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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Underground Cave]
[Episode starts with camera zoomed into Garnet's feet]
(The Crystal Gems walk through a straight path, Garnet shushes them.)
Garnet This way. (Steven's jacket makes a squishing sound as they walk together.)
Pearl *turns around annoyed* Ugh! *whisper yells* Steven! This is a stealth mission! You're making too much noise! Take off the jacket!
Steven But, *holds jacket tighter* I don't wanna catch a cold.
Pearl Then why are you still wearing sandals?
Steven *looks at sandals* I can be quiet. See? Stealth. *sticks arms out straight to not make noise*
Garnet We're getting close. *holds visor*
Pearl C'mon then. (The Gems walk and Amethyst makes an impression of Steven's jacket swishing.)
Steven *turns around* Amethyst!
Pearl *thinks it's the jacket and looks at Steven, annoyed* Steven!
Steven It wasn't me. (Amethyst is seen smiling.) Amethyst, you're making me look baa-uggh!! (The ledge that Steven's on starts to fall and Steven flails his arms.)
Pearl Steven!
Steven *sticks arms out straight* Stealth.
(Steven falls over the cliff and screams, and Garnet catches him at the bottom. Garnet puts him down, and a Gem creature climbs out of a hole in the cave. It starts to shoot spikes at them, which Garnet easily dodges.)
Pearl and Amethyst Steven! *they jump down from the cliff*
Garnet Stay down.
Amethyst *picks up Steven* Come on poofy.
Steven What about Garnet?
(The creature tries to hit Garnet with its outer arms but fails. Garnet does a bunch of flips and cartwheels to dodge it.)
Steven Go, Garnet, go!
(Garnet karate chops the inner arms, and she summons one of her gauntlets. She sticks that hand in the creature's mouth, and it explodes into blue dust, leaving only the parasite spikes and a spiky gem that Garnet has bubbled.)
Steven (Garnet walks towards the Gems holding the bubble.) Wow! She's so fast. Garnet, you're amazing! How'd you even do that?
Pearl *points to the ground* Look! The little ones didn't explode. (The parasites burrow into the ground.) They're drilling away!
Amethyst *drops Steven* I got it! (She runs over and jumps into one of the holes.)
Garnet Let them go. *transports the bubble away* They're just parasites. If they want to be a problem, they'll have to answer to me.
Steven *stands up* So coool. (Garnet pulls Amethyst out of the hole.)
Amethyst *happily* I swallowed a rock.
[Trans. Beach City Boardwalk]
Steven We all worked so hard, we deserve a reward.
Pearl Sounds like you have something in mind. (Steven starts laughing and dancing.)
Steven I'm taking you guys to the best place in Beach City! *points to building in front of them* Funland Arcade!
Pearl Do we have anything else to do?
Garnet We don't.
Amethyst Um, don't you need money for that place?
Steven Oh, don't worry. This one's on... *opens jackets to reveal several pockets full of coins* meeee! (The other Gems shield their eyes.)
[Trans. Int. Funland Arcade]
Steven Welcome to a wonderland of funtronic gameventions! *laughs*
Pearl Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time.
Steven Pearl! *takes her hand* Pearl, come on, you'll love this game! *leads Pearl away*
Pearl If you say so. *sits down at racing game* Road Killer?
Steven Yeah, pick the car you like and just go for it!
Pearl W-well, which one of these buttons is my turn signal?
Steven None of them. Have fun. *leaves*
Road Killer Vroom vroom, kill the road!
Pearl Okaaay...
(Steven finds Amethyst and teaches her to use the Skeeball machine.)
Steven *gives Amethyst a Skee Ball* This is Skee Ball. You roll the ball into the hole, and then you can even win tickets for prizes. *points towards ticket booth*
(Onion turns a pile of tickets in to Mr. Smiley, who gives him a small moped.)
Steven Woah, Onion's the ticket master!
Amethyst Cool.
Steven Alright, good luck. *leaves, Amethyst smiles devilishly*
(Steven finds Garnet and attempts to introduce a game that fits her personality.)
Steven Teens of Rage, this game is perfect for you! You seem like a Joe Rock kinda gal. His special move is *thinking* ... Forward, forward, back, tap towards half circle, medium kick- Oh wait! Maybe that's an aerial move. Just punch and you'll be fine. (The game antagonizes Garnet.)
Teens of Rage Come on, punk!
Garnet *punches through screen* I did it.
Steven *nervous* Uhh, let's try something else. *leads her to Punch Buddy* Okay, this is a game you can actually punch. (This game antagonizes Garnet as well.)
Punch Buddy Come on, give it your best shot, kid.
Garnet *swats Punch buddy with one hand sending it flying* I win again.
Punch Buddy Tell my wife I'm sorry!
Steven *searching frantically* Uh... uhm, how about that one? *points* Meat Beat Mania. There's no violence in this game. Just shake the meat, to the beat. *hands Garnet the ham controllers*
(Garnet begins to play as the game encourages and performs very well.)
Steven Awesome! Garnet, you're so good at this. *laughs* I wonder how the others are doing.
(Steven walks back over to Pearl.)
Road Killer You're horrible!
Pearl Stop saying that!
Steven Having fun?
Pearl *annoyed* Why am I doing so badly? I haven't crashed into anything!
Steven You're suppose to crash into everything!
Pearl What? That's horrible.
Road Killer You're horrible!
Steven *notices Amethyst cheating* Amethyst! What are you doing?
(Amethyst straddles the rings of the Skeeball machine, shooting skeeballs directly into the holes, attaining a huge pile of tickets.)
Amethyst Imma win an airplane.
Steven *attempts to stop her* That's cheating! You're gonna get us in so much troub- *interrupted*
Mr. Smiley Hey, you guys know what happened to Teens of Rage?
Steven Let's run! *grabs Amethyst by the hand and goes to Pearl*
Amethyst This place is fun!
Steven Pearl, we're leaving!
Pearl *still playing* Ugh, good. *leaves, in-game car crashes*
Road Killer You're fantastic!
Steven Garnet, we're leaving!
Mr. Smiley *picks up broken Punch Buddy* What happened to Punch Buddy? Who did this to you?! *looks around angrily*
Steven *panicked* Wah! Ugh, see you at home! *leaves with Pearl and Amethyst*
[Time Skip—next day]
[Trans. Int. Crystal Temple]
(Steven eats breakfast, Amethyst lounges on the couch, and Pearl practices with her spear.)
Steven *eating cereal* So, what's today's mission? I hope it's... fighting, a giant... foot!
Pearl If we're supposed to fight a "giant foot", *twirls spear* Garnet would let us know.
Amethyst Yeah, Garnet's the boss.
Pearl Well, we're all a team. Garnet just has heightened perception that guides us towards our mission objective.
Amethyst Yeah, she's the boss.
Steven So where is she, *eats some cereal* fighting the foot?
Pearl She's not "fighting the foot". You know, Garnet goes off on missions without us all the time. She's probably doing something very important.
Amethyst Oh wait, Steven! I just remembered, Garnet had a special mission for you!
Steven Really?
Amethyst Yeah, she says um, you have to slam your face into that bowl of cereal.
Steven Okay. *slams face into cereal*
Amethyst Good job Steven! You stopped the foot!
Pearl There is no foot!
Steven *face covered in cereal* Not anymore.
Pearl Ugh!
Steven *wipes face with shirt* Welp, now that that's done, time to comb the beach for quarters with my *gets out metal detector* Metal Mutt!
[Trans. Beach]
(Steven scours the beach for quarters with his Metal Mutt.)
Steven *Metal Mutt barks, Steven picks up object* Aw, silver dollar? Useless! *tosses it* Come on. *Metal Mutt barks once more further down* This better not be another cap. *digs up a second metal Mutt* Double dogs! *both indicate an object below, Steven gasps* Quarters!
(Steven attempts to pick up the quarter shaped object below, only to be attacked by the Drill Parasites which clings to his hand.)
Steven *attacked by parasite* Ah! Help!
(Steven flings the parasite upwards, it turns into a drill shape and attacks from above, Steven dodges but several more appear and attack, he attempts to use one of his Metal Mutts to defend himself but they merely break it and attack again, Pearl and Amethyst round the corner of a cliff and see Steven being attacked.)
Pearl Steven!
Amethyst It's the little guys! *dodges*
(Pearl summons her weapon but can't hit the small fast targets, countless more appear and begin to rain down upon them, forcing them to flee with Steven towards Funland Arcade.)
Pearl They're everywhere, why didn't we see this coming?!
Steven We need Garnet!
Pearl We don't know where she is!
Steven *gasp* Meat Beat Mania... *runs into arcade*
Pearl Steven, where are you going?!
[Trans. Int. Funland Arcade]
(Garnet still playing MBM, entranced by its rhythm and unresponsive to Steven.)
Steven Garnet! *breathless* You gotta come quick. Garnet, those little guys are back and... and they're a problem! *stares at screen* Woah, I've never seen anyone get this far. B-but you gotta get back and help the others. *Garnet ignores him* Uh, Garnet? Garnet come on. Garnet hey, this is serious, Pearl and Amethyst are in trouble. *climbs atop her head* Garnet, why. Are you. So. Hard. To. Climb?! *removes her glasses revealing her third eye, which moves rapidly with the game's movements* Oh my gosh! *falls off*
Steven I'll save you Garnet. *unplugs game*
(Garnet throws the controllers up in the air and uses her powers to reactivate the game despite it being unplugged.)
Steven *gasp* The rhythm has her. The only way to defeat... the beat... is with meat! *takes up the second player position to compete* I have to win! *game starts*
Meat Beat Mania Let's meat it, prepare your meats! Shake it! Tenderize! Player one wins! You're toast, player two. *Steven loses, but starts again* Eat it up! A player two barbecue!
Steven Ugh, no! *takes out his last two quarters*
Meat Beat Mania Let's meat it! Rack those ribs, spice it up! Thrill is in the grill! You're toasted!
(Steven attempts to beat her but despite his best efforts cannot beat Garnet's perfect rhythm.)
Steven This. Is. It! *strikes a pose but still loses* Aw, I can't do it. Garnet snap out of it! What's wrong with you?! You got to stop! *grabs game console and begins to pry* Playing, grr, this horrible, err, game! Ahh!
(Steven rips the console "grill" off the main machine and jams it into the screen repeatedly, Garnet immediately comes to her senses and her third eye closes.)
Garnet *blinks* Steven!
Steven Garnet!
Garnet You won.
(Mr. Smiley sees Steven after he destroys MBM.)
Mr. Smiley Ah, it was you! You've been breaking my games! (Garnet rushes outside to help others.)
Garnet Pearl, Amethyst!
Steven I can help too! *attempts to run out*
Mr. Smiley Oh no, no, no. *grabs him* Don't you go flippity flopping out of here.
[Time Skip—later in the day]
(Steven sweeps the floor of the arcade while the Gems fight outside.)
Steven *sees Garnet destroy a parasite* Yeah! (Mr. Smiley walks by.) I'm working! See? *sweeps, sees a quarter* Hmm, *gasp* a quarter!
MBM narrator Now you're cooking!

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