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Speaker Dialogue
[Open int. grassy field]
(Amethyst cracks her whip)
Amethyst Did you see that? Wa-poosh, just wa-poosh!
(The scene is set, showing Amethyst and Steven walking somewhere)
Steven That's great, Amethyst. You're getting so fast.
Amethyst No! This is worse! This morning it was like wshh! Just wshh! Superfast, like wshh wshh!
Steven Uh-huh. I think this is why a day off would be good for you. You should take a break from obsessing over Jasper.
(Amethyst begrudgingly desummons her whip)
Amethyst (sighing) Are you sure we have to do this now?
Steven Yes! Visiting Peridot and Lapis will be so much fun!
Amethyst Yeah, 'cause when I think fun, I think "Lapis".
Steven I wonder what they're up to.
Amethyst Maybe they drove each other crazy and burned the barn down.
(Amethyst and Steven stop walking, having reached the barn)
Steven Woah...
(The camera pans toward the barn, revealing that it has been heavily modified with some modifications including a truck placed into the ceiling, a large silo now coming out of the side of the barn, and a small tent next to it with a green Canadian flag)
Steven They sure did something to the barn.
(The camera cuts to a TV that's showing a scene from "Camp Pining Hearts")
Percy But Paulette, I need you!
(The camera gives a view of Lapis and Peridot watching the show)
Peridot Oh, get over it, Percy. Go make another friendship bracelet.
Lapis Seriously.
Steven (offscreen) Lapis! Peridot! Hi!
(The camera pans down to show Steven and Amethyst looking up toward Peridot and Lapis, and they both smile as Peridot crawls down the back and Lapis floats down with her wings)
Lapis Steven! It's so good to see you again!
Steven You too, Lapis!
Peridot Amethyst! Something looks different about you...
Amethyst Like what?
Peridot Have you grown taller since the last time I saw you?
Amethyst Nope, still short.
Peridot (laughing) You're welcome!
Peridot For the joke.
Steven Wow, you guys are looking good! And I love what you did to the barn!
Peridot Awh, I know. But wait, wait! You guys have to see the inside!
Peridot Lapis, fly us in!
Lapis No...
(The camera is toward the top of the barn, showing the four as they enter)
Peridot Welcome to our home away from Homeworld!
(Steven runs over to one of the walls, showing that it has been crudely converted into an aquarium.
Steven Woah, you made the wall an aquarium!
(Steven is slightly scared by the alien plushie that Peridot won in a previous episode as it floats into frame inside the aquarium.)
(Amethyst is rolling a vacuum filled with fish and water back and forth casually with her foot)
Amethyst You did all this stuff on purpose? Like, you didn't just knock over a bunch of paint cans and go, "Eh, just leave it."
Peridot Oh no, this was all very intentional. You see, I have this idea: What if we made music, but instead of sounds, we use things?
Amethyst That's dumb.
(Steven enters frame left)
Steven Guys, that's art!
Peridot Art? That sounds ridiculous!
Lapis I've been calling it meep morp.
Peridot Let us show you our... morps.
(Peridot walks over to a table with several cassettes, along with her broken recorder with a blue ribbon placed on it.)
Peridot This piece is called 'Wow, thanks.' It represents the struggles of intercommunication. The tape is the ribbon that binds our experience on Earth together. It has no functional purpose! It just makes me feel bad!
(The camera pans to Lapis, who is gesturing toward a baseball mitt, a baseball bat, and a baseball, all of which are tethered by string to a stick, which is in turned tethered to something above it off screen.)
Lapis Here's my meep morp. This is a baseball bat. It reminds me of when I played baseball.
(Lapis walks backwards, now gesturing toward a leaf sitting on a rock)
Lapis This is the leaf Steven gave me. It reminds me of the time... Steven gave me a leaf.
Steven Hey, yeah! It reminds me of that too!
(They turn toward a TV on a stand with two mirrors sticking out of it, looping a scene from "Camp Pining Hearts")
Percy I just feel trapped. I just feel trapped.
Steven (with a worried expression) Is this one about... the thousands of years you spent trapped in a mirror?
Lapis No, I just really like that show.
Peridot Oh, Amethyst! You'll love this one!
(The shot cuts towards 3 toilets crudely placed in a semicircle, with one in the back facing forward and slightly lifted)
Peridot Check it out!
Amethyst They're... toilets?
Peridot Right! Ahahahaha! (while laughing) What will I think of next?
Peridot This represents the time I spent imprisoned in your bathroom, Steven.
Peridot I call it 'Occupied.' It's a collabortive piece.
(Peridot gives Lapis a thumbs-up before she does the same, as Lapis then proceeds to make a water spout from all four toilets, making the two on the sides wave back and forth)
Steven It's amazing!
Amethyst I don't get it.
Steven What's there to get? It's water! Shooting out of toilets!
Amethyst I can see that at home.
Peridot Alright, I see you're not impressed.
(Peridot begins to rummage through a corner of the barn, grabbing things)
Peridot But this - hold on. This, this is what we've all been waiting for! With the power of my metal abilities I will impress the shirts right off of you!
(The camera centers on Peridot, who is levitating 2 drums, 2 cymbals, a saxophone, a recorder, a triangle, and a tambourine, while holding two drumsticks and having a harmonica placed around her neck)
Peridot Ta-da! It's a one-Gem metal band!
Peridot One, a two, a three and -
(Peridot inhales before blowing into the harmonica, causing her to lose control of every other instrument as they fly in various directions, crashing on the ground)
(Peridot casually tosses the drumsticks onto the ground)
Peridot Well, that's as far as I've practiced that!
(Lapis and Steven laugh as he nudges Amethyst in the shoulder)
(Lapis walks up to Peridot and places a hand on her shoulder)
Lapis Why don't you try one thing at a time?
Peridot Because we have guests, Lapis! Guests who must be impressed!
Lapis Hmm...
(Lapis picks up the tambourine and casually shakes it)
Lapis We can try it together!
Peridot Yeah!
(Peridot levitates a triangle and dings it once)
(Steven and Amethyst sit down and watch them perform)
Steven Isn't this great?
Amethyst Pff. No.
Steven Look at all this cool stuff they're doing!
(The shot focuses on Peridot and Lapis as they randomly hit the triangle and shake the tambourine, without any beat or reason)
Amethyst This is all nothing! They've been out here playing with garbage!
Steven But you love playing with garbage...
Amethyst Not anymore! Who has time for any of that when Jasper is out there!
(Peridot and Lapis freeze and the triangle falls to the floor)
Peridot Uh, Amethyst? I uh, try not to use the J-word so loosely around here.
Amethyst (sigh) I'm going to go do something useful.
(Amethyst gets up and walks out the barn)
Peridot Wow, Amethyst doesn't seem to understand morps at all.
Steven No, it's something else. Amethyst found out she's supposed to be just like Jasper.
Peridot Eh?
Steven Jasper took her down in a fight and now she's obsessed with getting a rematch. ...To prove she's good enough.
Peridot Hmph.
(The scene changes to Amethyst knocking over cans angrily with her whip, as Peridot comes out of the right side of the shot, grabbing her arm)
Peridot Amethyst, Ams, Big A! You - are way better than Jasper!
Amethyst What? Oh...
(The shot pulls back, showing Steven walking in from the left)
Amethyst What did you tell her?
Steven I uh...
Peridot What are you even doing comparing yourself to her?
(Peridot begins to swivel a can nearby with her abilities)
Peridot Oh Amethyst, that's ridiculous. I should call you Ridiculousthyst. (Peridot laughs)
(Peridot grows slightly frustrated that she can't knock over the can, kicking a rock at it and hitting it dead on)
Peridot I mean, seriously, Amethyst and Jasper are two completely different Quartzes. Sure, you're both from Earth, but your Kindergartens are radically different.
Steven What? H-hold on, what?
Amethyst We're both... from Earth?
Peridot Well sure! Amethyst, you're from the Prime Kindergarten in Facet Five. She's from the Beta Kindergarten in Facet Nine! Have you seen that place?
Amethyst No!
Peridot Oh, well maybe you should! So you can see how the other half was made. Poorly! (laughs)
Peridot No, seriously, let's go. You'll get a kick out of this.
(The camera pans up to show Lapis watching "Camp Pining Hearts" on the truck sticking out from the roof)
Percy That's your problem, Paulette. You let yourself become the kayak race.
Lapis Cold.
Peridot Um, just one second. I wanna check and make sure Lapis is okay.
Peridot (yelling) Hey Lapis are you okay?
Lapis Yeah.
Peridot (yelling) Are you sure?
Lapis Yeah.
Peridot (yelling) I'm leaving, but I'll be back.
Lapis Okay.
Peridot (yelling) Do you need anything?
Lapis No.
Peridot (yelling) What season is that?
Lapis Three.
Steven Peridot, let's go.
Peridot Okay, yeah, business time.
(Peridot removes her bow before tossing it up to Lapis)
Peridot You know what to do with this!
(Lapis has her hand held up, in anticipation of catching it. The bow was thrown way too high, overshooting her. She doesn't move.)
(The scene shows Amethyst, Peridot, and Steven warping into Facet Nine)
Peridot Here we are, Jasper's origin. The Beta Kindergarten.
(The scene shows the area directly in front of them, slowly panning up. It's mostly the same as Facet Five, except it is much smaller, much more narrow, and made out of red sandstone)
Steven Am I underwhelmed? It's pretty bright out here.
Amethyst It's red.
Peridot No kidding. Heh. Red sandstone! Hah! This is what I'm talking about! We're lucky this place hasn't blown away. Beta, am I right?
(Steven laughs before cupping his hand and whispering to Amethyst.)
Steven That's a math joke, right?
Peridot Heh, c'mon, it gets worse.
(They begin to follow Peridot as she walks along the path.)
Peridot I mean, this place has got the right growing conditions in a pinch. I guess...
(Peridot picks up a rock from the ground and licks it before tossing it aside.)
Peridot But it's too small! It was obviously a total rush job.
Steven Uh, rush job?
Peridot Halfway through the rebellion, Homeworld scrambled to generate extra soldiers on the ground.
(Peridot gestures toward an exit hole.)
Peridot Look at this, the holes don't even line up! Hehe, it's like they just threw injectors down wherever!
Peridot Oh, and that one? This Carnelian came out sideways! How could she not, the walls are curved! Hehe, what a joke.
Amethyst Man, I-I had no idea.
Peridot I tell you, it really makes you appreciate the Prime Kindergarten, Amethyst. Your Kindergarten was so thought through! Sure, you might have spent extra time in the ground, but everything else is stacked in your favor! Great location, great holes, even spacing, consistent depth, a real kindergartener gets it right.
(Steven stops walking to look at a broken injector, which is missing its four legs.)
Steven (Quietly) What happened to this injector?
Peridot What you want to see is a vertical alignment; no angle in the exit; a clean, strong silhouette. None of these holes come close!
Amethyst What about that one?
(The camera pans toward an exit that is much larger than any other hole, with the arms in an upward pose instead of at the sides.)
Peridot Jasper...
Steven This is Jasper's hole?
Amethyst It's huge.
Peridot Oh, come on, we already know she's tall. Let's take a closer look.
(Peridot approaches the hole and tries to climb her way up into it.)
Peridot A kindergartener can tell a lot about a Gem's makeup and flaws by their exit marks.
(Peridot looks toward Steven.)
Peridot Steven..?
Steven Oh.
(Steven runs over and tosses Peridot up in the air, grunting as she catches the ledge to the hole on the fall down.)
Peridot Thanks!
(Peridot runs to random parts of the hole, gesturing to them.)
Peridot You see, the problem here - wait, oh, wait, oh, no, um. Now this part... hm. There's this thing where if you count the steps to the back I can...
(Peridot defeatedly walks out and climbs down from the hole, walking over to Amethyst and Steven.)
Amethyst What is it?
Peridot She's even got frictional rock melt. It's glass all the way to the back. Actually, I uh, I've never seen an exit hole this perfect.
Amethyst Ugh, so it is true.
Steven Amethyst, that doesn't matter. Who you are isn't about where you came from! It's who you wanna be! It's what you worked hard for. It's what you care about! That's what really matters.
Amethyst Yeah! Yeah, you're right!
Peridot and Steven Yeah!
Amethyst It's about who I wanna be!
Peridot and Steven Yeah!
Amethyst And I wanna be the Gem that beats Jasper into the dirt!
Peridot Yeah!
Steven Huh?
Peridot Wait, no! Don't fight her! Are you not seeing this? She's the ultimate Quartz!
Amethyst I'm doing it. Yeah, and not just for me, for all the weird holes out there! Like this guy! And "Skinny" up there! And, and, and this mess!
Peridot Amethyst, that's...
Amethyst Yeah, ha! I bet she was great.
(Peridot runs over to the hole Amethyst is standing near.)
Peridot No, no no no, hold on. Something's really wrong here. These marks are new. This hole's been dug out. Recently.
Steven Maybe it was a prairie dog? A uh, really big one..?
Peridot Hm.
(Peridot walks further down the path and the others follow.)
Peridot There's more!
(The camera pans out to show dozens of holes, barred by metal poles.)
Amethyst Woah.
Peridot These aren't exit holes anymore.
Steven Then what are they?
(Steven approaches one and reaches for one of the bars, as a Corrupted Gem Monster reaches for him, pressing against the bars.)
Peridot and Amethyst Steven!
(They both quickly grab Steven and pull him away, as the camera pans to show all of the holes being lit up solely by the light from the eyes of monsters.)
Steven Corrupted Gems? In cages?
Peridot Why? Who would do this?
(Amethyst gasps in surprise as she spots Jasper behind a cloud of dust.)
Amethyst That's who.
Steven Jasper.
(Amethyst angrily summons her whip.)

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