• Deadcoder

    There's a boatload of theories regarding the origin of the Gem species. Here's another one. TLDR: It's a unique variation of the Gems being artificial species created by some squishy species.

    It's heavily implied that the Gems are artificial and machines. Their gems have the ability to store energy, and their bodies aren't really biological. They look more like hard light constructions. No biological organism could instantly adjust to variable gravity, but machines can be programmed to do that. I think they're circuitry baked into crystals. Humans in real life have this technology: The ability to lay circuits out into diamonds and other types of crystals. [1] There's other evidence that the gems were artificial. Modern computer chips use si…

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  • Everblue 22

    If you're new to the show and don't have enough dang time to catch up on the older or newer episodes?  I've made a seson by seson reveiw to help you out, I've rated each season at the end too!

    One of the slower seasons, but most good shows start off like this.  Steven learns to control his powers more, lapis and peridot gets introduced,  jasper came down in the had ship and fused with lapis to make malachite, malachite is traped at the botom of the ocean.

    SEASON RATING: 3.5 / 5   

    Coments: Deacent season, powerfull ending.

    The cluster ark gets set up and the sardonyx ark hapens, this season realy clears things up with gem powers, peridot move into the barn.

    SEASON RATING: 4.25 / 5

    Coments: Much beter than season 1, Don't just read the season sum…

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  • Chopsticks12

    A Theory

    July 13, 2018 by Chopsticks12

    This is a short theory I came up with and it's what I want to happen in the new episodes.

    So, in the promo Blue and Yellow Diamond are meeting Centipeetle and in one of the bingo posts it says, "Corrupted gems get healed" which might mean that the diamonds will heal the corrupted gems.

    Also the diamonds have no way back to homeworld since their ships have been destroyed so maybe White Diamond will come and take them back.

    Since the diamonds now know that Steven is Pink Diamond, they will try to take him back to Homeworld with them and won't befriend the Crystal Gems after all.

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  • RainbowKat7

    Since lapis and peridot got poofed in Reunited I had a few ideas on where their stars might be.

    First of all I don’t think peridots star should be her hair because that would just look goofy, personally I think her star should be her visor or her diamonds could just be replaced with stars, and as for lapis I think her star would just look good anywhere to be honest, idk I’m bored 😆

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  • Chinese-American Empire

    I'm not saying this to be rude to Steven, i'm just stating the actual term. Rose and Greg may have been lovers, but they never married. Thus, Steven is an absolute bastard

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  • Mudkip57430Cool


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  • TotallyNotEclipsa

    Ok, so you know how EVERYONE in this garbage fandom hates Stevidot because it's pedophilism?

    Well here I'm going to tell you why that's not the case.

    Peridot is thousands of years old. But does she really look like an adult? No. She's the same height as Steven and doesn't have any similarities to that of an adult woman.

    Gems age differently than humans, so thousands of years in human life could mean 14 years in Gem life.

    We already know that Peridot is an Era 2 Gem from the episode "Too Short to Ride". So there is the possibility that if she were expressed in Gem years rather than human years, than Steven and Peridot could be the same age.

    Using an equation I developed:

    x = (Gem age of Peridot) = ~3000 (approximate human age of Peridot) / 191.67…

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  • Kittidoodles

    (filler text) hello this is the filler text needed to make the blog longer

    so today i will talk about my gemsona citrine you can find more about her on my user page and on me da account you can also find my da page on my userpage ok bye 

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  • MeowGatoLover

    Since Reunited revealed that it has been eight months since Steven's birthday (season 2!), then let's see how much has happened since then.

    • Steven learns of the Earth's plans
    • Peridot becomes a Crystal gem
    • Malachite defuses
    • The Cluster is bubbled
    • Lapis decides to stay on Earth at the barn
    • Rubies come to look for Jasper
    • Steven discovers his floating powers
    • Greg gets rich
    • Peridot gets a tablet and discovers her ferrokinesis
    • Steven discovers his mind-transfer powers
    • Steven manages to partially heal Centi
    • Steven and co. find Jasper at the Great North
    • Jasper returns at the beach and poofs Amethyst
    • Steven and Amethyst fight
    • Steven discovers the existance of Bismuth and has to poof her again later
    • Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot find Jasper at the beta Kindergarten …
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  • Mudkip57430Cool

    just look at her! she's adorable and my fave of the mew mews besides ichigo! 

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