• MorphoTheRainWing


    November 14, 2018 by MorphoTheRainWing

    I wanted to make a blog post about this for some reason...

    When I watched Reunited, I completely cracked up when I saw Blue Diamond's giraffe neck! I couldn't believe how long her neck was. It was hilarious! What did you guys think of that scene?

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  • Asrieltherainwing

    Peridot's log

    November 7, 2018 by Asrieltherainwing

    - went to earth using repaired space warp. Warp pad vandilized with weird crying spherical..... thing. Yellow Diamond must know about this!

    - I need an escort. Jasper will do.

    - Jasper doesn't belive I need an escort. At least until the "steven" summoned Rose Quartz' shield. We destabilized and separated Garnet. We captured said "steven", Amythest, and Pearl. 

    - Somehow, the prisoners got out! I don't know how I manage to type this in an escape pod tied up in Amythest's whip. I do not know the fate of the crystal gems, Jasper, and Lazuli. If any one reads this, find Lazuli for me. I tend to worry she causes some... pribloms. 

    - Sorry I misspelled that. I landed at that time!

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  • Chrisouladrivas

    Request me any art but it has to be Steven Universe only. I only use the sketch app from Sony. But i can make the backgrounds transparent if you want. Request in the comments only.

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  • Animefanlt01

    as we all know Steven Universe is known for having multi hiatuses and while in the past it hadn't bother me all that much, it has as of late started to take a toll on me with each passing hiatus feeling longer than the last ever since the 6 months hiatus we had gotten after the episode Lars's Head and Cartoon Network lack of uprfront of when the show's return til nearly the last mintue, and on top of all that still having to deal with getting (mostly) boring mundane epsidoes about background human characters that I really am not interested in for the most part,

    and what broke the camels back for me is direction the show is taking with the diamonds which needless to say I'm not all that enthusiastic about it, which if you happen be excited a…

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  • Chrisouladrivas

    This took hours to make. I'm glad this is finally done. Anyways, feel free to comment on this.

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  • Fandude1127

    Youtube is down.

    October 17, 2018 by Fandude1127

    So YouTube is down, I guess.


    Despite what some people say, YouTube did NOT shut down, nor is it gone for good. The server is slightly popping back up and it should be on by tomorrow morning.

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  • CHIDIEStar

    I'm in a bad mood!!!!!!

    September 28, 2018 by CHIDIEStar

    Everyone, I'm in a bad mood between my family and everyone at school! It's been happening to me for 2 years. Here's what happened:

    In Christmas 2016, I had a argument with my father about who I lend my cellphone to last in the beginning of 8th grade the same year. It was between two boys: Devonte Daniels and Justyce Ross. I was trying to tell my dad how many time both the boys borrowed my phone but he refused to listen to me! I said something to make him angry because of him denying my answers. I told him that I'm going to tell my oldest sister that he won't listen to me. He yelled "SHUT UP!" at me. NOW IT'S UPSETTING ME FOR 2 YEARS AND I CAN'T LET GO OF THE PAST!!! 😠😠😠😠 I hate that word!

    Later, it's my mom's attitude and tone that I can't s…

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  • RifleGirl298


    September 22, 2018 by RifleGirl298

    Recently I have been brainstorming and have come up with an OC! Her name is Blue Moonstone but she was nicknamed Moon. She originated from Earth and she was a Crystal Gem but was captured by Yellow Diamond's forces days after the Crystal Gems won the war and Pink Diamond had been shattered. Yellow and White had been argueing about Yellow giving Pink her own colony and a war breaking out because of it.

    Yellow had found herself at White's mercy and presented Blue Moonstone as a gift for White. White forgave Yellow as soon as she knew Moon was a Crystal Gem-she was already grieving Pink and was thrilled to have a Gem that had worked with the entity that had shattered her precious Pink!

    Moon was tortured for information and was nearly shattered …

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  • Blookie~Chan666

    Hi....My name is Blookie~Chan but me Blookie for short.. I´m loving the Steven Universe series thus far.....but wut I dont get is that Blue & Yellow Diamond referred White Diamond as ´her´....for ex..example Blue D. said ¨oh no, we cant let ´her´ see this...¨  w..wut got me asking this...Did White D. had something to do with corrupted...gems? Im kinda nervous that White D. HAD...something to deal with these corrupted gems....(ALSO chance If I mightve spoiled something to someone....IM DE...DEEPLY S..SORRY :´( )

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  • Blu Berry666

    I have a question.....Was Whiite P. with Pink Diamond? (Dont worry i have reasons) If u look at White Pearlś gem its in her naval (Ruby: Navy) and Pink Diamondś gem (or diamond) is also in her Im guessing ALOT people was thinking ´NO BLU! HER PEARL LIKE GEM IS HER EYE DUH' (XD IDK) NO Eyeball (ruby again...) HAS a gem in her eye not White Pearl....ALL im asking did Pink Diamond switched pearls with White Diamond....???

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