited my bio saying "my birth year is actually 2003 but I put 2002 so I could be on twitter since I wanted to use it LOL you clods"

    1. VivaLaBeAMarketFor4ChanLikeWebsites

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  • Blu Berry666

    OMG!!!!  My Diamond (White D.) is the most BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND I LOVE HER DESIGN HER VOICE.....Her Radiance makes me feel lucky to serve My Diamond~!!! *Does the hand diamond across my chest*....

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  • UseURname

    Who's interested? Basically I'll just upload a steven universe animated series focusing on my Gems (in Youtube). I'm asking because I want an audience before I start uploading LOL. 

    The series is about a group of gems led by a tall, dark blue gem (who has a high position in the gem caste system, just a few steps away from the Diamonds) who rebels for their own right. 

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  • Solstice the Icewing


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  • ILoveDarwinWatterson!

    In the episode Three Gems and a Baby, we saw a scene that a white hand -that we tought Pearl's- tries to take Steven's gem out. This is probably a foreshadowing about White Diamond or White Pearl will try to take Steven's gem out. It's probably White Pearl because we saw another scene from Open Book, Cloud Connie attacks Steven. Cloud Connie and White Pearl have so many in common. They both wear white, they both only have one eye, they both have something on their ears. These 2 foreshadowings are telling us that Steven's gem will be taken and Steven is going to die or become a normal human and we're gonna get Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz back.

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    Lemon Quartz (Idea)

    August 25, 2018 by WOCAWT

    Lemon Quartz is a fictional gem created by WOC AWT. Once a Homeworld Gem, Lemon Quartz betrayed Yellow Diamond and fled. Eventually meeting up with the gems and Steven, becoming a new member of the Crystal Gems!

    Lemon Quartz, was a rare gem that was created in a Kindergarten on Homeworld. He served Yellow Diamond for 5,750 years until he heard of Rose Quartz and her rebellion. A hidden rage power within him grew at his superior, Yellow Diamond. He eventually had a revolt and shattered 2 of Yellow Diamond's guards, and almost shattered her Pearl. Lemon Quartz eventually fled and stole a Gem Warship and flew his way to Earth. He ended up getting caught and was poofed... But was not shattered. He was poofed for another 5,750 to modern earth. W…

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  • The Sapphire Panda

    Many fans have had a theory similar to this for a long time: our pearl, the Crystal Gem pearl, was owned by White Diamond. The gemstone on her forehead hints to this, and it seems very likely.

    What's even stranger is that the pearl made for White Diamond has a gemstone on her navel, similar to Pink Diamond's gemstone placement. If you increase colors on White's Pearl, you can (supposedly) see pink where there's gray... so there has to be a switch, right?

    Well, I think I may have stumbled across a solution, my friends. Before you post that link to Joe Johnston's twitter confirming the Crystal Gem pearl was made for Pink, hear me out. I know all about that.

    My theory is that pink pearl was made for Pink as soon as Pink emerged. It explains the …

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