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The Ancient Gem Colony Spaceship is an Era 1 ship and one of the many colony spaceships located on Earth. It is found by using Peridot's Escape Pod to track Peridot. According to Pearl, it is one of several that landed on Earth, now non-functioning, abandoned, and obsolete as of the advent of Warp Pads.

These ships were used by Gems to reach new worlds in order to establish said Warp Pads. It made its debut in the episode "Friend Ship". In "Monster Reunion", it is revealed that the Centipeetle Mother was the captain of this vessel before she became corrupted.


The ship looks similar to a flying saucer and is made of a dull, gray, stone-like material with three legs (most likely deployed as landing struts to aid in landing the ship). The interior is mostly a dull, stony gray, with salmon-pink crystals and consoles that have become overgrown with mushrooms and other vegetation over thousands of years.

The ship appears to be made primarily of stone or a material with a composition similar to stone. The ship also has signs of being older technology, having devices such as metallic spikes and gears. There are many traps and weapons inside, such as the trap Pearl and Garnet were in, and the gem-lasers that Peridot attacked the Crystal Gems with.


Entrance Area

The entrance area is the first area of the ship, with a large vaulted ceiling. There is a long communications center with several features to communicate with the control room.

One salmon-pink, hexadecachoron gem projects a holographic screen and another salmon-pink, hexadecachoron gem accepts audio input that goes to the control room, with a slight time delay.

There are 7 salmon-pink hexadecachoron gems attached to cords that can shoot lasers. To the left is a triangular hallway.

Spike Hallway

This tiled hallway contains stone spikes that can shoot out from the floor and walls. At the end is a hologram projector that Peridot used to trick Pearl. Beneath that is an octagonal trapdoor leading to the Pit Trap. At the end, it opens up into an upside-down trapezoidal prism.

Pit Trap

This is a deep pit with two layers; the top layer contains gem powered gears and a screen to the area below. Once someone/something falls in, teethed blades close them in. The lower level is a stone pit that, when powered by the gem gears, slowly contracts.

Amethyst used her whip to slow the turning gears while Pearl and Garnet were inside, but Sardonyx drilled out with relative ease.

Control Room

The control room is located directly below the smallest circle on the roof of the spaceship. It contains three holographic screens that display the interior layout of the ship. There is a long circuit board along the farthest side of the room.


  • The ship's materials, style, and function on the inside are more similar to that of a temple than a spacecraft. Still, it looks much more functional and less decorative than more modern Warships.
  • In Adventures in Light Distortion, Peridot addressed Pearl's era spaceships as "one-ligh kites", which indicates that Colony Ship is probably slower-than-light vessel and that faster-than-light spaceships weren't invented at the time of Rebellion.
  • These ships predate the Warp Pads and the Earth's Gem Kindergartens. This makes them at least 6,000 years old, if not more.
  • The Ancient Gem Colony Ship shares few similarities with the Gem Warship used in "The Return" and "Jail Break". This is not surprising, as the Gem Warship is made with newer gem technology.
  • One of the viewscreens has a variant of the multicolored four lozenge symbol previously seen in the Ancient Sky Arena in "Sworn to the Sword".
    Friend Ship 096

    Pearl projecting the ship's location in "Friend Ship".

  • Pearl's projection of the ship's location in relation to the warp pads indicate it is located somewhere in or near the country of Colombia.
  • It is unclear if the ancient ships could travel faster-than-light, or if they are purely sublight vessels.
  • In "Monster Reunion", it is shown that there were other centipeetles inhabiting the ship.

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