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Amethyst is a "defective" Quartz-type Gem created on Earth in the Prime Kindergarten with the natural abilities to be a soldier. She emerged from the ground five-hundred years later than intended, causing her form to be smaller and less powerful than the average Quartz. For countless years, Amethyst roamed the Prime Kindergarten by herself until being found by the Crystal Gems and joining them.

Season 1

"Gem Glow"


Steven becomes distraught after finding that the Cookie Cat ice cream brand has been discontinued because a recent competitor, Lion Lickers, has become more popular in sales. When he gets home, he finds Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet locked in battle with Centipeetles that have invaded Steven's room. They destroy most of them but Amethyst realizes that the Centipeetles had no gems after "poofing" them. Steven drives one off the fridge and finds the freezer full of Cookie Cats. The Gems explain how they got some from a nearby factory since they knew that they were his favorite, they decided to buy the last remaining batch for him. However, Amethyst claims to have stolen them, leading Pearl to go back and pay for them. Steven takes a bite out of a Cookie Cat, and his gem starts to glow. Amethyst tells him to try to summon his weapon, but Steven does not know how. Eventually, his gem stops glowing, leaving him disappointed. He asks to be taught how to summon a weapon, and he visits Amethyst second, behind the Big Donut. Amethyst explains that whenever she needs her weapon, it just comes to her naturally and demonstrates by pulling out her whip and slicing a dumpster in half.


Later, Steven decides to do it his own way, by recreating what happened when his gem started to glow. He attempts to make everything exactly as it was before, but this fails, and he wonders whether if he is not cut out to be a Crystal Gem. The others say that he is being silly, and reassure him that he is one of them. He eats another Cookie Cat in reassurance when his gem suddenly starts glowing brighter than it did before and his weapon is finally revealed: a shield. The others bask, and Steven yells in happiness, losing control of it. His shield starts bouncing around the house and smashes into the TV, which Amethyst finds hilarious.

Steven concludes that he can summon his weapon by eating ice cream and suddenly, the Centipeetle Mother appears outside. Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet go outside, but tell Steven to stay inside. They engage in battle, but Steven grabs the Cookie Cat freezer along with the Cookie Cats and goes outside to help. The Gems become trapped, and Steven fails to summon his shield, deciding to retreat. When he sees the Cookie Cat freezer is damaged by the mother, he becomes distraught and gets a new wave of courage. He grabs the freezer by the plug and throws the broken freezer at the mother, electrocuting her. The Gems then defeat the mother and Steven resolves that he is unable to summon his weapon by eating ice cream. Then the Gems cheer him up by saying that he'll be able to figure it out, "in his own Steven-y way".

"Laser Light Cannon"

Laser Light Cannon 046

Steven and Amethyst are at Beach Citywalk Fries ordering fry bits when she notices a Red Eye hurtling towards the Earth. They join Garnet and Pearl at the beach to come up with a plan to stop the giant eyeball. Garnet tries throwing Amethyst at it, but to no avail. The only way the Crystal Gems can think of to destroy it is to use Rose's laser light cannon, the issue being that none of them know where it is. Steven suggests getting his dad to help, even though the other Gems tell Steven that his dad probably would not have the light cannon. While he is gone, Garnet continues to launch Amethyst at the Red Eye, but she merely bounces off it and plops into the ocean below. As Steven and Greg arrive at the beach with the laser light cannon, they come across the Gems still launching Amethyst at the Red Eye, which is getting dangerously close to impact with the Earth's surface. The group tries to activate the cannon quickly as the Red Eye begins emitting a gravitational pull and begins destroying everything in its range. They try various methods but nothing works. His dad reassures them that they will find another way, and Steven agrees, repeating the quote: "If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs". Upon the quote being spoken aloud, the cannon glows and opens up and the barrel falls on the sand. The Gems help Steven lift and aim it at the Red Eye. When the light cannon fully charges, it blasts out a strong beam of light. The Red Eye explodes into many fragments, damaging several parts of the city, but the damage is overshadowed by the relief of getting rid of the danger just in time.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

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