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I wonder if Amethyst made this one.

Steven, in "The Test"

Amethyst's Chamber appeared in the episode "The Test". This is the first of three rooms made by the Crystal Gems. Amethyst created this room for Steven's test in the Crystal Temple.


This room has many ropes (resembling Amethyst's whip) hanging from the ceiling. It also has many levitating torches with dim, light-purple flames. Behind the entrance is a giant statue of Amethyst's head with her tongue out, acting as a sloped path. At the end of the long tongue, there is a gap between it and the door. A rope is there to avoid falling into the gap. The room was created to have colors similar to Amethyst's color scheme, such as purple and slight magenta.


This Chamber's challenge is a rolling boulder that comes out of the statue's mouth that Steven has to avoid. There is a vertical drop before the entrance with a whip to act as a rope hanging from above. Like Pearl's Chamber and Garnet's Chamber, the room features two challenges, the first being a rolling boulder and the second being a leap to the door.


  • Like Pearl's Chamber and Garnet's Chamber, Amethyst's Chamber has a large obstacle that is outside of her room, hers being a large ball.
  • Unlike Garnet and Pearl's chambers which were modeled after the trap room in the Pyramid Temple from "Serious Steven", Amethyst's chamber was an original creation by her.
    • It does, however, appear to have been heavily influenced by the opening scene of Raiders of The Lost Ark.

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